Conscious Co-Creation Seminar
A Seven Day Retreat at The Sanctuary in Sunny Mexico
12th - 19th June 2015

Conscious Co-Creation Seminar, a Self Healing Retreat by the Sea

Co-Creation is what we are always doing, but to do it consciously leads to self-healing and a whole lot more......

What would it be like if you could......

  • Gain clarity and insight into your Life Purpose, while learning how to capitalize on strengths and minimize weaknesses
  • AND, to not only know your Life Purpose but also learn how to make better life choices creating the life you want based on the amazing, time tested wisdom hidden in your natural life cycles
  • AND why not take it even further by not only knowing your life cycles to make better choices, but gain the practical tools of tappinng into God Source and your own inner power to co-create the mental, emotional and financial breakthroughs you know in your heart you're capable of
  • AND, Most Importantly, Become a more Self-Reliant, Self-Assured Conscious Co-Creator Getting Better and Brighter with Time and Committment

What will you take away from the retreat?

  • 7 Steps to Conscious Co-Creation: Learn 7 Steps to Conscious Co-Creation, 3 societal wounds that can prevent conscious co-creation, and four pitfalls and how to overcome them. 

  • Practical Tools: Find out how you can make better choices by understanding your life path and cycles through an ancient astrological system coined the Destiny Cards

  • Self-Healing Techniques: Learn practical, easy AND effective self-help tools on how to release mental and emotional blockages that prevent our natural state of happiness (These are hands-on techniques that you will be learning, so be prepared to feel the results!) 

  • Gain insight into the powerful planetary influences affecting ALL of us (and especially our relationships) in 2014 and how we can make use of them positively.

Other Opportunities and Benefits

  • Community living environment in smoke and alcohol free house and gardens and sunset views.
  • Daily meditation practice (sometimes guided)
  • Daily Hatha Yoga class (Monday to Saturday)
  • Healing Foods, juices and a complete holistic healing protocol
  • Ocean bathing and surfing just 500 metres from the house
  • Massage, Reiki, Temezcal (Sweat Lodge) and other healing therapies + Whale / Dolphin / Turtle watching boat trips available as optional extras.

Come join us in Surfers Paradise

Are you Ready to Take Your Conscious Co-Creation Skills to a Higher Ground in a Unique Way That Honors Your Life Path and Life Cycles?

Let Us Share Some Powerful Tools That Can Help You Tap Into Your Intrinsic Power to Create More Positive Options for an Abundant Life!

What's included in this Conscious Co-Creation Retreat?

When you join our Conscious Co-Creation Seminar, you will arrive on Friday, having some free time to settle in and relax before our evening check-in and introductory workshop (also open to public for potential last minute enrollment). This workshop will give you the opportunity to get to know fellow and prospective participants and to share your expectations for the retreat. 

During the weekend, we will spend time getting to know one another and the goals you would like to accomplish, while having an abundance of free time to partake in local activities or just to rest and contemplate.

Starting on Monday through to Thursday there will be a comprehensive program that includes approximately four hours of "hands-on learning", sunrise ceremony with the fire of Agnihotra, meditation (or mantra chanting) and yoga along with evening sharing sessions and more. There will also be free time to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Puerto Escondido.

This will be a very powerful, energetic week, with the the new moon on Tuesday, Ramadan, the Muslim Month of Fasting,on Thursday, and the Summer Solstice & Father's Day the following Sunday. Working as a group, we have the added benefit of tapping into this highly charged time with the power of our intentions and ceremony.

This will be a very powerful, energetic week, with the UN International Day of Peace on Sunday, the Fall Equinox on Monday, the new moon on Wednesday and the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, on Thursday. Working as a group, we have the added benefit of tapping into this highly charged time with the power of our intentions and ceremony.

Shared room accommodation

Morning group meditation

One Yoga class each weekday (Mon - Sat)

Use of FIR Infrared Sauna (once per day)

Healing vegan food (3 "meals" per day)

Sunrise and Sunset Agnihotra fire ceremony

Conscious Co-Creation Seminar Teachings

The Sanctuary baseline Holistic Healing protocol

What's the Daily Schedule?

Monday- Thursday. ( Friday evening activity; Sat. & Sun.-majority free time)

0630 - 0800

0800 - 0830

0830 - 0930

0930 - 1045

1100 - 1300

1300 - 1400

1400 - 1630

1630 - 1900

1900 - 1930

2000 - 2130

2230 - 0630

Meditation, preceeded or followed by Agnihotra Ceremony or Mantra Chanting

Break-fast Juice / Smoothie

Free hour

Yoga Class for all levels

Conscious Co-Creation & Self-Healing Session

Vegan Lunch and free time

Conscious Co-Creation Seminar & Self-Healing Session

Beach, swimming, watching sunset time.

Light evening refreshment (lunch left overs or fruit)

Evening sharing session

Silence and Sleep. House locked and internet switched off.

Times are approximate and subject to change.

Where is the Conscious Co-Creation Seminar Retreat taking place?

The Conscious Co-Creation Seminar Retreat is being held at The Sanctuary, a healing retreat centre exploring creation, offering space, tools and support to work holistically (on body, mind and spirit) for healing your self from dis-ease. The Sanctuary is located in La Punta Zicatela, in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Click here for directions, map and more pictures.

