Durga Devi Seva Guest

by Durga Devi

Durga Devi

Durga Devi

Melanie, also under the name of Durga Devi, a goddess of India that she represents as the strength riding a tiger, also being the motherly love of all children, was born in a beautiful french state of Canada name Quebec. Education wise, at a young age she already had a gypsy way of being, never wanting to follow the school system! As she started to explore the yoga path at 20, maturity and wisdom grew, her purpose became clear instead of trying so hard to accomplish something that was not fulfilling.

Life is an experience, and only through experiences can we know the self better. It is an opportunity to develop wisdom.

I love to know people and share about the purpose behind their goals and dreams of life. As we share and we empower our purpose and life mission, we can mutually get supported and so much inspired. I have this natural ability to do my own study on people, it is the same for topics about which I feel inspired; I become like a sponge, absorb and quickly. There is a lot to learn about the self, and through others we can become beautiful mirrors to each other if we open ourselves to this perspective.

Co-creation is my new way in anything I do, I bring people together either to play music, for chanting, drawing, cooking, dancing, even just for playing or brainstorming about life. This is my new conviction, to create a way to make it fun whatever you do in life ! Remembering to have fun, no need to be so serious anymore !

I keep nourishing with honor this aspect as `a gypsy` through my travels, creating my own way and always figuring out new things. As a multi-disciplinary creative being, I studied Interior Design, different approaches in the field of therapy through massage and various yoga and meditation programs. My interests in life are Yoga as food for the body and soul, massage therapy as a healing for the physical & energetical body, dancing and arts. My passion is interior design, I develop my own approach trough my personal transformation with my own home space. Harmonizing home spaces means organizing, finding new solutions for storage and clearing what has no purpose anymore to allow new energies to come through. A new sacred space, like a new breath is then created and opens up for new energies to come, which automatically has an effect on our mind, helping it become more clear.

This is what makes me so alive and happy, when I see people finding what they love and how they can release their serious side, as I was so serious before. Tapping into our creativity liberates us from our ego and allows the energy to flow better. Together I believes we can move mountains; there is an infinite power we can tap into.

As I keep the flow on this beautiful rich journey, last year in India, just recently in California for 5 months, and now Oaxaca, I feel blessed to connect again with this precious culture. Now I am leaving behind "what I thought I was" and concepts, basically creating a new way of being and also living with more harmony. Being in tune with what really my soul is seeking for.

My present purpose; to share what I learn and learn more about how we can change the world. On a large scale I recently got involved in the field of cleaning our ocean from the plastic waste, creating new ways now, on how to clean re-use and avoid plastic. My vision connects with different communities that are independent grow with them and spread messages of peace!


Durga joins The Sanctuary Healing Team in December 2013, offering yoga classes, massage & retreats. She trained as a Yoga Teacher at the Yoga Vedanta Sivananda Centre in Montreal. She has studied basics of Swedish and Ayurvedic massage, and for six years has learned and practiced different massage pressure therapies.

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