by Gabrielle Mouat
(Puerto Escondido)

Energy Dowsing

Energy Dowsing

My time at Sanctuary as a volunteer & Energy Dowsing

Well where do I start...

I truly believe I manifested 'the Sanctuary' into my life, I just didn't realise it was going to be this good. I came to Puerto Escondido for the surf and instead have ended up volunteering at the Sanctuary. I have now got so much more out of my time here in this community by volunteering at this beautiful healing casa.

We have just finished the Self empowerment retreat and what a great week it was. We had a very different group of people from all walks of life but we all managed to come together and everyone experienced a huge shift within themselves with lots of laughter along the way.

My day at the Sanctuary consists of daily chores (after a fun surf) whether its cooking, cleaning or helping guests out. Then there's Yoga, meditation, Qi gong, sound therapy, Hula hooping, African dancing, Inner dance among many many other activities. Its amazing!

Energy Dowsing

One particular workshop we did whilst the retreat was called dowsing - using copper rods. We were told they would measure our energy field. I was a little skeptical but watched what was about to unfold. Bek would hold the rods to another person and tell them to think of something that makes them really angry, she would then start walking towards the person and the rods would cross just before reaching them. When the rods crossed this would indicate where your energy field is. Next she would ask the person to think of a happy thought-the best day they've ever had. Once again she would start to walk towards the person and instead of the rods crossing close to the person, they would cross meters away. This indicated a large energy field. This all seemed very confusing and I did not believe it till I tried it. Indeed the rods had a mind of their own, crossing at certain points to represent where someones energy field was. Incredible!

So what does all this mean? When you are feeling angry and upset your energy field is very small and therefore not at its full potential. When happy your energy field is 10 times bigger and is going to attract way more opportunities and positive people into your life. It is very interesting to know what kind of 'vibes' or 'frequencies' we are putting out there. Hopefully we can all learn to expand our energy fields to attract the right people, jobs and opportunities into our lives. Find more info. about Dowsing here.

Thank you so much Sanctuary for allowing me to learn a whole new me and to realise the potential we all have within us. I have managed to connect with not only other people on a more deeper level, but also with myself. :)

Gabrielle Mouat, August 2013

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