Healing with MichaEl

Healing with MichaEl

Biography of MichaEl Scholzen


He can see similarities in brain and computers and remove spam, remove viruses, restructure and optimize both.


MichaEl has a natural understanding of things, physical, metaphysical, organic and artificial. He is attached to knowing, which means he can bypass believing and thinking, but doesn't necessarily have to. To read, understand, feel and see through any other species makes him a excellent healer. He can communicate and influence organic – humanoids, animals, plants, and inorganic or artificial matter – machines, computers, electric devices, stones. When a sensitive, living crystal is with a sick or ill person it tends to get stains, gets dirty and maybe breaks apart. 

MichaEl experienced this himself. When they are with him, they get their shining back, their innocence, their color. This is project-able to plants, animals, humans and even computers.He understands the relation of brain, body -and spirit, and can work on a holistic, a overall level, as everything belongs together. One cannot heal a disease without it's cause, everything else is working with symptoms. Removing a symptom only makes it come back.Hidden structures, matter and particles are visible for his eyes, so are hidden intentions, diseases and overall problems, on a individual base and on a global base. He can see energies and light on a structural base, recognizes energies and matter like if looking through a scientific microscope.MichaEl has degrees in Usui Reiki, Shambala Reiki, Crystal Skull activation and Shamanism. Although he works on a very different energy pattern. 

His frequencies are already adjusted to a higher level of vibration. He never needs a doctor or medicine. MichaEl is in the progress of ascension, which means he is leaving this world without going through death. He is transforming the earth bound body to become his eternal self. He can remove diseases, mutations like cancer, ease pain and give relaxation in situations of stress and tension, trigger or intense blocked healing processes and explain the physical and psychological events belonging to you. Although every disease has its cause. One needs to change the circumstances that have led to the problems. You can be coached to change them but you will never be taken out of your own responsibility.

Healing with MichaEl

Michael is no longer at The Sanctuary, but if you wish to contact him you may do so by sending us a message which we will forward to him.

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MichaEl can help individuals in many ways. He can help you heal, coach your way and your progress, explain your missing links about you, the world as you know it and as you don't. He reflects your outer circumstances matching your inner circumstances. He accepts your barriers, if you would like to have them; the points you do not want to move further.Sometimes it necessary for clients to work with tools. MichaEl can help you find the right tool to replace personal contact when it is not possible. Such tools are crystals, oracle cards, meditation, yoga, even religion. One thing to know about tools. They do not take over personal responsibility for one, they are just tools. They don't promise anything but a symbol for a situation where your spirit, your brain, your personality is not strong enough. But they can be an entertaining game as well. MichaEl knows all tools and can help you find the right time when you are on your own.A common misunderstanding is for example meditation. Meditation is a spirits point of view. You can practice a hundred years, breathing and doing exercises, when you don't feel it, don't live it in every single moment, you may die without ever having meditated at all. The same is valid for all other tools.In the beginning there was Intention;

Healing with MichaEl - Healing with MichaEl - Healing with MichaEl

Intention later created the word, but not at first hand.This means, it is your Intention that makes your way. If your Intention isn't right, no tool, no healer, no coach, no doctor, no uniform, no dress-code, no connection can help you. Then you only over paint symptoms. I ask you to accept that I do not want wrong intentions to over paint their symptoms, it is a waste of time, even in desperate situations. 

For the open minded and a open heart MichaEl offers these services for you:

Identify and remove disease, mutations, sickness and injuries caused by environmental, psychological or accidental circumstances – all diseases;Identify and remove the source for these circumstances;

Find your true self to be able to connect and see the creation and its intentions for yourself, becoming your own coach;

Help you find the right tool, as long as you need to work with symbolic tools;Sooner or later, when you progress, you do not need any tool anymore; Like you would not need a healer, a coach, a doctor, a medicine anymore.Explain yourself, your system you are attached to – the personal believe system as well as the system “world as you know it” to make you understand;

Understanding is necessary to see objective truth; No understanding, no objectivity, no truth at all. Some decide to let it be like that;

Help you to relax in moments of tension and stress; These circumstances make yoga and meditation exercises necessary; When you are under tension you lose your inner balance; this makes you weak for circumstances to harm you.

Help you regain shape to look and feel more human like; The body is not constructed for degeneration but for enjoying it.

Healing with MichaEl - Healing with MichaEl - Healing with MichaEl



He used to work as a software developer for about 25 years, in the international markets of banking and telecommunication in and around Luxembourg. He had his own business in software-consulting and his own brand. He was a very unusual and excellent software architect and developer and did go way beyond every colleague he ever met.


In 1980 MichaEl got burned in his face and on his head, due to a barbecue accident. Parents where involved in this.