About the Facilitator - DeBorah Bellony

DeBorah Bellony holds a BS in English from North Carolina Central University and a MS in Nonprofit Management from Georgia State University. As a graduate of the Academy of Advanced Medical Thothetics in Phoenix, AZ, she is certified in Acupuncture and Homeopathy. She also worked and studied at the Astrological Institute in Scottsdale, AZ, the only accredited program for astrology and psychology at the time.

As the owner of Who Am I Enterprises, for over 15 years she has assisted individuals and organizations attain self-mastery and sustainability through her coaching, publications and consulting services that focus on tapping into the power of who we truly are. DeBorah is the author of the e-book,  Afraid of Our Own Shadow: A Manifesto and Guide for Conscious Co-Creation. She also loves to blog, be in nature barefooted and to eat good, God-made food.

When is the Retreat taking place?

Our Conscious Co-Creation Seminar is being held from 12th - 19th June 2015 

The retreat may also be held seasonally in 2014 & 2015. Please write to enquire for further dates.

What is the cost of the Retreat?

We offer the following options to join our Conscious Co-Creation Seminar for Self-Healing:

Residential Option

Join us as a resident, living, eating, learning, sleeping and exploring creation at The Sanctuary creation centre. This will give you the most intense, immersive experience, where you will not only experience the invaluable inner work of the retreat classes, but you will also live as part of our loving community. 

You can join us for our sunrise Agnihotra ceremony each day followed by a sitting meditation, enjoy a healing juice or smoothie before our morning yoga class before the retreat classes start at 1100 hrs. 

After the retreat classes finish at about 4.30 pm (pausing for lunch at 1pm), it is a perfect time to walk to the beach for a swim and watch the sun set over the ocean.

Following a light evening meal at 7pm you may then join our evening mini-workshop at 8 pm where you can join experiences such as; Tibetan Singing Bowls, Kirtan (Devotional Singing), Giraffe language (non-violent communication), Holistic Healing Techniques and more. The timetable for the weeks workshops is usually published in advance on our Facebook Page so you can choose which you would like to join, or join them all. All this is included in the price.

Arrive Friday afternoon. Depart Friday the following week. Bed in Shared room. All vegan food. The Sanctuary baseline Healing Protocol. Yoga Classes and evening workshops as described above.  

Community Guest Price: 6,150 Pesos (5 hrs per week community work)


Supporting Guest Price: 7,550 Pesos (no community work required)

You may book additional nights (again all inclusive) before or after the retreat at a cost of 500 pesos (approx. $35 US) per night. We recommend booking extra nights in advance to ensure availability, especially over the Christmas and New Year holiday period. See our Guest Prices page for more info.

There are also additional options to recieve massages, energy healing, private meditation class, private yoga classes, weekend workshops, private Spanish or English lessons, whale, dolphin and turtle watching boat trips etc. If you would like any of these options, look here.

Non Residential Option

If you are a local resident of Puerto Escondido, or if our accomodations are full and you stay elsewhere in a hotel or hostel, we offer the option of joining the Conscious Co-Creation Seminar on Friday evening, Saturday morning & from 1100 hrs to 1630 hrs Monday to Thursday. This will include approximately 4 hours per day of the Conscious Co-Creation Seminar sessions and a delicious and filling vegan lunch.

Price for this option: 3000 Pesos * (approx $240 US)

* For locals residents there is a possibility of partial payment plans and/or work exchange

As a non-resident you may additionally choose to join us for the whole day, including morning juice, yoga class, breakfast, light evening meal and evening workshop. If you would like to enhance your non residential experience by immersing yourself in the whole community experience, you may do so for an additional 1000 pesos (approx. $80 US)

Or, you may just add the yoga classes and evening workshops (no additional meals) for an additional 500 pesos (approx. $40 US).

How do I reserve a space for the Retreat?

Complete our Guest Booking form, letting us know the dates & name of the retreat you would like to join. We will reply by return, hopefully confirming we have a space for you and to let you know how you can pay.

Alternatively if you have any questions Write to us with your provisional reservation request and questions.

Write Now to Reserve your Place for the Conscious Co-Creation Seminar

A Vision for Living by Manifesting

We see a world where all our insecurity is gone, where we have learned to trust, 100%, that whatever we need is there for us whenever we need it, and if it isn't there it's because we don't really need it or it isn't in the Highest Good for us to have it at this particular time. In this way, all greed has vanished from our world, and no one is hoarding more than what they need for themself - and, likewise, no one is coveting the possessions of others or scheming to take away what others have in order to satisfy their own insecurities.

Now we live in a world where our creativity is honored; where our inventiveness is rewarded; and where we have learned that when we call forth the Highest Good we can manifest anything we need for ourselves in the moment we need it.

Moreover, we are now living in a world where our peace of mind has returned because we are creating the world around us and fulfilling our needs moment by moment by moment. In doing so, we have stepped into our rightful place in the Universe as conscious co-creators, able to manifest anything we choose at will. Indeed, we have reclaimed our birthright because we are doing what we came here to do.

From the Vision Alignment Project


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