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Would you like a cheaper way to stay with us ? - Volunteer Work Overseas

Karma Yoga, (Volunteering) is generally considered an altruistic activity and is intended to promote goodness or improve human quality of life. In return, this activity can produce a feeling of self-worth and respect. There is no financial gain involved for the individual. Volunteering is also renowned for skill development, socialization, and fun. Volunteering may have positive benefits for the volunteer as well as for the person or community served. We welcome non-resident karma yogi's for a minimum of 5 hours work per week. If you wish to stay at The Sanctuary while volunteering, we make a charge to cover, as a minimum the cost of food, other consumables and a contribution toward rent.

In recognition of and in exchange for your voluntary work, we are very pleased to offer the food and accommodation packages shown below at a substantial discount from our full Guest Prices.

We also sometimes offer full Work Exchange positions (no payment required, 6 month contract with long service and profit share bonus potential), but usually only after completion of 30 - 90 days as a paying Volunteer Staff Guest as shown below. See further below for more info. about our Work Exchange program.

The Sanctuary is now closed.

but please continue reading below to learn about and/or contribute information about healing naturally.

Reading & Other Requirements for Karma Yogis & Karma Staff (staying for 1 week or more)

To join The Sanctuary team as a Karma Yogi for 1 week or more, there is some reading and other requirements before you come, as well as some additional requirements during your stay. This helps to ensure that you are able to help our guests (which includes YOU and other volunteers) as soon as you arrive, and continue to improve the level of support you can offer during your stay, through your increased knowledge and presence. Full details in the blue boxes below.

Availability of Karma Yogi & Staff Positions Volunteer Work Overseas

We have a limited number of Karma Yogis & Karma Staff opportunities available, as we require a proportion of full paying guests to be sustainable, so we recommend booking early.

Our Karma Yogis & Karma Staff are usually accommodated in our Peace or Ascension shared rooms. We do our best to offer the Ascension room for women & the Peace room for men, but this is not always possible. If however we have bookings for Guests or Karma Guests requiring all the beds in the shared rooms, we reserve the option to move our Karma Yogis or Karma Staff to private, comfortable, shaded camping spaces. However, as of September 2015 we are currently limiting the number of guests (including staff) at The Sanctuary to a maximum of eighteen, so it is unlikely that we will exercise this option.

All-Inclusive Stay

Included in our prices are a bed in a shared room, food, drinking water, meditation, yoga, conscious sharing sessions and some guidance in our holistic healing protocol. Subject to availability, there may be an option to upgrade to a private room. Please do not make a reservation without reading about our Peak Season Prices, Payment terms and Cancellation/Early Departure policies further below.    Click for a less detailed summary view of all our prices.

Karma Yogis (15 hours work per week)

Karma Yogis help to support the space both financially and with 15 hrs community work per week. Min 2 night stay. Three hours of community work per day (for 5 days per week).

Click to view our prices

Karma Yogi Requirements (only if staying for 1 week or more)

Before Arrival

During Your Stay (not part of your working hours)

  • Attend a minimum of 3 morning morning meditations & mantra chantings per week .
  • Attend a minimum of 1 yoga (or alternative) class during your stay.
  • Attend daily (after break-fast) workflow meeting (except on your days off)
  • Complete an online time sheet every day (Gmail account required)
  • Attend at least one group breath-work session during your stay.

Want to work less hours or not work at all?  We offer Guest options too.

volunteer work overseas - volunteer work overseas - volunteer work overseas

Karma Staff (20 hrs work per week)

Karma Staff help to support the space with a lower payment but increased working hours and a minimum 30 day stay.  Initially we only take bookings for 30 days but subject to satisfatory work reviews and additional training requirements, this may be extended. Four hours of community work per day (for 5 days per week). Click to view our prices

Karma Staff Requirements (First Month)

Click here for access to resources - password peaceandlove. 

Before Completion of Karma Staff (or Work Exchange Staff Application) Form

  • Read Radical Forgiveness up to the end of Chapter One (Jill's story) then write (in the space on the application/booking form below) about your experience, thoughts and feelings once you have completed this.
  • Start to read The Presence Process, at least up to the end of the Aligning Intent in Part I, then write (in the space on the application/booking form below) a few sentences about your experience, thoughts and feelings once you have completed this.
  • Like our Facebook Page and invite your FB friends to also Like it.
  • Share our Facebook Page on your Facebook Wall.
  • Subscribe to our Newsletter (in right hand column of this page)
  • Submit the form below to confirm availabllity of space and obtain pre-acceptance.

Before Arrival

  • Read our Holistic Healing Protocol page, including watching the videos & following the links for further information. Write in an additional e-mail about your experience and feelings once you have completed this. Also ask any questions you may have.
  • Read our Household Manual. Write with any questions you may have.
  • Note, this item is highly recommended, but not required: Continue reading The Presence Process (the complete book if you choose the Introductory Level of entry, or up to the end of Part II if you choose and decide to commit to the Experiential Level of entry). Write in an additional e-mail about your experience, thoughts and feelings once you have completed reading up to the end of part II.

