Volunterring to help healing the world

by sebastien

I´m sebastien, a 27 years old frenchmen that secretly took on the mission to heal the world.

Having recently discovered a bigger truth about what life really is and what we could make of it, I decided to go all the way and turn my back on a more classic/confortable life that I was initially going for.

The challenge is huge but I have trust into the human race. Starting by healing myself and reconnecting with my inner self, I hope to serve as an exemple and inspire the more sceptic ones.

I'm a consciousness geek and I withdraw all my inspiration from books, I have a decent list to share with everybody interested. I believe that knowledge and education is the key that could change the whole planet: how can you do things right when you don´t know what is right?

I m passionate about chamanism and love the rock n roll aspect of it, that compose well with the sometime too grouded aspect of meditation. I believe that the practice of both offers the best personal growth and inner guidance.

More on my website: www.metslesvoiles.org


What attracts me to participate as a volunteer?

Well, is sounds like a perfect blend of practices, mixed together to help us elevate our own consciousness. Not only is works on a wide pannel: food, spirituality, creativity, relationship but it looks like it also has avoided the trap of cupidity that usually takes places around holistic center: being spiritual can be expensive.

Seeing that the human aspect is always forwarded really fits the picture and makes me want to be part of it! It looks like the kinda of place I find myself dreaming I had created. So let's learn from it!

What I wanna achieve?

As we all are multidimensional self, I want to reconnect with most of them:
my creative self, my generous self, my dreaming self... I want to delve into my own consciousness, release some inner blockage, develop my intuitions and spontaneity etc.

You are invited to visit our sharing page, then come back here and write a comment at the bottom of this page telling us the ways in which you have shared.

Doing this will help The Sanctuary to become/remain sustainable and therefore to be able to continue to offer more volunteer opportunities. Click the picture below to open our Global Healing Center Sharing Page in a new window.

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Jan 10, 2014
on my way...
by: sebastien

Very delighted to be part of the center. I will be arriving around the 15th of January, ready for a new experience!

Happy Happy!!

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