Agnihotra Mantra at The Sanctuary

The first Agnihotra mantra fire ceremony at The Sanctuary, was performed during the full moon on Sunday 17th November 2013 at exactly 17:50:35 hrs. We continued to perform Agnihotra twice daily (circumstances permitting) until 2015. We now carry out Agnihotra on occasions & may resume the twice daily practice in the future.

What is Agnihotra?

Agnihotra is a puja from the Vedic scriptures, a part of Homa Therapy, performed twice daily at sunrise and sunset. (* see note below re. excat sunrise and sunset times)

Using an inverted copper pyramid (of exact dimensions) a fire is lit using cow dung and cow ghee. (at The Sanctuary we are currently doing a vegan version using coconut oil). At exactly sunrise and sunset the mantra is chanted whilst food (organic brown rice is usual) is offered to the fire.

This ceremony creates an alchemical process which purifies the atmosphere, undoes the effects of pollution and restores balance to the environment.

Agnihotra Mantra

At Sunrise:

Suryaya Swaha, Suryaya Idam Na mama, 

Prajapataye Swaha, Prajapataye Idam Na mama

At Sunset:

Agnaye Swaha, Agnaye Idam Na mama, 

Prajapataye Swaha, Prajapataye Idam Na mama

How to Perform Agniotra

About 15 minutes before sunrise or sunset, arrange pieces of dry cow dung in the agnihotra pyramid. Smear them with a little ghee and light the fire. At exactly sunrise or sunset the corresponding agnihotra mantra should be chanted. As each "Swaha" is chanted a few grains of rice coated with ghee should be offered to the fire. At The Sanctuary we are using coconut oil instead of ghee.

This should not be done simply as an Agnihotra ritual, but performed with devotion, surrender to the divine.  It is best to sit in meditation, thinking of the divine whilst the fire burns out to gain the full healing benefits.

For excellent extremely precise detail of how to perform agnihotra, complete with many pictures visit and for another site which also includes a slideshow of instructions and recordings of the mantra, visit The Spiritual Research Foundation's Agnihotra Page

You can buy an Agnihotra kit in most countries. The Sanctuary bought two Agnihotra kits in the US and had someone bring them to Mexico. Once we are fully staffed, i intend that the second one will be used for Tryambakam Ceremony which is also part of Homa Therapy.

The cow dung we use is I believe from cows treated with kindness, grass fed in a quite pure environment less than an hour from Puerto Escondido. Very kindly supplied free of charge by Urs & Tanya from Rancho Tierra Luna. Urs and Tanya have a beautiful space available to rent in this peaceful place. You can contact Urs by sending a message from this web page

Learn how to perform Agnihotra Mantra at The Sanctuary

The timings are critical so be sure to check the sunrise and sunset times for 2014 here.

"There are several definitions of sunrise/sunset given in Vedas. For Agnihotra the definition used is that sunrise and sunset are when the middle of the sun’s disc is exactly at the horizon. But because of refraction we do not see the exact position of the sun – the top edge of the visible sun would be approximately one and a half discs above the horizon. Practically speaking, this means that at sunrise the sun will appear to have already risen at the correct timing of Agnihotra; at sunset the sun will appear to have not yet set at the correct timing. The difference in time between the visible and true timings may vary by up to as much as five (5) minutes."

Our morning sunrise ceremony is immediately preceeded by or followed by a 30 minute sitting meditation, sometimes guided if required. If you would like to join us, please come to The Sanctuary and ring the bell at our front gate on Vera Cruz. Directions can be found here.  

Please check out schedule for most current times.

We make no charge for you to join these ceremonies or meditations, but feel free to bring a piece of fruit if you feel inspired to do so.

The Sanctuary offers Hatha Yoga Classes (currently 0745 - 0900 hrs Monday to Saturday, and Conscious Sharing Sessions (currently 2000 - 2130 hrs Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Friday). Please check out schedule for most current times.

We also offer all inclusive residential stays at very competitive prices for detox, personal retreat and generally to learn how to heal from any dis-ease. More info. on our daily schedule and prices page.

To find out more about Homa Therapy and Agnihotra, visit

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