During Your Stay (not part of your working hours unless otherwise stated)

  • Attend a minimum of 3 morning meditations & mantra chantings per week. You may sometimes be asked to set up and hold the space for morning meditation & mantra chanting, in which case you may claim 15 mins. as part of your working time on your time sheet.
  • Attend a minimum of 2 yoga (or alternative) classes each week.
  • Attend daily (after break-fast) workflow meeting (except on your days off)
  • Complete an online time sheet every day (Gmail account required).
  • Attend a minimum of 1 group breath-work session every week .
  • Write a twice monthly "volunteer blog" on our healing-haven.com website sharing about your experience of the previous two weeks (including your experience of The Presence Process if you have chosen the experiential entry level).
  • On the first Monday of your stay, complete a 24 hours water or juice fast. Write at least a couple sentences about your experience in your first blog.
  • During your first week (or before arrival), watch the 37 minute video of Marc David's Introduction to The Future of Healing.
  • Following instruction, take on the shared responsibility, with one other person, of soaking and rinsing the sprouts twice daily (you may claim 15 mins. for each day you do this, as part of your working time, on your time sheet).
  • During the first month of your stay (or before you arrive), listen to the lost Teachings of Yoga audios by Georg Feuerstein and write a few sentences about your experience and feelings of this in your blogs.
  • By the beginning of week 2, start reading the book Creating Peace by Being Peace by Gabriel Cousens. (You may claim 50% of your reading time as part of your working time on your time sheet - details to be entered every day - up to 2.5 hours per week)
  • Especially after your first week once you become familiar with the routine, you are asked to actively support our management team during your stay, by helping show new guests settle in, generally being helpful, and assuming your requirements enthusiastically, so not burdening our managers with needing to remind you to complete them.

Click here for access to resources - password peaceandlove. There are additional requirements for both Karma Staff and for Work Exchange Staff after the first month, to continue the training program.

Payment, Cancellation & Peak Season Surcharge

Payment Terms

DEPOSIT PAYMENT: To confirm your reservation, we require a 60% non refundable deposit. Your reservation is not confirmed until the deposit is received. You may pay by Paypal (with a processing fee of 5%). It is possible to pay with a bank card via Paypal without opening a Paypal account. If you happen to be in Puerto Escondido you may pay in cash. For Karma Staff the required deposit is 80%.

PAYMENT BALANCE: The remaining 40% balance (or 20% for Karma Staff) is due in cash on arrival. A late payment charge of 250 pesos per day is made if balance is not made within 24 hrs of arriving. We much prefer not to charge this, so PLEASE bring the full balance on arrival. We thank you for your co­operation in this matter.

EXCHANGE RATES: If you wish to pay in US dollars, the rate we use is the "Compra" rate scrolling across the bottom of this Banco Azteca page MINUS 1 peso, PLUS a $10 USD service fee.

Cancellation or Early Departure Policy

Guests or Karma Guests cancelling or leaving early will receive a 50% refund for the unused part of the booking.

Karma Yogis cancelling or leaving early will receive 30% refund for the unused part of the booking.  

Karma Staff however will not receive any refund if departing early. This is due partly to the considerably lower price offered, partly the time required from our management team for initial processing and training, and partly the limited spaces available which could otherwise have been offered to others. If cancelling before arrival the full deposit will be retained.

If cancelling or leaving early from a Private room, you will additionally receive a 25% refund for the unused part of the private room charge. 

Peak Season Surcharge

An additional charge of 100 pesos per night is added to the above prices for Semana Santa (Easter) and for Christmas & New Year weeks. Christmas/New Year 2015/2016: 19th Dec 2015­ - 3rd Jan 2016 inclusive. Easter 2016: 18th ­- 28th March 2016 inclusive.

The Sanctuary is now closed.

but please continue reading below to learn about and/or contribute information about healing naturally.

Ask a Question, or make a Reservation

Be sure to completely read the details of our daily schedule & our other terms and conditions on our Schedule & Conditions page. Please do not skip this.  

If you are not yet sure about booking and wish to ask questions, please read our Frequently Asked Questions page first and if you do not find the answers complete our Contact Us form to ask what you would like to know.

When you are fairly sure you would like to stay and know your approximate dates, please complete the form below including any final questions you may have. On receipt of the form, if we have all the information we need from you we will send you a Paypal payment request for the required deposit to confirm your reservation. 

Please be aware that our staff only work part time. They also need their own space and time undisturbed. Generally our staff are only available for brief support or questions up until lunchtime.

Obviously for emergencies, then go ahead and ask if you have a question which cannot wait, otherwise please respect the time off space for our staff and wait until the next day, or make a booking for one of our healing therapies.

volunteer work overseas - volunteer work overseas - volunteer work overseas

Volunteer Work Overseas

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