How to kill Parasites

by Pete Adams
(Turgutreis, Turkey)

treatment for parasites, neem tea

treatment for parasites, neem tea

treatment for parasites, neem tea
diatomaceous earth, kills human parasites
how to kill parasites, clove tea
parasites cleanse, rompe piedras

How to kill Parasites?

Today is Tuesday 23rd July 2013, the day after full moon. Doris and i are currently in Turgutreis, a beautiful paradise on the Bodrum peninsula in Turkey. My friend Jim very kindly lent us his house to stay in and we are having a wonderful time. Thank you so much Jim.

This morning Doris and i decided to start another parasite cleanse, as the best time to do so is when the moon is full because the parasites are most active. This will be the third month in a row i have started a parasite cleanse (the 2nd month for Doris) which was given to me at the MMS conference in Puerto Vallarta during May 2012 when i trained to become a Health minister for the Genesis II Church of Health & Healing. I believe the protocol was developed by Andreas Kalcker and his wife Miriam in collaboration with Kerri Rivera and Jim Humble.

Andreas Kalcker goes into great detail on this page about how to kill parasites explaining the problems parasites can cause, how up to 90% of the population have parasites, plus many options for a parasites cleanse. Here are some symptoms of parasite infection taken from the above article which i highly recommend reading:

Chronic diarrhea or diarrhea caused by poor absorption of food
Chronic Constipation
Gas and bloating (Important after meals)
Digestive problems
Excessive bowel movements (Intestinal movement after eating)
Abdominal pain.
Mucus in stool
Leaky gut
Frequent vomiting and nausea
Burning in the stomach
Blood in stool
Intestinal irritation
Intestinal obstruction
Swollen eyes
Malabsorption syndrome
FATIGUE - The toxic waste metabolic overload overworks the
organs of elimination and causes central nervous system disorders like:
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Low energy
Extreme weakness
Internal cold
Cold in the extremities

I see some differences from the original protocol however and that in the above article, so in the coming days I will be asking some questions to clarify the differences, and also to clarify some issues with the original parasites cleanse.

I invite you to ask any questions you have about these parasite protocols we are using as a treatment for parasites, by commenting below.

How to kill Parasites?

One of the many symptoms of having parasites is food cravings, particularly junk foods containing sugars and products like white wheat flour which quickly turn to sugars. These type of foods directly feed the parasites, so the body demands them, making it very difficult to resist. This is one of my issues; frequently eating sweet foods like ice cream and chocolate. I am aware of course that food (and other) addictions have deeper emotional root causes which i am also dealing with now, with the help of intuitive healer Shruti Kher.

Using the parasites cleansing protocol i was given last year alongside a plant based diet without sugar, and some foods that heal (such as ginger and turmeric), as well as the internal spiritual work, i am sure that i will finally get over my food addictions. That is my firm intention. I also intend at least for the first few days of this parasites cleanse to only eat fruits and vegetables and to write about my progress in the comments below. You might like to help support me in this process by participating in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

How to kill Parasites?

This morning Doris and i have taken 2 x 250 mg tablets of Pirantel, a glass of water containing 1 x tablespoon of diatomaceous earth, 15 drops of Rompe Piedras (Lepidium latifolium) and 1 x tablespoon of Neem tea. Doris has decided to take her Neem tea separately as a shot due to the not nice taste. Also we will drink 1 oz (30 ml) of sea water (diluted for taste).

Next up is an enema of clove tea and diatomaceous earth. This will be taken every other day, on the alternate day we will take an enema with MMS (15 activated drops in 1 litre of water). Along with 1 x 100mg tablet of Mebendazol taken at night for the first 9 days, and drinking castor oil from day 5, this is the extent of the parasites cleansing protocol we are starting to follow.

How to kill Parasites?

Over the next few days, in the comment section below I will clarify the quantities and the intervals to take each part of the parasite cleanse, and how often it should be repeated. For now, below is the original parasites protocol. Click for a larger image (opens in new window):


Parasites Cleanse Protocol

Click for larger image (opens in new window)

When i am finally sure of all the details for the correct (or best) protocol, I will amend or add the revised/clarified version here. Good luck if you decide to try yourself. Feel free to ask any questions below and i or other visitors will answer.

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