Raw Food Healing Workshop

Paul Ruminski presents a transformational raw food healing workshop at The Sanctuary in Mexico. 

"A raw foods diet is a style of eating where the majority of your dietary intake is uncooked fruits and vegetables, along with some nuts, seeds, and perhaps some sprouted grains. It is important that you also understand a food is considered raw if it is prepared below 108 degrees Fahrenheit, or it is completely uncooked. The benefit of the foods natural vital life force is intact as long it is consumed raw and as fresh as possible."

Join us for this unique experience to learn how to optimise your vitality with raw food.

December 2014
Part 1: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday,15th-17th December 
Part 2: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, 22nd-24th December 2014

Each morning between 10am & 1pm Paul will present the following:

Part 1

Day 1 : learn the art of making:

  • Juices :Noni, Moringa, Tuna, Carambola, Guanabana
  • Milks : almonds, soya, oats, canary seeds

Day 2 : learn the art of making

  • breads with seeds (sprouted, fermented, unfermented) and veggies, 
  • raw pizza bread, 
  • pierogis shells.

Day 3 : learn the art of making:

  • fermentations :  cabbage, pickles, tomato, ginger, 
  • sprouting grains
  • rejuvelac

Each afternoon at 2pm we will show a movie related to Raw Food Healing

Each morning between 10am & 1pm Paul will present the following:

Part 2

Day 4 : learn the art of making cheeses

  • cashew, 
  • macadamia, 
  • sunflower with various flavors

Day 5 : learn the art of making;

  • soups, ( carrot-ginger, mushroom-nut, cucumber-avocado), 
  • salads, 
  • salad dressings, 
  • raw pizza.

Day 6 : learn the art of making desserts

  • Raw fruit ice-creams,
  • Raw nut cheesecake
  • Raw pineapple-coconut cake
  • Raw brownies

Each afternoon at 2pm we will show a movie related to Raw Food Healing

Who is facilitating the workshop?

Paul Ruminski from Poland has many years experience of preparing raw food dishes, including his time whilst running Raw Food restaurants in Poland.

Earlier in 2014 he presented a two week raw food healing workshop in Puerto Escondido.

We are delighted to welcome him to The Sanctuary to share his knowledge with our guests and local residents.

Paul will present each morning between 10am & 1pm. Each afternoon one of The Sanctuary staff will show a movie relevant to Raw Food Healing

To learn more about the benefits of raw food, check out The Raw Foods Diet Center

What is the cost of the Raw Food Healing Workshop?

For Scheduled Workshops (see currently planned dates at top of page)

Part 1 - Three Days - 900 pesos

Part 2 - Three Days - 900 pesos

Both Parts - Six Days - 1,700 pesos

Single Days - 350 pesos per day

Additional option to join The Sanctuary family lunch at 1pm - 70 pesos per day

For Private Workshops at any time

Part 1 - Three Days - 2,500 pesos for 1 person + 900 pesos per additional person

Part 2 - Three Days - 2,500 pesos for 1 person + 900 pesos per additional person

Both Parts - Six Days - 4,500 pesos for 1 person + 1,700 pesos per additional person

Single Days - 1,000 pesos per day

Reserve a Space for this Raw Food Healing Workshop

Please send us a message to reserve your space & arrange to make the payment.

Don't miss this Golden opportunity!

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