A new moon, 3 birthdays and an invitation.

by pete
(Puerto Escondido)



The Sanctuary Birthday 2014
Altar at The Sanctuary
Tree at The Pharm

Dear friends, family, lovers and dreamers, on this new moon & anniversary (May 6th 1961) of the birth of the physical body named Peter John Adams, i feel compelled to set fingers to keyboard to share a little of the more recent his-story of “my" life.

A little over 10 years ago in April 2006 i left my home of Norwich, Norfolk and birth country of England to begin a new journey. During that journey, in the outer physical world, i passed through the following countries: Turkey, Thailand, Laos, England, Thailand, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Thailand, Turkey, Mexico, USA, England, Turkey, England, Mexico (including a few days in jail due to a somewhat out of integrity Shamana and some Peyote), Guatemala (visa run), Mexico, Turkey, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Mexico, England, Turkey, Mexico, Guatemala (visa run), Belgium, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, England, India, Mexico, Guatemala (visa run), Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, England & finally back to Mexico. My current plan is to stay put in Mexico until at least next spring.

My inner “spiritual” journey however has taken me to so many places it would not be even possible to describe, indeed to the very depths of my soul. I left England a numb man, numb to my inner feelings. I did not know this at the time, yet it soon became painfully obvious to me that this was the case as i continued on my journey within to find who i really was and to re dis-cover the peace which i now know to be here, now, in every moment.

Following many silent Meditation retreats, yoga courses, personal development courses, many plant (and non-plant) medicine journeys, the soaking up of an unknown number of books, videos & audios, and the experience of some wonderful intimate relationships later, i found myself on my birthday on May 6th 2009 sitting in my newly purchased (on that day) R.V. (a minnie Winnie brought along with a motorbike from my friend Dean - & now resting in Paradise Community Garden 10 minutes walk from The Sanctuary) in Austin Texas, under the influence of a plant medicine. Some ideas began to form, and A Plan for Peace was born. I immediately registered the domain www.a-plan-for-peace.com and created a web-page on that day to do my best to describe what A Plan for Peace was and could become. I now cringe at some of the words i wrote and spoke when i recently re-read some of the things i wrote over the years and re-watched some of the videos i recorded. I will soon delete some of the most cringeworthy moments so catch them while you can!

During February 2012, in the Yucatan jungle close to Tunkas, i embarked on a 41 day water fast continuing my inner search. After just a few days i was flooded with inspire-ation to create a healing community there and then in the jungle, so i jumped on the motorbike and headed to the internet cafe in nearby Tunkas to create the way i create - fingers to keyboard. A week or two later the first volunteers (Shane, Isaac & one other) arrived to join the Garden of Eden Healing Community. Due to not reaching a final agreement with Pedro Puhm Rios (the Cuban shaman with whom i did the fast), i decided to continue on my journey on the 42nd day to seek a new location.

October 21st 2012 saw the official opening of The Sanctuary Healing Retreat center in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, with many thanks to David Ryan for helping me to find the location(s) and for his initial help getting things off the ground. Many thanks also go to Doris Rohm who was the first volunteer at The Sanctuary and became my partner for 11 months. There were many times when i thought that The Sanctuary would not survive, and came close to packing my bags and leaving with Minnie (Winnie), yet with the grace of god, which included the nurturing support of many beautiful beings such as Christian and Beks who even personally paid the rent whilst i was away in Europe, somehow The Sanctuary and i survived. Celebrating The Sanctuary’s second birthday on 21st October 2014 with Jaya Sunshine brought an open heart & tears of gratitude.

My personal inner journey was also supported by many seemingly not so beautiful beings who pushed many of my buttons to enable me to feel forgotten feelings from childhood, those feelings which i unconsciously clenched, creating “kinks of consciousness”, or unintegrated emotions, which from that moment restricted the flow of love through my being. Back then i was only slightly aware that what they were actually doing, was playing their perfect part to help me wake up to the reality beyond the time and space of this physical world. Thank you ALL so much (but please push my buttons more gently if we meet again - i will likely hear a whisper in my ear now rather better than a hammer on my head :-).

With a management dream team forming, currently consisting of the wonderful souls of Joe Gannon, Emmanuel DeMatta, Natalie Huggard and myself (yes, i am full of wonder too), now heading Healing Haven, The Sanctuary & The Pharm, i am feeling that the pieces of the proverbial jigsaw are coming together and the flow of “magic” is now easier to perceive as i relax more and more into the background of stillness, feel the presence within, and re-member who i really am.

To this day i still do not know what A Plan for Peace was, or is, yet i do feel soooo much more peaceful, joyful & loved than i felt 10 years ago. I hope that you are able to join me on my Birthday at The Farm this morning, if not physically, then in spirit. We depart The Sanctuary at 9.45am. Perhaps some of you may be able to join me at The Sanctuary’s 4th birthday celebration this year on October 21st 2016. 20% discount available for those booking before the end of July (forgive me for the plug - it seems that with the King of Diamonds as my Destiny Birth Card, i am a businessmen - and now an upholder of higher values - see this page for explanations )

So, today, 6th May 2016, a new moon, my birthday, a-plan-for-peace.com birthday and now the official birthday of The Pharm, I am in the process of putting some finishing touches to a new home page for The Pharm.

