Volunteer in search of mexican heavens :)

by Chris
(The Netherlands)

The sanctuary fully captured my attention in a search for holistic communities to learn from, share, dance, create, cook, garden, teach, develop, unravel, immerse, inspire, indulge, work and grow in.
I can share a creative somatic practices, offer (weekend) workshops in them and themes such as performative connectivity, movement practices, sensorial theatrical games.
I hope to learn from the communal life, the holistic explorations, to share a search within and fully invest in the time spend.
There is so much more to say that I feel a bit lost in translation, words don't seem sufficient to express my genuine enthusiasm!

A favorite:

I wonder at this You and I
You are all there is
And I am all annihilated
There is an I
No longer exists

(by Mansur al-Halaj, c. 900 CE)

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