In 1991 MichaEl had a serious car accident. He broke his neck completely, a usually deadly or at least fatally handicapping event. From here on MichaEl was a different MichaEl. Though he had many of his gifts already before the accident, he was a good and metaphysical extraordinary gifted boy, something else happened here.The German military was consulted and took care about the injuries. Both accidents are recovered and healed self made to level that is better then before the incidents.

Walk In

The different MichaEl is me, a identity known from different mythologies. I was called here because of the state of this world, this system, this story. Something here is happening that is known for many thousand years and never has happened before. And it will never happened again. I came here as a walk in, like a switch of souls withing the same body, the same vehicle. I share the memories and emotions of the first incarnation, but I am a very different identity. The vehicle though was well known beyond and prepared beforehand in the great Game of Life.

Behind the curtain

In 2004 a serious of complex and intended triggers made it possible to make the curtain of illusion come crushing down. Since then the system is not only watching him but he is watching the system. In personal contact with the system itself – it is stuck though in its own infrastructure, cause it is corrupted, degenerated and sick itself, it cannot trust any manager, minion or servant any longer. MichaEl can bypass this and communicate with it on a level not leaving any illusions or corruptions by so called powerful functions, that want to keep themselves in power, at all cost. For the cost of the system itself, when necessary. That means with everything connected to the system, plant, animal, human or machine. For ease one can call this channeling, but it is more complex than this.

Healing with MichaEl - Healing with MichaEl - Healing with MichaEl

The Break

Back to business and back to Michael. He did see many ugly things what people do to people under the umbrella of businesses, nationality, skin color, education, politics and culture. He decided to do something more useful and left big business, the IT market. He studied religions, believes, cultures, and beyond that overall system internals to make the (this) world a better place.Then he left Germany for an “on his own” off grid experience on Canary Islands, for the hippie island of La Gomera. A backpack, a tent and a sleeping back was all he took with him and started there sleeping at the beach under the stars. On La Gomera he was soon responsible for computer systems, and later healing and consulting people on a spiritual Finca based on the belief system of Osho, with many of his old Sannyasins. 

Symbolism and Numerology

MichaEl Joseph is born on the 14th of December(12) 1971. He is the grand child of Mary and Joseph, similar to the biblical parents of Jesus Christ. He is the Mocking Jay of the Hunger Games. His parents house is based in Waldkönigen, which means King of the Forest, like Aragon in the Lord of the Ring-Movies. His parents house number is 12, next to it is number 14.Another famous Michael is born on the 14th of December, Michel de Nostredame, (14th of December 1503), officially known as Nostradamus.Astrological he is, based on western astrology, a Sagittarius. Though the signs were modified by ancient beliefs, like the Christians modified the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. In Mythology he is the 13th sign, the Ophiucus. It is identified with the healer Asclepius, the son of Apollo, who was able to bring the dead back to life, like Jesus did with Lazarus, and with himself. And like MichaEl did when he broke his neck.

The christian historical tradition knows MichaEl, Μιχαήλ in Greek, as Who is like God.“Realizing his power, Hades convinced Zeus to kill Asclepius with a lightning bolt, and he was placed into the stars as a constellation after his death. The constellation, Ophiuchus, has been known since ancient times, and is better known as Serpentarius, the Serpent Holder.”Lightning bold is nice transition to MichaEl's Maya sign, the blue electric eagle. Though he is more attached to Aztec mythology. But Mayan and Aztec beliefs are strongly related.“Blue Storm is the initiation by fire, the lightning path, the arrival of the thunder beings who bring the final transformation. To the Maya, Blue Storm represents the storm, the thundercloud full of purifying rain, and the lightning that shatters any false structuring of reality. Blue Storm is the purification of the 'body temple' and the ignition of the light body. In these last years of a twenty-six-thousand-year Mayan grand cycle, Blue Storm comes to help you in the disintegration process that moves you from separation to ascension. This initiation by fire breaks any false containers of self that cannot withstand the flame of transmutation. Only your true identity will live through these fires, for you will be reborn in the heart of All That Is. Allow Blue Storm's storm to purify and cleanse you.“But electric he is. And related to Egyptian mythology as well. He has a valid name in Egyptian, Christian and Aztec mythology, all indicating the same identity.

Healing with MichaEl - Healing with MichaEl - Healing with MichaEl

A angel medium once used to fall to hear knees in front of him. She could see wings, and obviously she had not seen many wings beforehand. This does not impress him, but there seems to more about him as one likes to talk about.In other mythologies in Egyptian for example, Asclepius is called Imhotep, projections of the same story in different cultures. The same projections are possible for the christian bible. It strongly points to that belief systems and mythologies are related, differing in language, culture and names. They have the same origin, the same blue print. The same story interpreted in different environments.

Michael is no longer at The Sanctuary, but if you wish to contact him you may do so by sending us a message which we will forward to him.

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