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This is an update on my juice fast.
I am now on day 5 of the cleanse!

Day three- was similar to day one and two, but i had a little less energy. I made it to the beach, but I felt the need to conserve energy. This day we did a conscious breathing exercise that was very neat. I felt if I kept breathing with the same rhythm i would leave my body -that scared me a little (:

Day four- I was so tired that i woke up at 6 for meditation, dragged my body up the stairs, then walked back down the stairs and slept until the gong was rung for breakfast juice. It took a little more effort to work this day. I was also feeling a lot of negative emotion in my body.

We sang mantras last night-which seemed to help and afterwards Pete, Doris, Steffi and Shaba did a healing session on me. For several minutes i don't think there was any negative energy in my body. My body was completely tingly and I laughed uncontrollably...my body temperature also changed and I felt so light that i thought I would float off of the table. I was left wondering what would happen if all families did this for each other.

Day five - I was able to walk up the stairs for meditation this morning. I notice a lot of thoughts come into my mind-like they often do, but i was able to bring my focus back to my breath for most of the meditation. I have been doing an enema every day and this morning i decided to try the Shanka Prakshalana technique. It worked a little, but i think i need to drink more salt water next time. It's taking a lot of energy to think and work! Writing this is difficult (-: I have been feeling some resistance to the present moment for the past week or so. I think a little more meditation would be beneficial for this cleanse. Updates to come!

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Oct 11, 2013
moved to tears
by: Bex

"I was left wondering what would happen if all families did this for each other."

This actually brought tears to my eyes. What, indeed? A whole new world, I think... Beautiful.

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