Celebrate 2014 at The Sanctuary

by Cori Ellingson
(Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca)

Celebrate 2014, this fantastic new year that crept up and then suddenly and swiftly arrived. I have now been living in Mexico for a month which has also gone very quickly. So much has happened and life continues at quite a pace most days.

Christmas was strange and I felt some loneliness. I realized this is likely only the second time in my life when I have not been surrounded by familiar faces of family and friends. The day was hot and sunny, which I have hardly ever experienced. A long walk along the water seemed to clear my head and later ten of us feasted on an Indian Vegan meal with tasty chocolate balls, chocolate pieces and pineapple created by Durga. She is a very talented woman who loves to express her creativity in the kitchen, similar and different to me.

I was fortunate to have one of our Turkish guests, Gulay Sultan ask to do a trade. Reiki in exchange for reading Turkish coffee grounds. The Reiki was simple as we have a massage table in the healing room. Then we searched for a Lebanese restaurant to find some coffee. I have not had a cup since last May but agreed to drink one as part of the reading. We finally settled for organic Mexican coffee as we could not find the strong Turkish coffee that Gulay uses for her readings.

Once I was at the bottom of the cup with no more liquid, only black grounds, she declared, "turn the cup upside down on the plate, make a wish, and leave it to cool off." So I did and set my rings on top while it settled and dried. Meanwhile she read her own coffee cup as an example of what kinds of patterns can be seen to give clues to what is happening in ones life. She also said that one cannot really read their own cup but it was just an example.

Soon she had a look and said that it was ready. Hmmm. Yes. Let me see. She saw strong patterns of me standing with others around me looking to me for my strength and support and one place where it looked like I was taking a flying leap with my arms and legs out and my hair flying, almost like an Angel. She saw fascinating things in the patterns that felt that there was nothing major and that things looked in order, like there is a good flow happening. At the end she looked at the plate where the cup had rested and let the drips run down before looking at the bottom of the circle where a large black blob had pooled. "Yes, this is money coming," she said. That always sounds good.

The silent retreat for the last 3 days of December went amazingly well. It was a very unique design as we did not really maintain absolute silence. Part of it was daily chanting. We also did yoga daily which helps to stretch one's body and maintain a balance from all the sitting and meditating. We also had 3 hours off every afternoon to rest, walk or take beach time. The other major difference was time for Tibetan bowls where we enjoyed Geoff playing for a half hour or more which provides a cleansing, clearing effect.

My meditating has become a treat that I look forward to since the three day retreat. I have known that I need a regular meditation practice for many years and this is part of what drew me to The Sanctuary. The Ayurvedic Doctor who saw Carl and I in Rishikesh, India told me that regular meditation would be very beneficial for me. And so I am now at least once and usually twice daily. It now feels like it feeds and nourishes me as I focus on breathing into my heart.

We finished the silent retreat with a celebratory walk to the beach and everyone had a dip. I am not that crazy about swimming in the ocean as the waves are often big with a lot of undertow. Also, my hair gets full of sand, wild and crazy. Well I got caught by a wave and took a total dip which was an important cleanse after the retreat so all is perfect.

No party time for me on New Years Eve. I was so tired and needed time for integrating the major shifts that happened over the 3 days. I could not stop sleeping so decided to stay home. The rest of the gang were out dancing, some of them all night.

At 5 am I awoke and decided to take a walk to see the sunrise on the first day of 2014. Suddenly Samu, Ruth and Durga had come home and were on their way out again. They had an eventful night dancing in a club, going out for eats and joining in with a fire on the beach. They were not tired or ready for sleep so we all walked to the beach together and while they laid down to look at the stars and have a nap, I found a path over the Point (La Punta) and made my way to a very deserted beach to see the sunrise. Was my time ever rewarded. The sunrise was spectacular. I chanted my favorites to honor the sun and the gift of another day and sat down to meditate for half an hour.

I have continued my routine started in Victoria with Gillian and Nola. We walked barefoot as much as possible. Gill and I often walked to the top of Mt Tolmie in the early morning with bare feet, even until late in November. It created much of a stir when people saw us. Also walking along barefoot on Willows Beach was such a pleasure. We need that contact with the Earth for our health and well being. So I rarely wear shoes here. Sometimes I forget that I even have shoes. Such fun.

On the last day of the year, we had the pleasure of welcoming Lawrence to the team. He is a talented chiropractor who focuses on practicing NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) which gets to the root cause of why we need adjustments. He is also a great singer and guitar player. His skills have been sought after here by many locals and others who hear of his work.

We are surrounded by many homes with numerous dogs and roosters, much like our time in Cuba. The dogs bark all night and the roosters crow often as well, not just at sunrise. There are often spontaneous fiestas with loud music and fireworks. However, now that I have been here a month, I hardly hear any noise at all.

We had a unique experience a few days ago, when we connected with a local woman whose son Emmanuel had been badly burned by firecrackers on both hands and arms. They now come to The Sanctuary twice daily to attend the Agnihotra fire ceremony and meditation and to have the wounds dressed with an MMS spray and aloe vera and he has also been drinking 8 daily portions of MMS. The clinic just gave him a shot of anti-biotics but no care for the severe burns. I cannot imagine what would have happened without some help. I have been using aloe for most of my life and especially with growing, active children. It is such a wonderful healing plant. It is a pleasure to have it growing in such abundance for all to partake in.

The other thing that providence brought to us is information about a global service for burn victims. www.fireburndoctor.com is available for anyone who has been burned. Details such as name, birthday, location and description of incident is sent to the website and within a short time Shamans begin powerful distance healing. They guarantee minimal or no pain in a short time and Emmanuel has reported minimal pain over the four days. We are very blessed to be able to help him and his Mother, Conchita. The connection with the community and offering healing help is a big part of why we are here. Today I emphasised to him that his work right now is to visualize his hands immersed in healing light which to him is a strong red color. We have also offered energy work daily.

The temperature stays right around 30 degrees year round. We get a breeze off the ocean most days. The heat agrees with me and the house is well designed so that the natural movement of air keeps it coolish. One can have heat or just pleasantly warm. Most days I show up at the beach for at least a agua de coco, my fave drink. I usually have a walk as well, sometimes for hours. Enjoying it very much, even the challenges of creating strong community.

Mucho Amor,

Cori xo

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