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About Me


Hello. My name is Pete.

"Neither I am me, nor you are you, nor you are me. Also, I am me, you are you and you are me. We have become one in such a way, That I am confused whether I am you, or you are me." - Rumi

i am an individuation of Presence.  

I started this Healing Haven website in 2013 for two purposes;

1. As a place to share healing information as effectively as possible,


2. to promote The Sanctuary, a Centre for Holistic Living which i founded in 2012. The Sanctuary now has a new website so this Healing Haven website is now my personal site used primarily to help visitors find and share information about healing.

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Healing Code

The Sanctuary operates as a chapter of the ´╗┐Genesis II Church of Health & Healing´╗┐, a non-religious church formed to serve MANKIND directly and to bring health to the world. Click Here to see our foundational certificates.

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Healing Code?

This keyword (key phrase) for this page has been used because it is searched for about 3,000 times per month, and as not many other webpages using this keyword it helps this page to get found by the search engines. I have a personal code of ethics which I bring to this website & to The Sanctuary. I believe that many who are searching for the term Healing Code will find value on this website and at The Sanctuary.

My personal Healing Code comes from many different sources and includes the Yamas and Niyamas of Yoga, some of which are Ahimsa (nonviolence), Satyam (Truthfulness) and Aparigraha (Non Attachment). The Code - ten intentions for a better world is also something with which I resonate.



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