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Healing Haven and The Sanctuary Monthly Newsletter, Issue #002
April 07, 2014


We experienced another excellent month of events and activities at The Sanctuary created by the beautiful array of men and women who come to stay here. Whether long-term work-exchange volunteers or guests, our residents tend to be instilled with the qualities of adventurousness, creativity and courage, all of which guarantee a continuous flow of surprises, serendipity and satisfaction.

Our transformational retreat; Healing Your Inner Child appears to be gaining in power and effectiveness month by month. After our March retreat all of the participants were left in a new place of self-discovery and awareness, still talking about the event well after the event had ended.

Thank you Neelam for your masterful facilitation. Our next Healing Your Inner Child retreat starts on 7th April before a break of several months when Neelam travels to Greece.

As an alternative we are now offering at any time, a two week 10 session Childhood Deconditioning retreat from the Osho tradition, facilitated by Alejandro and Patricia of Temazcalli in Puerto Escondido. The full details of this new retreat are being prepared, so please write for more information.

Healing Your Inner Child Retreat

Another potent event was the 3-Day Silent Meditation Retreat, led by Giselle and Kyle from the nearby Hridaya Yoga Center. This too proved to create an alchemical renewal and bonding experience amongst all involved and will continue to be offered on a regular basis with increasing refinement.

Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat

The Sanctuary is expanding its yoga practices. In addition to Ashtanga, Hatha, and Hridaya Yoga; in March we introduced Laughing Yoga. How is it that after a good laugh you feel balanced and overall good? That is because laughing is healthy for you. It is scientifically proven to heal a variety of ailments and is becoming recognized as a form of treatment. Laughter Yoga combines techniques that provide participants with a fun, meditative, deep breathing, and healthy living practice. After our first workshop, Cori said, "Since Christina's Laughing Yoga we just can't seem to stop laughing around here!"

Of course, food is another central theme here and we are not lacking for meals of high quality and tastiness. For those of us who live here, it's rare that we dine out simply because there are no restaurants with food as good as ours.

Our kitchen manager Cori has been offering Becoming Ageless retreats and vegan cooking classes. She and Joanna, our general manager, just returned from a week in Guatemala where they studied with a shaman to learn the secrets of the cacao ceremony. These too will now be added to our regular schedule of events.

Click here for more information about Healing Retreats at The Sanctuary

We also broke ground on a new organic garden, ceremoniously planted with native blue corn, amaranth, calabacitas, papaya and much more. There's Rose helping to pile on heaps of mulch.

Birthdays are always occasion for a party and Luna created a magical time of heartfelt ceremony and dance to celebrate hers.

And Art Nights happen occasionally too!

In addition to our regularly scheduled Breathwork sessions, Dr. Lawrence Bakur (on right of picture below on horseback) devoted two nights to the teaching of Energy Healing. In particular, he spoke of the relationship between the Soul, the Spirit Body and the Physical Body and the practical applications of utilizing energy work for blessing, healing and communion. Dr. Lawrence offers this as well as Neuro Emotional Technique and Chiropractic.

Read more about Lawrence & Neuro Emotional Techniquehere

And we're so blessed to be just a stone's throw from the cooling and refreshing ocean.

Puesto del Sol is a highlight here and we can even go horseback-riding on the beach. Come ride off into the sunset with us!

Thank you for reading.

A dios

Lawrence & the rest of the healing team at The Sanctuary, Mexico

The Sanctuary

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