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The Sanctuary in Mexico is no longer open. The Sanctuary closed it's doors at the end of October 2018, seventeen months after i left for Europe and India.  I am now settling in Bulgaria having bought a property in the mountain foothills near the Macedonia border. I am now renovating the house and preparing to grow food and perhaps receive occasional guests to share my new sanctuary.

Atma (aka Pete)

You can read more about my new place here:

Welcome to The Sanctuary community in Puerto Escondido! Come share healthy lifestyles, yoga, creative expression, enlightening workshops, heart gatherings and tremendous healing modalities that align body, mind, heart and soul. At The Sanctuary we nourish our purpose and develop a joyous connection with ourselves, each other and life itself. We look forward to sharing this with you!

Why visit Us?

Maybe you yearn for something beyond the mundane, you feel that there must be something else to life and wish to find some direction, some passion and purpose for your life and wish to explore and develop a spiritual practice. Maybe you would like learn about meditation and yoga to establish a daily habit so you can practice when you return home.

Perhaps you have a particular health challenge which you would like to heal with natural health remedies, or you have addictions you would like to overcome. You may like to come to do a seven day cleanse with MMS or with water/juice fasting, or a parasite cleanse or a liver/gallbladder cleanse.

Or it could be that you simply would like a break away from the hustle and bustle of daily life to relax and recuperate, and even learn to surf while you are here!

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Sanctuary in puerto Escondido

Raw food challenge from the sanctuary ..comment unedited ... 7 days of eating healthy

Posted by The Sanctuary Healing Retreat on Saturday, 2 August 2014

Community Living

" ....... The environment determined the fate of the cells, not the genetic pattern. So if cells are in a healthy environment, they are healthy. If they’re in an unhealthy environment, they get sick.” - Dr. Bruce Lipton

Perhaps you want to learn about and experience living in Community, to learn how to relate in more loving ways, or help others learn how to grow organic healing food. Our vegetable garden is small and not yet mature. However as our community and our garden grows we will be able to share more about perma-culture & sustainable living.

Living in a caring community is a key component of a complete holistic healing protocol to help restore health and happiness. 

The Sanctuary is not a hotel or a hostel. Rather it is like a large family house in which we can support each other in our healing processes. Please be aware that we are not offering qualified (or even full time) staff to support you in your healing process. We offer a supportive space with information and tools to help you. Please see our healing protocol for more detail.

Be sure to read our Schedule & Conditions Page for more complete details of what we offer

Spiritual Practice

Around sunrise, usually after meditation we usually chant mantras or sing devotional songs before yoga class. 

As part of our daily schedule we offer space & time to practice yoga, sometimes led by qualified teachers, sometimes led by experienced students, and sometimes for self-practice.

We hold regular morning and sometimes afternoon/evening group meditations and frequently listen to readings from spiritual masters such as Ramana Maharshi and contemporary mystics like Ekhart Tolle and Paul Lowe. We also often join global sadhanas organised by Spirit Voyage Music.

Delicious, Nutritious and Beautiful Healing Food

We serve only vegan food so as to be as supportive to healing the physical body as possible. We either grow our own or purchase organic food (when possible) from the best sources we can. This does not mean that all the food we serve is organic as this is not always possible, but we do our best. As of August 2015 we do not have much access to organic produce but we plan to continue to increasw the amount which is organic. 

We do our best to prepare our food with care and do our best to amplify healing energies through awareness and by repeating mantras during preparation. While we aim for a high percentage of raw foods in our meals, as these are generally considered best for bringing and maintaining good health, we also offer a delicious variety of cooked foods to maintain a balance.

A Place to Visit or to Stay

You may stay at The Sanctuary as a Guest or as a Volunteer Guest (with a part work exchange). If you are a local resident, or are visiting the area and staying elsewhere, you may visit for a yoga class, for a massage, or for one of the many Workshops & Retreats offered by our staff and visiting teachers.

Our standard offer of accommodation is a bed in a shared room. This enables our overhead costs to be shared between more people (up to 20 inclusive of staff) and therefore to make the cost of staying affordable to most people. Subject to availability, we are sometimes able to offer an option to upgrade to a private room at an additional cost.

To encourage living and learning together in community, our prices include all necessary food along with a program of yoga, education and a holistic healing protocol. Visit our Schedule & Conditions Page for more information and our Guest prices page to learn the cost of staying at The Sanctuary


In addition to always offering a space for personal retreat incorporating our baseline healing protocol, we frequently organise retreats for particular purposes such as Yoga Teacher Training, Conscious Communication, Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Parasite Cleansing, Raw Food Preparation and Juice Cleansing. The subjects and availability of these themed retreats, will always depend upon the availability of facilitators. Sometimes led by our volunteer staff and sometimes by visiting or invited guest teachers, prices vary dependent upon different factors. Take a look at our Healing Retreats page here.

Where is The Sanctuary?

The Sanctuary is located in the surfers paradise of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico. Approximately 500 metres from the sea in La Punta area.

The Sanctuary is housed in a luxurious colonial style five bedroom house set within a walled garden in a relatively peaceful neighborhood. 

As you step into the lush gardens surrounding the house, you may well feel cradled by peaceful vibrations. For a map, directions and how to contact us, visit our Healing Headquarters page.

Check this link to see more pictures of our beautiful house and gardens: Pictures of our Home

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