What is The Pharm? See The Pharm webpage for more information,

i invite you to join a small work-group from The Sanctuary and some local friends, to join me to celebrate at the Pharm from 10am until we finish, to loosen some soil,to plant some seeds (on this new moon) and to share some love. Lunch is being prepared for about 10 people. As we’re close to that number and if you’re not already on the list, feel free to bring a little something if you would like to join us to eat at 1pm.

I feel immense gratitude for (in no particular order) the loving support or other help which i have received from many other people not mentioned above. eg. Teja Shankara (i said no particular order Teja ;-), Jaak Waasmuth, Israel, Neelam, Alejandro & Patricia, Markus and Anais, Ruth, Cori Ellingston, Laurence Bakur, Luna Fairy, Carol Isaak, Tony, Michael Brown (author of The Presence Process), Latifa Prem, Catherine Waller, Colin Tipping (author of Radical Forgiveness), Ann Jarvis (my mother), Touran & Richard (my daughter and son in law), Danny (my son), Silvana, Isabel, Silvana, Swami Vivekenanda Saraswati, Sahajananda, Geoff Torkington, Maribel Tato Gonzalez, Debra Mayah (or however she is spelling it nowadays), Asli Tekin, Didem Pehlivan, Ahmet Erdem, Moss Rowsell, Erdem Tasdelin, James Bryant, Willits, Uncle Peter Lawrence, Selva Satyakam, Ros Cole, Gabriel Silos, Daisy, Claudia Ramos and many more. Thank you all, and to all those who i have not mentioned (too much plant medicine to remember ;-), thank you too.

Continuing to feel my feelings and open my heart in every monent,


ps. Thanks again to Michael Brown and The Presence Process Procedure - don’t fail to read it - or in the words of Markus Rothkrantz from his How to do an enema video: “You’ll thank me” :-)
pps. This moment is valid
pps. Wally, if you’re coming please bring your Land-Rover - we may need the space :-)
ppps. PLEASE click below and post a comment to say hello, or say whatever you like. ALL feedback is appreciated, AND it actually will boost this page in the search englnes. The more guests who visit as a result, the lower we can make our prices :-)

Comments for A new moon, 3 birthdays and an invitation.

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May 12, 2016
Love you so much, Yogi Pete!!!!
by: Teja Shankara

Dearest Yogi Pete,

I just finally read your great birthday post, and really enjoyed it... and then i was so surprised to see my name... FIRST... lol. I know you said in no particular order, and then you emphasized that to me, but of course my ego still feels special to be mentioned first!!!! :)

Love you so much!!!
Thank you for being such a beautiful being...
Bright Shiva StarFire Blessings into all of your 75 trillion cells!

Om Namah Shivaya,

May 09, 2016
by: Pete

Thank you all dear friends. I am having the best time of my life right now, feeling blessed.
Danny, great to hear from you. Hope you and Edd have a wonderful journey, and enjoy the cocktails. I was taken to Paris for my birthday (a restaurant) and had a glass of wine and a chocolate mousse :-) send me some photos.
Matt, when you gonna come visit my friend?
Feryal, i hope to visit you next year. Can't wait to see your garden too :-)
Caroline, how is my sofa? Enjoy the AGM, and say hi to Rob from me.
Didem, i am looking forward to your visit. Want me to write an invitation letter for your visa? big hug.
Dawn, i look forward to meeting you.

Mucho amor a todo.

May 09, 2016
Thank you
by: Dawn Reexq

I really enjoyed reading this Pete and want to say Thank you for writing it ! I would like to come volunteer at the Sanctuary one day , meet you and learn more ...Namaste

May 08, 2016
by: Melanie Arora

Amazing journey and one that continues :)

May 07, 2016
Happy Birthday Pete!
by: Debra Curry

Thanks so much for your post giving me the opportunity to get to know you a bit better. Appreciate you sharing.
Although back in Canada now, I will be returning to Puerto in the fall and I look forward to seeing The Pharm and all the other activities you have been up to. Hope you have a splendid birthday and The Sanctuary continues with all the good works. <3

May 07, 2016
happy birth
by: verdu

thanks peter for share life.

May 07, 2016
what a great day ;)
by: didem

My dearest thank you... Thé sanctruary's opening dated my physical birthday dates are the same on 21'st of Oct. This means alot again...

May 07, 2016
Belated Birthday Wishes
by: Caroline

Hi Pete hope you had a lovely birthday, we often reminisce about you at Sureway and laugh at the old times. The Palletforce do is upon us with the race for depot of the year lol. How insignificant this must sound to you now. However am sure you will agree the past does have the making of who we are now.
Love reading your blogs and can see how you are so much happier. I guess we don't know this new improved Pete but we all loved the old one so guess this new one must be wonderful :-)
Take care from All at Depot 38

May 07, 2016
Lots of love
by: Feryal Çeviköz

Dear Peter,

I always think about you and your beautiful soul. I know how much you work on your innerself and I know you are always on the beatiful road of universal love. Each word of your invitation explains your beauty.

