Volunteer in Waiting

by Rhiannon
(Bristol, UK)

The Sanctuary somehow seems to provide everything that I am looking for in terms of physical, emotional and spiritual healing. I was looking for a community which shares my philosophy towards healing and in which I could support others whilst being lovingly supported myself. The Sanctuary seems to provide a loving space in which both workers and guests can reflect and grow together. I can’t quite believe that such a place exists but it does and I feel like I was meant to find it.

I am soon to be qualified as a naturopathic nutritionist and have experimented on myself with a huge variety of foods, diets and techniques. I can share with guests my experiences and growing knowledge. I have struggled and rebelled since really starting my healing journey but ultimately discovered that endless possibilities of positive transformation from this kind of process, so I can empathise with people where ever they are on their healing journey as well as offering them support and motivation to keep going deeper.

I envisage getting so much out of a volunteer experience at The Sanctuary as not only do I see it as a space in which to deeply transform myself, I also see it as an opportunity to support others and develop my skills as a naturopath and therapeutic cook. I want to go much deeper with my own healing and cleansing so that I can learn more about myself but I also want to share other people’s experiences of healing too. I imagine myself running my own retreat centre one day back in the UK which focuses on healing from physical cleansing but also from connecting to the local environment for emotional and spiritual healing too.

Hopefully, maybe, possibly see you soon

Rhiannon xx

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Feb 26, 2014
by: Rhiannon

Hi Pete,

I'm really looking forward to this. It'll be great to arrive to the buzz and energy of the yoga teacher training as well. I expect there'll be a healthy supply of lovely and interesting characters to get into cosy corners and have some nice deep chats with - as well as some great group chats too no doubt.

I've got 2 months of travelling now before arriving which is great, as this will give me time to really just let loose and unwind before getting totally stuck into the healing and learning depths of The Sanctuary.

Very happy and excited to be joinnig this super healing, loving crew!

Rhiannon x

Feb 26, 2014
by: Pete

Hola Rhiannon. Lawrence tells me you are coming in July. I thin we will hae an especially wonderful time then as we are facilitating a yoga teacher training for the month of July.

Have you seen our newsletter?

I look forward to playing the game of life with you....


Feb 04, 2014
Gentle Healing
by: Pete

Hola Rhiannon's. Thanks for sharing. There is no reason why MMS cannot be gentle. If the protocols are followed correctly, and especially if used alongside enema to ensure colon can do it's job properly, then a herxheimer reaction is far less likely to occur, but cutting back on the dose would stop this anyway.


Feb 04, 2014
by: Rhiannon

Hi, just a quick note to say I have shared The Haven Facebook page using the biggest impact guidelines. I will admit, I was a little confused by the process but it seems to have worked. I think. Hurray.

I am going to have a good trawl through some of the articles again and see if I have any relevant comments, thoughts, feelings or questions to contribute. I am particularly interested by the MMS article and process, as this appears to go against what I have been taught as a naturopath by my college, which is all about gentle healing. So I'm looking forward to reading and researching more about this as there seems to be a lot of material on the internet that supports this method.

Rhi x

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