MMS Cleanse

by Christian

MMS Cleanse - Christian

MMS Cleanse - Christian

MMS Cleanse

So, before arriving at the Sanctuary I had heard a little bit about the Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), but it was not until I arrived here that I read the e-book and decided to undertake a 21 day cleanse.

I have performed many different cleanses in the past (e.g. Juice Fasting, Liver Gallbladder Flush, Lemonade Diet) so I was interested to see how this would go. Of all of these previous cleanses I had never performed a parasite cleanse (which is one of the key features of an MMS cleanse) so this in particular I was quite motivated to monitor the outcomes.

Days 1 to 4 were pretty easy going, Day 5 it hit me. I had a feeling of extremely low energy, constant nausea and I was evacuating about every 30 minutes – the smell of which was quite intense. The reason why MMS is so effective is that it is slow acting and gets very deep into the tissues, so it appears that it took at least 5 days for me to start to feel the full effects.

The great thing about the MMS cleanse is that you can control the dose rate from hour to hour, so if the detoxification symptoms are too intense you can drop the number of drops back by half each hour until you reach a comfortable level. So from Day 5 until about Day 11 I dropped back the dosing by 1 drop per hour, and was still having fairly intense detoxification reaction.

During this time (and throughout the cleanse) I was doing both coffee enemas and MMS enemas to also accelerate the cleansing process. On a side note the MMS enema is very intense and very effective at clearing out the colon.

On about day 12 I was able to return to the full dose rate until the end on Day 21. In the last 12 days I still had detoxification symptoms, but they were nowhere near as intense as Day 5. As I write this blog I have been off MMS for 36 hours, and still am feeling its residual effects.

One thing to note is that even though you 'dose' from anywhere from 7-10 hours per day, the effects are still be felt well into the evening, and also the next morning when you wake up.

Every morning I would wake up feeling very heavy and with pain in my kidneys. After about an hour of flushing my body with fluids I felt good again.

In summary the MMS cleanse has definitely been the most intense cleanse I have ever performed, I have been amazed at what has come out of my body, and I am very thankful that I have been able to proactively eliminate these toxins from my body, rather than have them manifest as an illness.

After reading the e-book I am astounded at how effective the solution is in eradicating about 95% of all diseases, and I have even facilitated an MMS cleanse for a person with a significant antibiotic resistant staph infection which was completely reversed within 1.5 weeks – simply amazing.

I know that I will continue to use MMS for the rest of my life from a health maintenance perspective, and will also be spreading the word about MMS and helping others to take control of their health and eradicate illness using this miracle solution.


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