Breath to Detox!

by Bek

Hi troops! Last week I took take part in a Breath-work session with Klarissa Hunt. It involved a 1 hour circular breathing experience that was facilitated through facilitator guidance and music. The music would fluctuate in speed and volume. Trying to focus on my breath was easy, circular breathing just feels like one eternal breath. What may take me some practice is keeping it consistent. My mind was going all over the place, focusing on unearthly thoughts. I felt an though my soul was pulled right out of my body and taken for a joy ride. I can't really remember too much of what happened. When it was over I felt like I never had to breath again. When I did, the breath was very shallow and relaxed. I felt revitalized and alive. The following days I was still feeling some of the effects from the breathing and did some research to learn more about my experience here's what I found:

Breath work is beneficial for:-

*Stress management
*Self esteem – body and weight
*Anxiety & depression
*Chronic physical pains
*Making life changes/focus and direction
*Grief & loss
*Feeling stuck – physically or emotionally
*Eliminating bad habits
*Improving breathing and circulation
*Releasing toxins ( 70% is released through the breath)
*Releasing and replacing unhealthy beliefs system and patterns
*Connecting to your ‘authentic self’ and inner wisdom
*Spiritual growth

WOW! 70% of toxins are released through our breath. I felt like I could breath deeper, my lungs are clear of congestion and I slept very well after the session. I also had a lot of detox symptoms: like some aches and pains and lethargy. Overall, i'm interested in doing another session to see if I can remember more next time, to see where I go..
If your interested contact The Sanctuary for the next one. I highly recommend.

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Sep 16, 2015
Breath-work weekly at The Sanctuary
by: Pete

We now offer group breathwork seesions at The Sanctuary, at least once per week, usually on a Monday evening. We also offer private sessions.

More info. here

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