An interest to volunteer - from Alex Henneberry

by Alex Henneberry
(Ontario, Canada)

Heya ! :)

I'm a gymnastics coach and beginner yoga instructor, currently living in Canada. I'm looking forward to traveling to Mexico soon, to visit an uncle, and after hopefully have a chance to volunteer at the sanctuary. Right now in my life, I'm working on living a healthier lifestyle, healing myself, opening myself up to the world, and of course, continuing to learn about who I am. As well, I'm looking to learn more about who I am as a yoga teacher and about yoga itself. I think the sanctuary would provide a beautiful space and community to help me work towards these goals.

While at the sanctuary, I would love to contribute to the community Hatha-vinyasa yoga classes, meditation classes, or gymnastics programs. As well as my passion for yoga and eastern philosophy, I have a deep passion for art and creative expression. This is also something I would love to share. I play drums and piano and I love to paint.

I really hope to be apart if this healing community !



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