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Healing Haven and The Sanctuary Monthly Newsletter, Issue #003
May 04, 2014

Welcome to our May newsletter with a few tales and pictures of what happened at The Sanctuary during April & a taste of what is to come.

With Pete currently away in England until mid June, we are delighted to welcome Gabriel Silos and Claudia Ramos to our team. Gabriel (pictured below at the head of the table) joins us as General Manager and brings a wealth of business experience tempered with a compassionate and loving nature. Claudia (below left) is shining her light teaching yoga, offering massage & Tibetan singing bowl healing sessions as well helping in the kitchen and around the house.

The Sanctuary is certainly a place that offers a variety of healing approaches, yet perhaps more than anything else it is a setting in which people can let down their guards, relax and be themselves.

In so doing many discover more of their own potential, self-expression and unique purpose in the world.

We are blessed to find that the people who visit here all have a desire to let love, peace and heart-centered friendship prevail and in this way community is established.

In fact, as soon as a person arrives we suggest that they may have a legacy to leave behind them in the form of some special gift of themselves that they might choose to offer whether in the realm of the arts, workshops, in the kitchen, the garden or wherever else.

Many events occurred this past month, among them a 3-day Silent Meditation Retreat which has become an ongoing tradition and another Healing the Inner Child Retreat, which wil resume in October when Neelam returns from Greece.

We also now offer, in association with Alejandro and Patricia from the Temezcalli Medative Space in Puerto Escondido, a 2 week, 10 session Childhood Deconditioning Retreat from the Osho tradition. Click the link below for more information about this transformational process.

Childhood Deconditioning Retreat

A Tibetan Singing Bowl training was given by Geoff Torkington last month as well, and since we have a large set of bowls here, it sometimes becomes very convenient to provide these amazing tones to support our Breathwork and meditation sessions.

Well-known for their health benefits, the multiple overtones of the bowls help relieve stress and tension.

We are delighted to have Claudia Ramos (pictured above) offering group or private sound healing sessions, even following one of her very healing and relaxing massages.

Click to Contact Us for a Sound Healing or Massage

Of course, yoga is a key ingredient here such as the dynamic Vinyasa Flow classes we were having last month taught by Francine (pictured above) who blessed us with her presence for a month as a Seva guest.

Yoga Teacher Training in July

We're pleased and proud to announce that we will be hosting a month-long Registered Yoga Teacher Training Course (RYTTC) facilitated by White Crow Yoga of Nashville, Tennesee, July 1-31, 2014.

This retreat which will be taught both in English and Spanish, is likely to bring transformation to the students who brave the waves of consciousness and possibly the waves of the surfers paradise Zicatela beach just 500 metres away.

White Crow Yoga Teacher Training

And of course, our top-notch kitchen staff continues to turn out meals of great creativity and flavor, using all natural ingredients.

Sometimes we are blessed with some very exotic desserts like this Cacao Surprise made by Luna and Fran!

Organic Garden

Our organic vegetable garden is coming along nicely using our own compost as fertilizer.

We had two compost tumbler bins (seen against the wall i the picture above) designed by Lawrence and fabricated by a local craftsman to keep us well supplied with the black gold created from our food scraps.

Artistic talents were poured into the making of signs for the plants, so lots of hands have gone into this endeavor.

Those who join us at The Sanctuary seem to have a certain degree of courage, willingness and desire to step out of old and well-worn patterns of living, into the newness of the unknown. This can lead to great personal growth and understanding.

It's no small thing, for example, to get up and sing in a restaurant but that's what Kerry, one of our Seva Guests (pictured above), did.

And Fran took up the challenge to sky-dive, being dropped out of a plane and gliding onto Zicatela beach. A beautiful example of crossing over the threshold of fear and familiarity into the realm of freedom.

Not everyone will want to do this of course, but we welcome you to fly with us, even if your feet are still on the ground.

The iguana gives his nod of approval whilst doing bhujangasana, and the mango tree below gifts us with her bounty.

Thank you for reading.

A Dios

Lawrence, Pete & the rest of the healing team at The Sanctuary, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

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