Awakening to my True Self

by pete

Am i awakening to my true self? I think so. Who am i? The name of this body is Peter Adams but that is not my true self. i am unbounded consciousness. i am all that is. i am you.

I have just this minute finished a guided breath session The Breath Wave Experience by Robin Clements. My intention before starting the session was to feel more the intimacy of my true nature. Immediately before starting the breath session i was reading a book; The Unfolding Now - Realizing Your True Nature through the Practice of Presence, in particular about Vulnerability: The Door to True Nature. What came to me during the session was to practice being more vulnerable by writing this blog, to share what is going on in my life, here in Portugal where i am at the moment, at The Sanctuary in Mexico, and more importantly my inner world. So, here goes :-)

Noa and i are currently staying at Quinta Alvorada do Ouro, a small community in the Algarve just north of Tavira. Yesterday we all went on a trip to the village and during lunch Noa and i had a disagreement. I walked away to get some space and when we got back went to our room to meditate, and made a decision to stop drinking wine, at least for a while. I have the feeling that Noa pushes my buttons whenever i am not being present. She does not necessarily do it consciously, it’s just a result of me not being Shiva. So, it’s time for me to take another step toward that. So, i’m sitting there meditating & in comes Noa and packs her bag and moves out. Nothing new there, it happens from time to time with us. But feelings arise of course. We’ll see what happens! Anyway, the bonus is it leaves with in a lovely cool stone walled bedroom to myself. I decided it was time for another cleanse for me, so decided to water fast and be silent - i think i’ll do it until i leave here on the 10th June (flying to Turkey from Madrid on the 11th).

This morning when i woke up and checked the time and it was 6:11 - another sign :-) When i checked the computer as the breath session was coming to an end, the remaining time of the track was 11:11. I meditated for about half an hour using the Art of Ascension techniques. I then watered all the plants that needed to be fed on the property before continuing to construct a chicken-wire fence round one of the vegetable plots. At a little after 9, Noa, Andre & Monique were meditating outside so i took a break, picked some herbs from the garden (chaparral, rosemary, & lavender), added a little ginger and made a pot of tea before going back in my room for another meditation. At 10:15 i went back to continue the construction & by the time i had finished it was 1 o’clock. Shower using a 5 liter bottle of water (water shortage here as it did not rain last winter), meditation & sleep. Woke at 4, read more of the book, made more tea. As i’m not eating it’s pretty important to be sure my systems of elimination are clear, otherwise i might get sick. Usually i would do enema, but with a dry toilet here is it’s not so easy so i thought i would sort that out for tomorrow. Instead i used the rebounder (which just happened to be in my room - thanks Victoria) and did the breath work session.

I finished my day with 3 hours work online, writing e-mails to guests and staff, creating management forms & more. At the moment things are not going as smoothly as they could. However, i intend that all at The Sanctuary open up to the infinite possibilities and love which is available at all times.

I invite your interaction by commenting below.

Mucho amor

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