Change = Growth My upcoming Seva work-exchange with the Sanctuary!

by Christina Wells
(Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico)

Smiling on the outside like I felt on the inside!

Smiling on the outside like I felt on the inside!

Hi, my name is Christina Wells. I have been living in Puerto Escondido on and off since January 2010. Last year, I was working at Casamar Suites and Pete came by to let us know about a retreat they where doing. I was shocked. I didn't know Pete and I didn't know that just up the street from me was The Sanctuary. Instantly, my heart sang with excitement because I was longing for spirituality to be a part of my life again.

However, I didn't go there right away. I checked out there page a bit, but I saw the prices and I thought it was all out of my league. Then, some time passed and I heard they gave yoga classes there. I had been doing yoga at Casamar, but I wanted to check it out. So I went. When I first walked in I could feel the positivity and love surrounding the whole place. I went back again for yoga, but the second time my class was with Byron Miller. Another local (part timer) in Puerto. As the pages unfolded, and I opened myself up to a Laughter Yoga course in Mazunte, then I decided to take his Ashtanga Yoga Instructor Training Course.

As my days went by, my life became more and more filled with life at the Sanctuary. I would come home longing to be one of those amazing people that experienced living there with all its healing potential. But, at the time it was not an option. So I continued to attend various workshops, I helped translate a retreat and other workshops, and I was finding myself there. That little Christina, deep inside, was coming out.

But, nothing happens overnight and this process took time. I have had various visions of being part of a community like the Sanctuary. My whole life I have desired to give back to our planet, our mother earth. To teach people about animals, the natural world, and to help people remember. I used to dream about inspiring in people the beauty that I see when I am in the middle of no where. I have felt for years a very strong connection with nature, and I have felt that she has been calling me to help her and to be her voice. I used to fear that calling, I felt that I did not deserve it.

But, the Sanctuary and its beautiful inhabitants has helped me realize that I do deserve to follow my heart and my dreams. The doors are opening and my eyes are open, I am ready to go deeper inside myself to discover the key. I am ready to embrace my calling and face my fears of the unknown. Thank you Sanctuary, thank you for being a part of my life. So many people and the place itself has supported and loved me. I am so greatful to all of you, and I am so excited about living with you! The emotions it stirs inside me is so strong I tear up. See you all next week :) Oh wait, tonight is jam night and dancing!! See you then :)

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