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Healing Haven Newsletter, December 2018
December 30, 2018

Dear Healing Haven Newsletter Subscribers

Here's hoping you and your loved ones enjoyed a wonderful Christmas, and i wish you a healthy and joyful new year.

As some of you know, early this year i decided to close The Sanctuary in Mexico as i left for a sabbatical in June 2017 and decided not to return, instead choosing to focus on my personal growth to aid my journey in consciousness.

I am grateful to all those who supported The Sanctuary and myself during its five year period of serving those who visited. Thank you all.

For those of you who do not know me personally, i share further below a little about my journey over recent years, and toward the end of this message i share some free resources which have proved very helpful to myself and others.

I have chosen to put this website into "Autopilot" mode to save $250 USD on the annual costs as i no longer have an income from The Sanctuary to pay for it. You will no longer receive a newsletter from this site (unless i invite you to re-subscribe in the future) but the contents of the site will remain.

I have set up a Healing Haven Facebook Page however, where i frequently share holistic healing information. I invite you to join me there.

LoveAtma (Pete)

This message is quite long. I hope I’m not intruding on your time, but i would like to share a little, in particular about my interest in Holistic Health (along with the Contentment, Peace of Mind and Abundance which naturally follow "real" health). I’m not selling anything, just sharing (relative) truth. You’ll find some wonderful free pdf books at the bottom if you get that far :-)

My interest in Holistic Healing began in 2008 during a yoga teacher training in Thailand. Shortly after that, when a friend was diagnosed with cancer, i began researching and discovered that the medical/pharmaceutical industries are in business to make money and not to care for the health of the people, and that virtually always the treatment they give is harmful to health, leading either quickly or slowly to death.

I also discovered (theoretically, anecdotally and with personal experience) that a good balanced holistic protocol was virtually always good for health, reversing virtually all disease, and extending life (as long as the person is open to all possibilities and is willing to do what is needed - which is by far from always the case).

This led to me to creating this healing haven website and opening and running for five years, The Sanctuary, a holistic healing centre in Mexico. Since then I have continued researching and trying what i found. For me, the first hand experiences and the anecdotal evidence I have seen have become so convincing that I no longer doubt the previous paragraph.

A strong conviction I currently hold (loosely) is that all dis-ease is illusory (yet appears real whilst believing / living in the illusion), AND that all (illusory) disease can be “cured” and can help us awaken from the dream.

I like to share freely with others what has worked for me so far. I sometimes offer Health Coaching, both locally and online. I emphasise that the cause of all dis-ease is (lack of) consciousness (forgetting the One true self) and i recommend The Presence Process to most people requesting help, supported by holistic treatment of the physical body.

I tend to recommend mostly free and highly effective methods such as fasting, colon cleansing, urine therapy, FIR sauna, MMS, Magnesium and Borax supplementation, to name but a few.

Visit for information about these.

Having said all that, actually that person i write about above is not the “real” me.

I will briefly explain what i mean by this, but bear in mind that words cannot adequately say what i am attempting to communicate (they can only point the way). There is a paradox which can only be experientially realised.

Please also bear in mind that I am not “self-realised” (or at least my consciousness is still attached to this body) so these words, filtered by this (apparent) person (ego), are not absolute truth.

i hold a strong conviction that this human life we (apparent) human-beings think we are living, on planet earth, is not real reality, it is more like a dream, which appears real even if we know we are dreaming.

We think we are a real person who has a body and is separate from other bodies. Whereas actually we are One-being but have forgotten (been programmed by parents, peers, society to forget) that we are One (often called God, or The Universe, or Cosmic Consciousness, or Brahman, or Allah, etc.). This life on earth is like the dream of god, or The Divine Comedy, or The Play of Life, or a movie where the human-BEings are the characters in the movie but have forgotten they are playing a part, forgotten they are actually the writer and director of the movie / Play of Life and instead spend their lives as Human-Doings.

How do we usually know we are dreaming? When we wake up from the dream (or if we are having a lucid dream). It seems that when fully awake we no longer identify with the "i", we no longer identify with the body, instead we can watch the always changing characters acting in the movie being projected onto the never changing eternal screen, which is the true, real and only self. Then, detached from the drama, we can if we wish, act consciously in god like ways, or just rest in the background of stillness.

Knowing that all of the characters apparently around me, and all the animals and rocks and trees are projections (or superimpositions) on the one, or said another way, are all me, and acting from this conceptual understanding, and from faith in One, can perhaps help fully liberate me from the false limiting beliefs of the dreamworld. We will see :-)

I (the illusory character Atma), following a 10 month stay living in India in 2018 mainly working on continuing to wake myself up (mostly through meditation and Satsang), am currently in England sharing time with family.

The following links may be helpful to health and awakening (the first two being my creations).

Healing Haven Healing Protocol

Telegram Holistic Healing Channel

Clive and Nadine's Story

The Presence Process (Essential Reading)If it is at all possible for you buy the book, please get the most up to date version here (Kindle or paperback) as it will a) reward the author and b) energetically help you receive the most benefit from the content:

Alternatively an older, still valid pdf version can be found here:

MMS Health Recovery GuidebookA super book which systematically will help you reverse virtually any disease if you follow it to the letter.Buy the paperback or ebook here: it is at all possible for you buy the book, please do so as it will a) help fund further research and b) energetically help you receive the most benefit from the content. If not, I found the ebook here:

The Health Improvement Program by Walter Last (Essential Reading)

All About Dentistry (Essential Reading)

Urine Therapy - several links here as it is such a powerful and effective therapy.

The Water of Life – A Treatise on Urine Therapy by John W. Armstrong

The Golden Fountain by Coen van der Kroon

Your-Own-Perfect-Medicine- by Martha Christy with Testimonials

Urine Therapy by Flora Peschek-Böhmer

Cancer Tutor - a most excellent free

Healing the symptoms known as AutismPdf book by Kerri Rivera who has helped over 200 children reverse autism:

The Five Love Languages (very useful for intimate relationships)

Radical Forgiveness EBook.pdf

Enlightenment for Lazy People free (I think)

I Am That by Nisargadatta MaharajCopyright free (I think)

Ps. Feel free to share this message with anyone you think it may be helpful for.

Pps. Feel free to write back and share something with me. Perhaps we can help each other as we rise in love!

Ppps. (Don’t worry, this is the last one ☺)The facebook page for Healing Haven website You are welcome to join me there where I share most days some holistic health tips. Your comments and shares will be appreciated.

feel free to reply to this message if you have any questions or would like to share something yourself.

NamasteAtma Love (Pete Adams)

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