Pranic Healing, Melchizedek Method

by Samantha Leiva
(Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico City, Mexico)

Melchizedek Method, Flower of Life

Melchizedek Method, Flower of Life

Melchizedek Method, Flower of Life
Pranic Healing, by Samantha Leiva

How I healed myself using Pranic Healing and the Melchizedek Method, by Samantha Leiva.

I was born in Mexico City in 1988. My mixed background; Mexican mother and Spanish/Swiss father provided a multicultural environment in my upcoming. I studied at a German School in Mexico City and traveled often to Germany. In Mexico I traveled back and forth between the City and a small town in Oaxaca, the home of my mothers side of the family.

My brother José Manuel has been my inspiration to search for my own path in life. He is mentally challenged and completely dependent on us, his family. He is the happiest person I have known. He honors life. The only way I figured to honor him was to try to live my life to the fullest, to be independent, to fly.

I lived in Berlin, Germany for the past five years. I went there to study art at the UDK University of Arts of Berlin. I bought a one way ticket and prayed to be admitted into the prestigious University. To my surprise, I was accepted and so my life took a new direction.

At the age of 19, some rocky paths led me to a knee surgery from which I was recovering badly. A cousin of mine introduced me for the first time to a healing experience and I was fascinated by it. I took my first meditation lesson sitting in a couch with a cast on my left leg. My spiritual journey began along side with my healing process.

I started studying the Melchizedek Method during 2008 in Mexico City. I continued my learning from abroad thanks to my teacher Hada Escobar, Director of the Healing Center Universo Holistico where nowadays I have the honor of giving therapy.

In Berlin, I started exploring different healing methods and meditations. I went to several teachings by Buddhist Masters and continued to learn and apply what I learned on myself.

In 2011 I studied MCKS Pranic Healing in Berlin and continued with the advance courses in Mexico City. Over a two year period I freed myself from a very destructive disease which I had had for over six years.

My art developed parallel to my spiritual life and I found ways to build bridges between the two. I started doing installations in open spaces, usually in nature. I photographed in black and white, filmed, and as always I painted, in larger canvases each time.

Today I´m back in Mexico living with my partner in Coyoacan, doing a documentary of the women in my mothers family and giving therapy. I am thankful to be able to contribute with my grain of sand and hoping to share the gifts of alternative medicine which changed my life in the brightest way, with others who might need them as well.


The Melchizedek Method® (by Alton Kamadon)

The Melchizedek Method demonstrates and teaches the skill of removing any part of the body, outer bodies and thought programming into the higher dimensions to be cleansed and healed and then returned into the physical completely perfect.
The healer achieves this by activating his light body (Merkabah) and then projecting light, colour and sacred geometry to the patients light body.
The patient recieves healing energy in all areas of his physical, mental and emotional body that need it and his natural healing process is accelerated or healed completely.
In one therapy session the patient will experience:
a) 33 Chakra alignment, balance of the 5 Elements of the body (air, earth, water, fire, spirit), healing in all his energy bodies, balance of the acupuncture meridians, balancing of the 33 vertebraes, cleansing of the 8 original cells of the physical body.
b) Specific holographic healing for the patient with his particular needs, healing with Frequency Light/Colour beams and silent sound and opening of your heart chakra to unconditional love.

This therapy helps to develop and manifest the higher spiritual aspects of the heart chakra which allows the patient to come closer to eliminating physical disease not only from heart and associated organs but also from the entire physical body.

“The Melchizedek Method is much more than a light body activation, healing and rejuvenation technique. It is a whole new formula for body health, harmony and spiritual ascension.”
Quote from Ascended Master Toth:

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MCKS Pranic Healing® (by Master Choa Kok Sui)

¨Pranic Healing is an ancient science and art that utilizes Prana or life energy to heal the body. Ancient cultures practiced similar modes of healing known as shamanic healing, divine healing, healing by mantra, among others.
In its existing form, Pranic Healing has been systematically, scientifically developed, revealed and taught globally by Master Choa Kok Sui.¨
¨Prana or Ki is the life energy which keeps the body alive and healthy. This energy is subtle but pervasive. The natural condition of the body’s energy is balanced. When the body’s Prana or Ki is too much or too little, it becomes unhealthy. The result is the body is unable to function properly, and eventually presents symptoms of illness. In Pranic Healing, physical ailments are treated through the subtle energy of the patient using Prana therapy assisting and accelerating by several degrees the body’s natural ability to heal itself.¨

Major and minor Chakras as well as organs are taken into consideration to be treated depending upon the patients needs. They are treated individually after a general cleansing of the energy body has been performed. Many symptoms can be successfully healed after this simple task. There are specific protocols to treat disease written and proven by Master Choa Kok Sui in his Pranic Healing Books.

The healing of physical and psychological (emotional) disease can be activated or accelerated, good health can be enhanced and an accurate knowledge of the energy and physical body's condition can be provided by this technique.
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Samantha is currently offering Energy Healing Sessions using a combination of Pranic Healing and the Melchizedek Method. Samantha visits her parents home in Puerto Escondido during holiday times, when she offers 90 minute healing sessions at The Sanctuary at a cost of 500 pesos.

At other times of the year Samantha offers sessions which sometimes last up to 2 hours for a cost of 600 pesos at Universo Holistico in Mexico City.

If you would like to book a session with Samantha please click here to complete a booking form. You will be contacted shortly afterward to confirm your booking.

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