Volunteer Experiences from Bex vanKoot

by Bex vanKoot
(Kimberley, Ontario, Canada)

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." ~Anais Nin

Hello and bright blessings, fine folk! I'm Bex, a freelance writing, goddess worshipping, workshop teaching, art journaling, drumming and dancing Canadian girl with a big huge soft spot in my heart for the mountains and valleys and beaches of Oaxaca.

I have been dreaming of my fourth visit to "the unconquered state" for many months (since I left in April 2013) and of being part of a sacred community for much longer. The sanctuary you have built here seems idyllic and I would love the opportunity to share my energy in co-creating the healing energy to sustain it.

My skills in writing, website management, workshop and course creation, meditation and personal development work could be a perfect fit with the amazing work you are doing. My partner (also a writer and experienced cook) and I are so excited for the possibilities! I hope our lives can entwine for the best of all.

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Oct 24, 2013
by: Danielle

Hey Bex,

Thanks for your comment, it was great to hear from another potential volunteer. Your experience intrigues me, I really hope we get to meet in "the unconquered state"!



Oct 13, 2013
Thanks lots
by: Pete

Namaste Bex. Thanks for your application and your proactive work which speaks volumes for me.

I'm in India at the moment with an intuitive healer doing some quite intense work. Many questions coming up including the direction of The Sanctuary when I return in 3 weeks. It may well include some slowing down so I am less distracted, which mnay mean less volunteer staff, or letting go more.

I have limited internet access and no computer right now. Will prob skype with you 1st week of November.


Oct 13, 2013
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by: Bex

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