Organic Farming farming
@The Pharm

Backyard with view of sheep sheds

organic farming farming

Kitchen Garden yard with Neem tree & "pool"

organic farming farming

Organic Farming farming @ The Pharm!  Whatever is that supposed to mean?

The Pharm, located just outside of Puerto Escondido Mexico, is intended to become a Permaculture, a Holistic Living Community, a Retreat Centre, a natural organic pharmacy, a place for growing and eating organic food, a staff training center for The Sanctuary, and a backyard permaculture.

Outside the barn

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Part of the Healing Haven organisation, The Pharm is an established 3 acre property with a panoramic view of the ocean, 6 kms from The Sanctuary. The property has a 3-4 bedroom house and a large community building suitable for yoga & other events. A 15-20 minutes walk through a (non-organic) Papaya plantation & between 2 lagoons (with crocodiles), takes you to a beautiful deserted beach.

The Pharm is off grid with solar power and a well, currently using a generator to pump water from the well, but with intentions for a solar water pump. Limited internet access is available. The property has an assortment of trees including Neem, Moringa, Ebony, Cedar, Mahogany, Maquil, Tabachines and Mango. We have recently planted close to 200 trees, a mixture of coconut palms, papaya & banana. The Pharm is home to 1 dog, 3 chickens and a cat

organic farming farming

Inside The Barn @ The Pharm

organic farming farming

The Stage, in The Barn, at The Pharm

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We are intending to create a permaculture environment on the property which may include building small cob personal dwellings.

The holistic healing protocol offered at The Sanctuary will also be partly available at The Pharm, currently with the exception of FIR sauna and rebounding.

organic farming farming

Nursery & watermelon patch to be...

organic farming farming

Patio & Community Kitchen to be...

Staying @ The Pharm

iWhy would i want to stay at The Pharm?

What we are INTENDING to offer is a "spiritual" community living experience (as opposed to just offering a work exchange, a place to sleep in exchange for work). Also included will be continued e-mail support after your departure including guidance with a personal transformation program. We are offering the seeds of transformation. Are you ready to germinate?

Here are some Testimonials from guests who have stayed at The Sanctuary. We understand The Pharm is not The Sanctuary, but until we receive testimonials from guests at The Pharm, you may find these helpful"

“We love everything about the Sanctuary — the people, the food, the home, the neighborhood. It’s the best place to rejuvenate our spirits when we feel stressed. We’ll be coming back again and again.” — Carmen and Manuel, Guests, 2014, 2015 & 2016

“One of the best experiences of my life! A dreamy environment surrounded by special humans. Thank you for everything, thanks PETE, thank you CORI, thank you RUTH, thank you MAR, you are unique beings!” — Monica, Workshop Participant, '14

“LOVE is the one constant at the Sanctuary. I come here to heal mentally and physically, go inward, and empty the mind. At the Sanctuary, I’m able to remember myself as a soul of love and light.” — Claudia, Therapist & Guest 2013 - 2016

“The Sanctuary is a meeting place for like-minded, like-hearted people from around the world...With delicious and healthy vegan food, yoga on the palapa and the beach within easy walking distance The Sanctuary provides an opportunity for personal growth and expansion. New and lasting friendships are bound to happen.” — Lawrence, Guest, 2015

“Going through a major trauma and healing process in my life, I’m glad I found the Sanctuary. The staff, Pete, and the other guests showed me so much love and support. I would recommend The Sanctuary without hesitation. I’ll be back. ” — Alberto, Guest, '15

“I feel so refreshed and peaceful after a week at the Sanctuary. This has been the best way to recharge my batteries after a tough year. Everyone I’ve met here will always have a special place in my heart :)”— Skye, Karma Guest, '15

“I feel so loved at The Sanctuary. I appreciate how accepting and welcoming everybody is towards me. It’s the best place to start my healing process. Plus, the beaches are amazing!” — Ricardo. Guest, '15

“Beautiful place, friendly people from all over the world, meditation, yoga, Tibetan singing bowls (my favorite), raw vegan food, pretty gardens, close to the beach, and silence in the home for much of the time. Pete, the host, is a wonderful person." — Charly, Karma Staff, '15

“This place is marvelous. The people here are very knowledgeable and loving. Juice, fasting, meditation, yoga, Tibetan singing name it. Thank you all Luna, Kyle, Pete, Claudia, Lawrence, Fran!!!!!!” — Mel, Guest, 2014, 2015, & 2016

“Volunteering at The Sanctuary has changed my life! I’m so happy to be living here and contributing to a wonderful community. I feel like a part of something much greater than myself.” — Koca, Karma Staff, Dec 2015 - Jan 2016

“Beautiful environment, wonderful people, amazing vegan food. What more could a human being ask for? Anybody who wants to take a spiritual health retreat by the beach will find a home here.” — Chi, Karma Staff, '15

For personal health & for consciousness, we strongly encourage that whilst staying at The Pharm, you refrain from drinking alcohol, smoking, taking plant medicines etc. While it is permissable to engage in these activities outside The Pharm, please be aware of the impact your actions have on guests who are undergoing intense cleanses. If we find a guest's actions are not supportive of the healing space he or she may be asked to leave with a partial refund for unused days.

