Volunteer at The Sanctuary by Lizette

by Lizette

Hi! I'm looking to volunteer at the Sanctuary :) Based on what I've read it seems like a little paradise for evolution of self. This summer I was in Namibia, working with wild life and it was so amazing and I quit my job when I got home so that I could take time to do what I love - travel and excperience :)
I learned about the sanctuary via workaway and was instantly attracted!

Protecting animals is my great passion and I will work to be able to have a job revolving around animal welfare and rights in the future.

The last two years I've been actively working with myself and I feel I have come a long way. Im a happier person now and I take the consequences for the way I live my life. For example, by not eating meat - because I KNOW the way the animals are treated. Or not having a TV, because I feel that the collection and distribution of the licence-fee is undemocratic and monopolistic. People think Im a bit weird, but I feel quite happy with myself for acting on what I believe.

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Nov 02, 2013
by: Lizette

Hi, Pete, Kara and Bex! Thank you for your comments. Would be interested in finding out more about the animal clinic if I get to visit the Sanctuary :)

Have a nice day!

Oct 24, 2013
Spay and Neuter Clinic
by: Bex

Interesting that there is a spay and neuter clinic in Peurto Escondido, Pete! Owen and I volunteered for two weeks with a travelling clinic further north along the coast in the San Blas area on our first trip to Mexico. It was an incredibly eye-opening, heart-breaking, and somehow also heart-warming experience to see all the hard work put into helping animals in need. We lost a few patients in our time there and seeing the effects of malnutrition and disease on the animals was incredibly challenging, but in the end we did some amazing good - operating and giving shots to several hundred animals over the course of those two weeks.

Oct 23, 2013
by: Kara

Hey Lizette,
Your experience in Namibia sounds wonderful, my friend volunteered there building a school a few years ago and it changed her life. It's definitely somewhere I will go.
Also, good work on no TV.... I am on the complete same boat as you there!
P.S... your dog is cute!

Oct 23, 2013
Television, Dogs and Cats
by: Pete

Hi Lizette. Thanks for your volunteer aplication form (which I have received). I will reply as soon as I can, but it will likely be in a week or two after I return from India to The Sanctuary.

Great choice giving up TV by the way. I did so nearly 8 years ago after I became aware of physical, emotional and mental hazards which watching TV brings. It is used as a brainwashing instrument of control by a very small minority of people who control media, health, education, government etc.

There is an organisation in Puerto Escondido, very close to The Sanctuary who offer a free neutering service for cats and dogs. I haven't got involved or met them yet so not sure what else they do to help animals. If you come perhaps you could spend some time helping, maybe introduce them to MMS once you've learned about it as it it very bebeficial to animal health as well as humans.


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