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The Sanctuary Newsletter, Issue #006
January 15, 2015

On the 21st of october we have celebrated the Sanctuary's second Birthday, filling our Home with healing, cleansing and joyful vibes. About 30 people responded to our invitation. We blew the 2 candles on a raw cake. Nilam presents her coming retreat : healing your inner child, Jessica introduced the art of pranic healing and tantra for women, Nora her massages, Alejandra her Thai massages and Maria Elena the bioscanning. And Noa presented the zen shiatsu workshop that happenned at the beginning of November.

Zen Shiatsu Workshop​  Have you ever thought that there could be some links between the wind blowing outside, feeling angry and having some pain in your liver, in the eyes, in the side of the head or stiffness in your articulations ? That an imbalance in the large intestine and lung meridian could lead to skin rashes and to emotionnal imbalances such as feeling grief and having an inability to let go. It even affects the tone of our voice ! Noa shed some light on connections we can make between the energy of the meridians and our emotions. She brought a holistic understanding of our behaviors, patterns and empowered us to correct them by working energetically on the meridians and by pressing on key points. These magic points can relieve headaches, back pain, neck tension, digestion, sore throat, insomnia... I feel empowered to be my own energetical doctor ! And it works ! We celebrated Halloween and we went to Paul's restaurant's inauguration in Zicatela to try his raw delicacies.

Diane shared with us her stay in Plum Village with the vietnamese Bouddhist master Thich Nat Han. The voice of the master inspired us one night on the palapa after the fire ceremony. That night we had a talk about Buddhism and the notion of detachement, and how we have embodied it in our own way. It was very inspiring.

On Sunday, Julia cooked a delicious Indian dish and Diane the best ever raw cake, made of avocadoes, and nuts. Samuel joined us and the palapa became Latino Salsa Dance Floor ! We had a lot of people arriving at one go and on Monday we were 14 around the table. Neelam led the Healing your inner child retreat, in which I openend the Pandora box of my childhood. My inner child not only awakened but he would not stop talking to me till the point where he became out of control and I really had to keep it quiet ! Do you remember me ? my dreams? Are you again betraying my ideals ? Let me be crazy now. The regressions I did to the time before birth were very powerful. And the deconditionning process was accompanied by the Osho Dynamic Meditation in the morning at 6:30. The palapa became wild !

This week end most of us went to Mazunte for the jazz festival. Diane who had left us for a few days came back HOME, with the intention of staying one month minimum. Her golden hands create a lot of Raw delicacies.

Diana and Rigoberto reunited with their daughter Norma...but beyond these blood ties, we all feel like a family together.

We have the plan to create a temascal to cleanse collectively and do some ceremonies. The owner gave us the permission and we went to see one one already built in Temazcalis. Alejandro received us very well and explained us everything about the construction. We went to see some massons and considered the option in brick and stone, which amounted to about 1200 dollars. So we decided to go for a cheaper option in earth bags. Our neighbor in Maui, Ilai and Stephen support us, sharing some infos about their oven's construction. And here we are, growing as a community, having these beautiful Sharing Circles, inspiring each others and having a lot of fun too ! I feel very grateful to be part of the adventure !

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