Feng Shui for your home
8th - 9th June 2015

Feng Shui is a way to harmonize the space where we live or work in a way that all areas of our lives improve. There are several different schools, and we will work with one of the traditional ones, the School of Form.

This workshop consists of two modules of three hours each.

The first module is about the inside and outside features of our house which have an influence on the flow of Chi or energy, and we will learn how to apply cures of any unfavorable aspects we find. We will learn about the five celestial animals, the flow of energy in a house (stairs, doors, windows, aisles, ceilings, lights, etc.), the surroundings of a house and how to improve weak features (the plot, streets, plants, buildings, pools, garage, entrances, etc.), the power position of beds and desks, and yin-yang features in a house.

The second module works directly with our house plan and shows us how to use one of the main tools of Feng Shui, the Bagua, with its nine areas. We will learn about missing and expanded areas, the cures for the inside and the outside, the nine areas of the Bagua (prosperity, reputation, love, creativity and children, helpful people and travel, career, knowledge, family and health, centre or Tai Chi) and the colours and elements to enhance each.

My name is Irina. I heard about Feng Shui some fifteen years ago, when somebody told me about the workshop she had done. I was immediately interested and asked her for more details and read the materials she had. Using it at home I saw it worked! I found much more material to read and practice along the years. So since then I have been applying it to every space I live and work, advising friends, and teaching how to use this wonderful and easy way to live better.


 Cost: 800 pesos for 2 days.

Monday 8th June and Tuesday 9th June: 0930-1230 hrs

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