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On this page you can find a list of healing retreats and workshops offered at The Sanctuary and other selected yoga retreat centers around the world. If you have a yoga retreat center or other center offering workshops or retreats, you may submit your information for free at the bottom of this page.

Why go to a Healing Retreat?

Perhaps you might choose healing retreats as a relaxing break simply to recharge mentally, physically, and spiritually. It could even be a trans-formative experience as you learn about new ways to live with an open heart and to heal yourself of past emotional traumas. 

Perhaps you might like to go deeper and choose a detox retreat focussing on detoxification as a way to jump start a cleansing process of both body and mind. Mind and emotional detoxification are an integral part of our healing retreats.

Maybe you have been diagnosed with a degenerative disease and are seeking alternatives to western medicine. The Sanctuary's main focus is to provide a safe space, tools and support for guests to heal themselves of ANY dis-ease (eg. Cancer, Dengue, AIDS, Diabetes, etc.). See our Holistic Healing Protocol for some of the tools we use.  For those with more serious health conditions such as the aforementioned, The Sanctuary staff can help taylor a protocol tailored to your specific individual needs to help you recover from whatever dis-ease you may be experiencing.

By offering the Healing Retreats we list below, at a premium to our basic prices, we are more able to help those who may be unable to pay our full prices.

Heal Your Inner Child Retreat
Retiro Sanación Reconectiva del Niño Interior

To find out when this retreat is being offered, see the calendar at the top of this page

Note that the dates are shown as Monday to Friday when the five days workshop teachings will take place. The residential retreat is for seven days, so you can arrive on the Sunday the day before the start date, and leave on the Sunday two days after the end date. 

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A 7 day all inclusive retreat at The Sanctuary, with 5 days of internal emotional work to help shine light upon and heal past emotional traumas.

Arriving on Sunday you will have time to relax after your journey and settle in. From Monday to Friday there will be a full program including approximately four hours of "inner child work", meditation, yoga classes, tibetan singing bowls, evening workshops and much more.

The retreat is led by Prem Neelam from Mexico and will be supported by The Sanctuary Healing Team. These Teachings might be offered in both English and Spanish. 

Click here for complete information about the retreat and schedule and how to book your space

Healing Naturally

Join Pete Adams, founder of The Sanctuary to learn how to heal yourself of (or how to prevent) any dis-ease.

While the focus will be on integrating our emotional childhood imprints which manifest in disease, you will be introduced to our full holistic healing protocol which includes emotional, mental & physical modalities including yoga, meditation, nutrition (eg. raw, live food), MMS cleansing and much more. Click for full details

To find out when this retreat is being offered, see the calendar above

Conscious Co-Creation & Self Healing Retreat
Provisionally planned for June 2015

We are delighted to be working with DeBorah Bellony who will offer this "Conscious Co-Creation & Self-Healing" retreat.

DeBorah Bellony, holds a BS in English from North Carolina Central University and a MS in Nonprofit Management from Georgia State University. As a graduate of the Academy of Advanced Medical Thothetics in Phoenix, AZ, she is certified in Acupuncture and Homeopathy. She also worked and studied at the Astrological Institute in Scottsdale, AZ, the only accredited program for astrology and psychology at the time.

As the owner of Who Am I Enterprises, for over 15 years she has assisted individuals and organizations attain self-mastery and sustainability through her coaching, publications and consulting services that focus on tapping into the power of who we truly are. Click Here for more information and to reserve a space

All Year Round Healing Retreats

Click here to see a list of Healing Retreats we offer all year round.

Please note that we rely mostly on our work exchange staff and volunteer guests to operate our community. 

Our daily schedule (including yoga classes) is facilitated by both our staff, guests and volunteer guests. What is offered, will depend upon who is staying in our community and what they have to share. It may not always be possible to fully maintain this schedule, yet often we offer more.

This also applies to support available to guests taking advantage of our healing protocol, our juice fasting, raw food & other retreats. We have an ample supply of guidance by way of books, video & audio. Professionally qualified support is not included in our standard pricing as we do not employ staff for this purpose. We do offer our guests introductory support meetings with our management team, but these are limited to about 20 minutes. Further weekly meetings are available on request. With advance notice, we can offer more in depth personal guidance sessions as an optional extra at a cost of around 400 pesos per hour.

Healing Retreats at The Sanctuary

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Healing Retreats, Workshops & Yoga Retreat Centers

Click below to see Healing Retreats, Workshops & Yoga Retreat Centers which other visitors to Healing Haven have submitted...

Nourish and Nurture, Pure Body Balance Healing Retreats in Greece 
Nourish & Nurture Luxury Holistic Lifestyle, Nutrition & Yoga Retreat From Burn Out to Burning Brightly - this retreat is the perfect escape to rescue …

Las Diosas: Healing Goddess Retreat for Women in Sayulita, Mexico  
We know you love yoga, as do we! That's why you should Come Play With Us in Paradise. WE make it easy for you to connect with YOUR Goddess Within. Practice …

7 Days Goa Beach Yoga and Healing Retreat 
Christmas and New Year Yoga Retreat in India The yoga and meditation is now happening through the Shakti Anand Trust in Goa. You will do yoga on the …

Healing Retreat - Pilates in beautiful Madeira island, Portugal, January 2016 
I invite you to join us for a week of Pilates in beautiful Madeira Island, Portugal! This will be a time to renew and invigorate mind, body and spirit …

