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Healing Haven and The Sanctuary Monthly Newsletter, Issue #001
February 25, 2014


Welcome to our first ever newsletter, for which i am delighted to be writing this introduction. Fifteen months ago I opened The Sanctuary in Puerto Escondido, Mexico to provide a space to help myself and others to more fully percieve the energy of love. I subsequently created the Healing Haven website as a portal for sharing healing information and to share about The Sanctuary. I personally have peceived many wonderful happenings and changes during this time. What follows is a little about what has been happening more recently at The Sanctuary, and what's coming up, as we all continue to rise and fall in love. I hand you over to Dr. Lawrence Bakur who kindly volunteered to pen this newsletter.

Peace & Love Pete Adams

The Sanctuary

While life at The Sanctuary definitely has the qualities of peace, tranquility and a healing atmosphere, it's also a place where spontaneous magic can occur and there's been no shortage of that since the new year. Every day brings newness and we'd love to share some of the more recent happenings to give you some of the flavor here.

Healing Burns

On the first day of the year, 1st January 2014, a group of us had a chance encounter with some local people, a woman and her twelve-year son who had severely burned his arms and hands with fireworks (best to leave those things to the professionals!). The mother, having received very little care for her son from the local MD, sensed that we might be able to be of greater assistance and so, we took him under our collective wing for a couple of weeks, providing treatments of topically-applied aoe vera, energy work and more. His recovery was nothing short of miraculous, as these before and after photos attest.

Click the link below the pictures for a more complete report & more pictures:

More about Emmanuel - The Firecracker kid.

And in addition, we made a powerful inroad into the local community. The grandmother of the boy was very pleased with what we'd offered and offered us the multitude of coconuts she had growing from her trees. And the great-aunt and uncle of the boy, who have an extensive plantation where they raise peanuts, sesame seeds, and primarily bananas, have been providing us with much of their bounty. Here's a picture of Alejo, climbing into one of his palm trees to gift us with some delicious coconuts.

Cleaning Up

At The Sanctuary there's not only a concern for the health and well-being of our physical bodies but for the environment as well. So, noticing that trash had found its way into the nooks and crannies of a hand-made sea-walk skirting the ocean, we ventured over there early one morning with large plastic bags and were able to restore a lot of the path to a more pristine state. On another occasion, when the sea had coughed up some pollution debris, we were out there again, this time on the beach, to help maintain the sacredness of this lovely environment. Here's a photo from one of these events which included people representing many nations. The Sanctuary is a very international meeting place and in the past two months we've had people visiting here from England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, France, Belgium, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Switzerland and USA. We learn a lot from one another and enjoy the cross-pollination of culture.

Just down the road from The Sanctuary, we're blessed to be friends with the people who lead the Temezcali traditional sweat lodge ceremonies. We start out with dance and eventually make our way into this little hut that Cori is standing in front of, for a time of physical purification and spiritual sanctification. We always come out feeling refreshed, renewed and reborn. We are also pleased that very soon we will offer Alejandro & Patricia's 10 session Childhood Reconditioning therapy from the Osho tradition. Please write for more information about this transformational experience.

Healing Retreats

Many workshops take place here and a particularly special one was the Healing The Inner Child Retreat, a four-day experience designed to bring healing to the wounded places in the interior places of our souls. In the words of one participant;

"It was an amazingly profound experience in which I reached a depth of healing that was facilitated in a nurturing, professional and caring way. The guided meditations and exercises were fun and deeply rewarding; I now feel extremely peaceful, joyful and calm. Thank you Ruth and Neelam."

So in case you missed it, it will be happening again from March 16-22nd.

Other events soon to take place are the How To Stop Ageing retreats, scheduled for March 2-8th and April 6-12th which will offer a treasure trove of information for hands-on, leading edge ways to nurture body, mind and spirit. Cori Ellingson will lead this retreat and indeed she holds a world of wisdom and knowledge in her welcoming heart.

Click here for more information about Healing Retreats at The Sanctuary

In addition, I (Dr. Lawrence Bakur) am on call daily offering Chiropractic care as well as Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), a simple yet powerful therapy designed to uncover and release the emotional causes behind physical illness and the obstacles we might find in moving forward in our lives. It is a wonderful tool for self-discovery and change.

Read more about Lawrence & Neuro Emotional Techniquehere


And of course, in the midst of whatever changes are going on, there's Peace the indomitable Sanctuary feline, proudly offering his living example of how to relax and be yourself. He leads workshops daily!

Below is a picture of our cat Peace with Joanna. Joanna joined us in January and kindly agreed to stay on to play the role of General Manager at The Sanctuary. She currently plans to fly to England in April and return to The Sanctuary in October :-)

Music and Dance

Music and Dance is always a big part of Sanctuary life and sometimes we just have to get out on the floor and let the Inner Rock Star come forth. No need to go anywhere; we provide the entertainment.

Nutricious and Delicious Food

Many people spend time here at The Sanctuary Healing Retreat, some for a few days, some for a few months, and it seems that everyone who visits knows their way around the kitchen.

Imagine the excitement of going to a 5-Star vegan restaurant for a nutritious and delicious meal. It's like that every single day here and generally with no repeats. Each meal turns out to be unique, inventive and wonderful. So come visit; there's room for you at the table!

Thank you for reading.

A dios

Pete, Lawrence & the rest of the healing team at The Sanctuary, Mexico The Sanctuary

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