Healing Burns

by Cori Ellingson

The Firecracker Kid!!

The first Sunday in January, I decided to take the new people down to the area where a couple of moringa olifera trees grow. I wanted to add it to our smoothie and show them where it grows. It is a local super food, considered to be loaded with nutrients.

On the way back with our cache, two local ladies struck up a conversation, asking us what we were planning to do with the moringa. Then they asked us where we were going. When we told them the Sanctuary, one of them ran home, across the street, to get her son, Emmanuel. The previous evening he had been severly burned when a firecracker exploded.

There were loud firecracker blasts often all through December, both day and night. Some of them were so loud that I nearly jumped out of bed. Since Emmanuel was burned I have hardly heard one. I have no idea if this is related, as part of it is the time of year during celebrations for Christmas and the New Year. The firecrackers are home made, so pretty unpredictable.

We brought Emmanuel and his mother Conchita back to The Sanctuary http://www.healing-haven.com/with us. His hands and arms were in bad shape. The night before, he was given a shot of antibiotics at the clinic and sent home.

The first thing we did is email http://www.fireburndoctor.com/ This is a free service world wide for anyone burned. They go to work in a short period of time and the pain is supposed to disappear with rapid healing. In fact they guarantee no pain. A young man named Chris told us about the service when he stayed doing a work exchange. The website above also has a phone number. Valuable thing for anyone to have on hand.

Second, we sprayed it with a solution of MMS. Emmanuel drank the MMS daily as well as spraying it on his arms any time they were open to the air or not covered with the gauze bandages.

Third, we picked some generous leaves of aloe vera and taped them on Emmanuel's arms, attaching with masking tape and holding it on with layers of gauze. Good thing we have copious amounts growing right outside our door. Arms and fingers are not the easiest places to make slippery aloe vera stay. We managed to make it work and put it on fresh every morning and evening.

Beyond that, he came to our morning and evening Agnihotra Fire Ceremony (safe fire) with meditation. He reported tingling in his arms during the ceremony/meditation. We also did some group energy work a few times. We also encouraged him to see the color that he felt was the most healing surrounding his arms as much as possible. It is important to feel some inner power in such a situation.

Thankfully, several of the members in the houehold speak Spanish well enough to converse with Emmanuel and Conchita and explain everything. How essential in a case like that. In less than a week he needed no more bandages with aloe. We just suggested he spray it with MMS often. It was amazing.

Conchita brought us a basket of plantain one night and showed us how to fry it up for a tasty treat. She also made us vegan tamales with a tasty hot sauce that we enjoyed on the beach one night after meditation. The family has been very appreciative and we have a nice friendship building. We have been able to ask their help and advice for many issues. It is wonderful to have this new connection in the neighborhood.

Conchita's Mother has land with coconut trees so we were gifted 30 or so young coconuts for just the cost of getting someone to climb the trees and cut them down. What a treat to have fresh coconut juice and coconut milk. We are using them a lot every day.

Apparently the locals will go on a coconut fast for a week. I want to find out more about it and try it. Below, see the before and after pictures of Emmanuel's arms over the first week with the final pictures at two weeks. We live a block away from his family and see them often.

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