organic farming farming - organic farming farming - organic farming farming

We are currently offering the following ways to stay at The Pharm:

Guest Stay

As a Guest at The Pharm, you are provided with a bed in a shared room (see below for private room upgrade), 3 meals per day (usually at The Pharm but sometimes at The Sanctuary), yoga classes & heart sharing sessions (either at The Sanctuary or The Pharm), use of our holistic healing protocol and a 20 minute personal health consultation with one of our staff. A therapy session (of our choice & usually at The Sanctuary) is also included in the price for every complete week of your stay after the first week. Cost of transport to and from The Sanctuary will be at your cost (between 10 & 60 pesos each way depending if you choose a taxi or a Collectivo (shared taxi).

  • Daily $35 USD per night (minimum 3 nights)
  • Weekly $230 USD per week
  • Monthly $900 USD

Work Retreats

For those on a lower budget, we also offer Work Retreats, working either 15 or 20 hours per weekAs a Work Retreat participant at The Pharm, you will be provided with food (meals usually self prepared at The Pharm, but sometimes at The Sanctuary), use of community kitchen, shaded comfortable camping accommodation (or dorm bed if available), yoga classes & heart sharing sessions (either at The Sanctuary or The Pharm), use of our holistic healing protocol and a 20 minute personal health consultation with one of our staff.

Is there a cost?

This depends on how long you wish to stay, and how many hours you wish to work:

15 hour Work Retreats

  • Daily $20 USD per night (minimum 3 nights)
  • Weekly $125 USD per week
  • Monthly $450 USD

20 hour Work Retreats

  • Daily $18 USD per night (minimum 3 nights)
  • Weekly $100 USD per week
  • Monthly $325 USD

10 hour Work Retreat (no food supplied)
We are also offering a Zero Cost option to stay. This is all as above, except there is just a 2 hour per day (maximum 10 hour per week) work requirement, and no food is provided, and no activities at The Sanctuary are included. A $25 USD refundable deposit is however requested on arrival. This deposit is refundable subject to satisfactory completion of agreed working hours. There is a minimum 3 night stay for this option. Applicants for a minimum of 1 week will receive priority when awarding these placements.


Work Exchange Placements

25 hours Work Retreat. We usually only offer one or two of these positions per month.

These positions require 25 hours work per week and a minimum one month commitment. Those committing to two or more months are likely to receive priority.

Work Exchange participants will be provided with food to prepare for themselves, use of a community kitchen, a bed in a shared room or shaded comfortable camping accommodation if the rooms are full. Preparation of food is not usually considered part of the work exchange hours unless you are specifically requested to prepare food for others.

Sometimes, only with prior agreement, you may be able to eat at The Sanctuary and participate in some of the activities there. In the future The Pharm will develop it's own program, including meditation & yoga at times more suited to the participants and the working needs, and our own Health & Nutrition eating program.

You will be expected to be up and about by 7am on your working days to meditate and/or work.  Working time is expected to be in the cool of the morning and early evening. You will be allowed access to The Sanctuary meditation, yoga classes and evening program ONLY on your (two) days off (at your own expense to get collectivo or taxi each way), OR if you are asked to work at The Sanctuary some days, as long as it fits in with the work and study program. Sleeping at The Sanctuary is not an option. To be clear, these positions are for people who wish to help nurture The Pharm and the food we are growing. You will be expected to spend most of your time at The Pharm, not going out "partying" in town or generally staying out late. We are only about 15 minutes walk from a beach, so that is definitely an option in your free time.

Ideally we would like to attract someone with permaculture design experience to create (ideally a topographic map) and a permaculture design for The Pharm.

Those successfully chosen for a Work Exchange position are not charged a fee to stay at The Pharm, but instead are usually asked to pay a refundable deposit of $150 USD, to confirm the placement. This deposit is refundable subject to satisfactory completion of agreed working hours.

If we do not have any Work Exchange placements available when you wish to come, or if you prefer to work less than 25 hrs per week, please consider a Work Retreat as shown above.

Private Rooms

Clean, basic private rooms with screened windows and doors & a fan may be booked dependent on availability. An additional charge applies as follows:

Daily $10 USD per night (minimum 3 nights)
Weekly $60 USD per week
Monthly $150 USD

If you choose a Private room, the charge is added to the cost of your Guest or Work Retreat price. Eg. If you wish to join a 15 hour Work retreat for 1 week in a private room the cost would be $125 + $60 = $180 USD

To apply to stay at The Pharm, until a dedicated form is added here, please complete a Work Retreat application on The Sanctuary website, stating clearly your desire to stay at The Pharm, and your chosen options of length and type of stay.  I look forward to sharing time and space with you.


pete, founder of The Pharm & The Sanctuary

organic farming farming - organic farming farming - organic farming farming

Recommended Reading: In preparation for your time with us, we highly recommend reading The Presence Process. It is an introduction to some of the principles that The Pharm and The Sanctuary are based on, and a wonderful healing modality. 

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