I am mostly dreaming to come over to your healing haven, Sanctuary and dreaming you to come to visit my new haven too. I am sure you would love the place of my new home and the huge garden.

Let the moon shine on everybody over there with you.

Love you and my soul is coming to your meeting:)

Hugs and kisses to you and to all beautiful souls over there with youxxxxx

May 06, 2016
by: Joe Gannon

Great read & story. I'm so grateful to be a part of it! Namaste.

May 06, 2016
by: Matt Hogg

Wow. Amazing. Truly loved reading it. Showing to all my friends. Great to hear from you as well. Must keep in touch more. Love you. Xx

May 06, 2016
Happy Birthday
by: Danny Adams

Buon Compleanno (Happy Birthday)
Myself and Edd are currently getting ready for another Italian Voyage kayaking around the Venetian Lagoon.That is my place on earth and find it important to find that place of peace. However unlike yourself we find that the delicious cocktails of Italian origin help us on our way! We will then be heading out way down the boot to the Vatican City for a hopeful blessing by Pope Francis. Also we are looking forward to experiencing the newly opened Jewish Catacombs that have never been opened to the public and will be only for a short time. We hope you are enjoying yourself as we certainly are!
Danny x

May 06, 2016
tears of joy
by: Pete

Thank you all for your beautiful words. Neelam, tears are flowing from reading your words. I love you all xxx

May 06, 2016
by: Noelle Bridge

Thank you, Peter, for this lovely message on your birthday. I'm grateful and happy that you exist in the physical realm. You are an inspiring force in my life. Many blessings to you on your birthday!

May 06, 2016
Birth day ! Yipiiieee !!
by: Neelam

Beloved friend ,
from the very first time I saw you , I liked you , there is such tenderness shinning from you deep through your eyes , I admire you from the begining when I came to meditate at 6 in the morning to the sanctuary I was just amazed , how lucky I am , my thought , one men who has such inspiration and will to start the new day with a journey going within the heart ❤️

You have brought that light from your heart to Puerto Escondido , what a wonderful gift, Sanctuary has being and is a vortex of conscioussness for many seekers of the truth , a home , a play yard and you are a very important pillar in this process of expansion of consciousness in our community, as many others beautiful souls who I have met at the Sanctuary, and in other wonderful meeting points of healing, in Puerto.

It has being for me such of wondereous , beautiful experience to come to the Sanctuary to share and enjoy and sing and cry and dance and scream very loud and jump and be crazy , and be in silence peacefulness meditation with you and our beloved friends , what a relief and freedom !

It is so great to grow and enjoy life with beautiful people , like you . For all that I celebrate here this birth day !
Thank you beloved friend , may this auspicious day be the continuity of this marvelous and healing journey and that will continue bringing light , love , consciousness to all in our Community making our world more loving and peacefull
Namaste beloved Om
Shanti Shanti Shanti 💕🙏🏼💕

May 06, 2016
Thanx pete!
by: jess

Thanx for sharing ur story, ur energy, ur place! Happy bday and many more blessings to come and share!! 💕

May 06, 2016
Your personal journey
by: Touran

We are so proud of the man you have become.. Your personal journey has been a long testing one and we love you so much.
You have taught us lots along the way.. Some we take on and some not so well however don't stop sharing.
Your grandsons will never know anything else but the role model you have become X

May 06, 2016
Can i quote?
by: Pete

Hey Beks and Natalia, can i partly quote you for our new website please www.puertoretreats.com. To see where and how i would do it, you can see testimonials from other guests right at the bottom of that page. con amor....

May 06, 2016
Celebration of life!
by: Natalia Diaz

Happy birthday Peter! I am so happy for you that you are growing, expanding, creating beautiful things and heling people enjoy Mother Nature and the gifts she gives us. I am celebrating with you and your friends in spirit today. I felt a pleasant sense of nostalgia on reading your invitation to the Sanctuary and Pharm (though I haven't been there yet) and a wave of pleasant memories cascaded over me. I am glad that we met last year. Staying at the Sancturay was a learning experience and I met so many wonderful people there.

Don't be sorry for 'the plug'! It's very fitting that you should mention it there. You have every right to be wealthy and spread the happiness that your wealth creates :) Embrace the money flow coming to you and invite more and more into your life so that you can keep creating more and more beautiful things :)

Wishing you all the very best,


May 06, 2016
Your Welcome
by: Bek

Thanks for the mention Peter, was such a wonderful time of our life. The Sanctuary was such a deep healing process for all of us volunteering. We grew, we lived, we laughed, we enjoyed all. Most of all we are grateful for the space and the people we met along the way. Thank You & Happy Birthday.

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