Private Healing Retreats 
Are you feeling frazzled? Ready to let go of stress and tension? A private retreat may be just what you need to help you reset your energy and clear …

Yoga Healing Retreats in Marbella mountains Spain 
Restore, Relax and Rejuvenate 7-day Yoga Retreat 21st - 28th November 2015 Welcome to a wonderful experience of Yoga, meditation, art of breathing …

Find Your Flourish Yoga Healing Retreat in France 

Yoga Holiday for Men in Florida 
www.journeystolife.net 20 to 26 September 2015 Our unique Florida retreat allows you to enjoy a fabulous, all-inclusive holiday whilst maintaining your …

Kundalini Kriya Yoga Healing Retreat 
The Ultimate Self Discovery Programme by Master Manisekaran What is Kriya Yoga? Kriya Yoga is a master technique, a sadhana. It is the most evolved …

Luxury Hiking Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Retreat  
The Location: Escape to the luxury healing well in the stark Lakes of Cumbria. Peel off the pressures of the city bustle and slip into the pool of tranquillity. …

Thrive! Yoga and Meditation Healing Retreat with Real Evolution Yoga 
You don’t “catch” many of today’s diseases. More and more research shows what we have known for years: Mind is inseparable from body. Where the mind goes …

Healing Retreats: 10 Day Nourish and Nurture Retreat in Sri Lanka  
Would you like to boost your health and vitality by nourishing your body with deliciously healthy food, encouraging natural detoxification with energizing …

Healing, Rejuvenating Retreat on Hawaii Island - 9-12th October 2015 
Set aside your responsibilities for four days of bliss! Allow us to whisk you away from the Kona airport (or enjoy the drive if you are already on the …

TRIBOJAM ECOFESTIVAL 7-16 August 2015 in Tribodar Ecoproject, Nisa - Portugal We are excited to invite you to the 3rd edition of our TribojamEcofestival: …

Suryamuni Healing Center 
Suryamuni Healing Center is a non-profit spiritual healing center to help people with physical diseases or mental disorders and for transformation and …

Healing Retreats- A RANCH DAY RETREAT. L.A. 
A Ranch Day Retreat is Equine Facilitated Personal and Leadership Development, with a broad range of take-away goals including: Productivity Tools …

Plant Medicine: 6th-7th and 8th-9th of April 
1) Introduction to Plant Medicine: from the seed to the medicine, 6th-7th of April In this session, we will explore what it really means to enter the …

2 days intensive yoga practice 
2 day Intensive Yoga Practice in the Sanctuary 23rd - 24th March & 30-31st March 09.30 – 12.00: The Art of the body postures; Asana practice A great …

Hridaya Silent Retreat 
Experience a unique immersion into your real and essential nature, the Divine self through an integration of meditation and yoga practices. During this …

healing retreat REFLEXOLOGY with Cynthia Ramsey 10 am until 12pm 
Monday the 16th of March REFLEXOLOGY with Cynthia Ramsey 10 am until 12pm Self Help & Family Help reflexology class Working on the hands, feet and …

Healing Touch Presentation 
A short introduction to Healing Touch will be offered on Mar. 10, 2015 at the Sanctuary from 10 am-1pm You will learn the basics how to ground, center, …

Reflexology Workshop Saturday 14 - Sunday 15th February 2015 
Reflexology With Holly, February 2015 Saturday 14th 10am – 12pm & Sunday 15th 9am - 1pm Holly Rosenthal Holly trained under the guidance of leading …

Free Webinar: Guaranteed tips to transform your health in 30 days or less 
In this Free Webinar Christian & Bek Young will share their guaranteed tips to transform your health in 30 days or less. Feel better and thrive in life. …

Bali Quest 2014 w Sondra Ray- Healing Retreat 
Return to the Divine Mother.... ...and BREATHE with SONDRA RAY! on the Bali Quest 2014 for this life changing journey to the heart of the Divine Mother …

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Family Constellations Workshops 
Pu'u O Hoku Ranch Opens Lodge for Workshops with Healer & Teacher Brigitte Sztab October 17th Pu’u O Hoku ranch is hosting an introductory evening for …

Healing Retreats : Discover Your Authentic Self 
The Recalibrate Retreat JULY 16TH-20TH 2014 Jorox, Andalucia The Recalibrate programme will be held over the course of a 4 night, 4 day retreat in …

Healing with Laughter Yoga 
We all know how GOOD it feels to laugh. But it does more for our body then make us happy. Osho claims that if we laugh just one hour a day no other meditation …

Regression Academy UK in Mexico City Oct - Healing Retreat 
Workshop on Past Life Regression 26 Oct, Life between Lives 27 Oct and a 4 day Hypnosis Course for information contact Carmen Martinez-Jover 044 (045) …

Yoni Healing Seminar  
Yoni Healing Seminar at The Sanctuary: Monday & Tuesday 16th & 17th June 2013 "I would like to invit you on a journey towards our core, the inner temple …

Thai Massage Workshop 
Shaba Kawn will be teaching the principles of Thai Massage and how to build a healing relationship both giving and receiving in this oriental art. A 70 …

RICH Energy Healing & Body Process 
RICH Energy Healing & Body Process Weekend-Tools For Transformation The RICH Healing Level 1 weekend experience will give you tools to create …

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