Training for Massage Therapy, 10-11th of April
and Breema Massage 12th-13th of April

Join our basic training for massage therapy for the benefits of your friends and family members!

If you would like to give a massage to a person close to you and make sure you are doing the proper movements while enjoying the process, this workshop will give you the tools to be able to give a full body massage, combining deep tissue and relaxing techniques and including basic acupressure points.

We will cover the basic principles of massages in general, the yin-yang sides of the body and which type of massage to use for imbalances of yin or yang, the benefits of massages, the contraindications or in which cases not to give one, and general recommendations before starting, including the aspects related to the energy field.

Then we will see each section of the body, learn the techniques and practice them. We will also receive a massage so we can experience how it feels.

The workshop takes 10 hours, taught in two days of five hours each.

Schedule: 9:30-12:30, 2-4 pm

Cost: 1000 pesos for 2 days.

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 Breema Massage 12th-13th of April

This massage originated in the Middle East and it´s done on a mat on the floor, working always with the person face up. The person is dressed with comfortable clothes. It consists in a series of movements which combine stretching, balancing and rotation techniques in a relaxed pace. It works mostly on joints, relaxes the nervous system, and promotes a state of deep relaxation.

In the workshop we will see the nine principles on which this technique is based and then learn and practice a selection of movements creating a smooth flow of the massage.

Read more about Breema training for massage therapy

The workshop takes 10 hours, taught in two days of five hours each, three hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.

Cost: 1300 pesos for 2 days.

For registration, please complete our  Guest Booking Form

About the facilitator

massage training therapy

Irina did a one year training in Rio Abierto and took a massage course in the Traditional Medicine Institute in Hanoi. Back home she started working in her own studio continuing her trainings in Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Prana Yoga Massage and Breema. She enjoys sharing the basic way of communicating with others through touch. Seeing how a person goes out after a massage with a relaxed face and a smile is one of the best rewards of this beautiful activity.

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