Atmanna Healing Haven

by Atma Love

A new Healing Haven Sanctuary in the making perhaps?

I have just (15th August 2019)bought 2,900 m2 of land with a part renovated house and a barn in the South West of Bulgaria very close to the Macedonian border. I have named it Atmanna :-). Atmanna is firstly to be my residence, where i can live in comfort, in permaculture ways, growing organic food to eat and share, and help me to experientially realise true self. It will also be a place where i will likely invite guests on occasions, to join me in my sanctuary.

The land is set in the foothills of the surrounding mountains at approx. 900 mts above sea level, about 15 minutes walk to the nearest village (Ranentsi) passing just a few neighbours on the way. The views are beautiful, the air is fresh and clean (Atmanna is 14 kms away from the nearest town - Kyustendil), and water is abundant (2 wells on the land + municipal water + rivers and lakes in surrounding area).

The old brick house, with stone cellar underneath, has been part renovated and doubled in size. I will continue the renovations beginning next week with two local friends (and probably some Workawayers and HelpXers). I've already started clearing the huge garden, dug a hole for a compost toilet and am preparing to build a test rocket stove (now complete and used daily for cooking).

I am open to receiving volunteers for a work exchange to help in the garden and/or with house renovations. For more info. about this vistit my work exchange profiles:

Atmanna Facebook Page

This page is about how Atmanna began and develops. There is now also a
main page for Atmanna where you can see more pictures and some testimonials from volunteers.

Love always

ps. Please comment below if you feel drawn to do so.

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Oct 14, 2019
great experience!
by: Jaya

I had a wonderful time volunteering for Atma. He is very kind and fair, and is the only person who manages to make me fast ! Or do enemas... ( without forcing of course but his energy is encouraging me to cleanse and purify!). Thanks a lot for the meditations, yoga sessions, thai massage you gave me, work, baths in the rivers, walks in nature. Thanks for sharing your worldview and to take a step back from Maya !
Thanks for your love for Nature and healthy food.
Atma is full of ressources and will share them with an open heart.
Women can feel safe around him even if travelling by themselves.
Good luck for your project !

Sep 08, 2019
by: Atma

Update 8th September 2019
I've had the pleasure of two volunteers, James and Arina staying this week. We've made a lot of progress clearing brambles, dead wood, builders rubble and more, making space around the house. We also are a lot of blackberries as we cleared the brambles.

Also I chose a window and door company and they should start installation at end of next week.

I have just bought the plans for the Walker Stoves Continental cookstove today which I intend to use for central heating, cooking and hot water.

The 20 brick rocket stove I built in the garden is working very well for cooking at the moment.

And i have created a Facebook page for Atmanna here:
Atmanna Facebook Page

Peace and Love

Aug 24, 2019
way to go buddy
by: Karl

I'm happy to see that you are starting a new place. Good luck to you my friend. Hope to see you one of these days again.

Aug 24, 2019
by: Feryal

Very nice. I feel and know that you will inspire more. Hugs and love xxxxx

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