A Fine Prospect of Volunteering

by Scott Rennie
(Edinburgh, Scotland)

Hi all

I'm Scott from Scotland, and I'm looking at coming along to The Sanctuary and being a part of the community there.

I am a teacher of yoga, meditation and tantra, and a bodyworker following the Tantsu approach (it's the land version of Watsu aquatic bodywork). You can see a lot more about me on my website at http://embodiedtransformation.co.uk

I really hadn't thought about Mexico, my head always being turned towards India, but I received an email this weekend about The Sanctuary and it intrigued me. I am looking for somewhere to continue my spiritual unfolding, in good company, with a mixture of outward service and community and dedicated introspection. Being by the ocean appeals to me too, although I'm usually more of a mountain and forest man.

That's about all for now, looking forward to seeing if fate blows me your way...



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