Highly intrigued volunteer!!

by Cassandra
(Madrid, Spain)

Hello from Madrid! My name is Cassandra and I found this wonderful place on helpx and am very very interested in a position this spring. I am available to come March 2015 for about 5 months.

I think that this position is, literally, perfect for me and am drawn to it for many reasons. After reading the post on helpx I immediately saw the depth and seriousness of the program. I appreciate this because I want to be in a safe environment with like minded, and happy individuals. I want to volunteer because I love to be involved in projects. I want to be apart of something! After reading dozens of posts on helpx I found I was only drawn to the projects that had a community aspect. I want to become apart of the sanctuary and exchange ideas to help make it a better place for people.

I think I have a lot to offer the sanctuary. I am happy to teach yoga and or give weekend workshops (I am a certified yoga instructor and have been practicing for 10 years). I lived in a very progressive city called Asheville, NC for quite some time where I became a vegan and was almost totally raw. Therefore, I know a lot of recipes and LOVE to cook!!! I am happy to cook all day everyday if necessary!! I am taking Spanish courses in Madrid currently and am able to speak Spanish and can give basic courses. Although, I am a certified TEFL teacher and able to provide English classes to the community as well. Next August I will go to medical school in Virginia, USA and can speak about what I know thus far in terms of medicine and my experience working in hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. I have a lot of experience working around diverse groups of people and in different settings. I have worked in restaurants, as a nanny, in a church, a wine shop, a free medical center, a free hospital in Ecuador, and more. Plus these past two years I have traveled to Ecuador, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Spain (SE Asia was via bicycle) and therefore have a lot of stories to share, am very open minded and really embrace meeting new people.

I feel very drawn to this experience because I believe it will allow me to grow personally as well as help me professionally. For my personal self, I love healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle but I have been traveling a lot lately and have noticed weight gain, and addictions to foods. I would value this opportunity for providing me the environment to get back on track, especially before beginning medical school. Likewise, as a physician I want to be able to provide my patients with alternatives. I think this experience will give me more ideas, more tools, to continue to help people in my professional life.

I am so so so happy and grateful that I found this place on helpx and look forward to what the future brings!!

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Nov 24, 2014
Work Exchange in March
by: pete

Hola Cassandra. I look forward to skyping with you soon to confirm your position.

Peace, pete

Nov 11, 2014
by: Cassandra

While I do not have a facebook at the moment I have gotten a few of my like minded friends to post about the sanctuary. I have also informed most of my friends and family of this amazing opportunity! I am unable to donate money at this moment but when the opportunity presents itself I will be happy to share the wealth.

Thank you for this opportunity! I look forward to hearing fro you all!

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