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Healing Haven and The Sanctuary Monthly Newsletter, Issue #004
June 11, 2014

Welcome to our June newsletter with a few tales and pictures of what happened at The Sanctuary during May & a taste of what is to come.

May was a time of transition for us here at The Sanctuary as we ebbed out of the busy Spring season on the way to flowing into the busy Summer season.

Pete, The Sanctuary's founder was enjoying time back in England and Turkey but he promises to be back in Puerto Escondido muy pronto and in time for the Registered Yoga Teacher Training in July. We still have a few spaces for this month long course, so check it out if you would like to join us.

White Crow Yoga Teacher Training

May is mango season around these parts, manna from mama-mango in a most magnanimous manner. We're blessed to have access to an ancient tree right across the road from us where we discovered literally 1,000 mangos just lying on the ground practically beseeching us to partake. And so we did, in every way we could think of (and we're not done, chutney and jam is next!) and froze some for the future.

Community continues to grow in importance for us as we expand our connections with our local friends. Not only have they shared their hearts with us but they have supplied us with some very good natural herbal remedies for various ailments. If you know what to look for, this part of the world is a veritable pharmacopeia of naturally-growing plants right outside every doorstep.

We also were invited to pick mangos at a local farmer's plantation, the big red ones. As well, there is a neverending cycle of events and festivities happening around Puerto Escondido. Some of us went to one such celebration nearby with some truly excellent fireworks. And the popcorn was pretty good too!

To find out more about what's on in Puerto Escondido visit the digital version of the Peuerto Escondido Magazine here:

Puerto Escondido Magazine March-April 2014

Our Sanctuary garden continues to grow with trial and error. In particular, a number of culinary herbs are thriving here including basil, two varieties of oregano, sage, chives, epazote, parsley, yerba buena and rosemary all of which have made it to our dinner table. The tall giant you see in the photo is amaranth, native to Mexico and an important source of nutrients. This one is topping out at 10' tall.

And it goes without saying, that the food here, well, no need to go anywhere else.

Already in June we have guests who have joined us for Juice cleanses & Raw Food Retreats which are available at any time. Gabriel our General Manager has also joined in.

At the end of this month (20th - 27th June) we have DeBorah's Conscious Co-Creation Retreat & in early August Ivan comes especially from Italy to share an ancient healing art with a 12 day Thai Massage Training Retreat.

Check out all our upcoming offerings here:

So, that's the short report for May. And oh, did we mention mangos?

Thank you for reading.

A Dios

Lawrence, Luna, Gabriel, Pete & the rest of the healing team at The Sanctuary, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

The Sanctuary

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