Care of Dementia Patients

I have been researching the care of dementia patients for a few years as i attempt to help my mother who has an early onset Alzheimers diagnosis.

I virtually always advise against use of prescription drugs as from my understanding now is that they virtually always do more harm than good.

This article speaks about how Aricept (generic name donepezil hydrochloride) which is what Mum is taking, actually increase the rate of cognitive decline. I have told her that if I was her I would stop taking them and start increasing the quantity of green juices I have been giving her and gradually add other effective techniques and supplements (like coconut oil and turmeric for example). 

Furthermore, Dr. Perimutter in this article speaks about how probiotics increased the mental functon  (using worldwide standard test) consideraby, vs. those with placebo declining.

I will therefore start to introduce some probiotics or prebiotics such as kimchi, saurkraut, kefir and kombucha and green smoothies. Green juices are great for nutrition and detoxing but apparently don't contain prebiotics, as opposed to green smoothies which do. They each have their place.

I have also started to read the book  The End of Alzheimers the reading and application of which would appear to help enormously with the care of dementia patients. I will share more about this when i next update this page. 

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