Alex Volunteer Application

by Alejandro
(Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico)

Alex, Potential Sanctuary Healing Volunteer

Alex, Potential Sanctuary Healing Volunteer

Hi Everyone, my name is Alex

It is really wonderful to get in touch with you. I notice the common interest and visions we share, a Holistic approach towards Peace and Harmony within the Body, Mind, Planet and Spirit.

I have been studying and practicing different activities co-related with this, like Yoga, Meditation and Conscious Diet and Detox. I started the practice of Yoga in 2005 and Meditation in 2006. In 2011 i had attended a Yoga Teacher training with Ananda Marga -

The yoga sessions i share, are conformed by personal experience of different styles, teachers and schools.

I have been learning and experimenting with Raw and Living foods for 3 years approximately. Last year i attended a Seminar in Sweden, learning interesting aspects about raw and living food. Before that i have been studying fundamental aspects of Ayurveda and traditional Chinese Medicine, together with Yoga and Meditation making a nice Synergy.

I have been working on a personal project with the name of Kofuku, offering workshops, retreats and lectures promoting a Culture of Life and Harmony. The main practices covered in the Kofuku activities are:
-Raw/Living Nutrition (Food preparation, basic aspects of Nutrition, Detox)

In general terms, this is something that i can comment i hope we can continue together in this beautiful path, in the Spirit of Universal Harmony and Love and hope i can offer you all my best as a Volunteer.

With affection

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