First week in the Sanctuary by Mar

by Mar
(Puerto Escondido)

The state of my mind is much clear and bright like the sky from Puerto Escondido
The state of my body is much toned and relaxed as I was in heaven
The state of my energy is increased and more channeling to the cosmos
The state of my aura is more expanded and open to love to everyone and everything
The state of my spirit is curled up in balance

The Agnihotra ceremonies are beautiful, the meditation in community is so useful, the yoga practice is so powerful, the workshops are so inspirational and be involved in this project makes me feel special and wonderful as the people is around me and as the powerful ocean we have as neighbor, as the wind from the ocean, as the birds and fishes live from and on the ocean and as the nice landscapes we are blessed to see and the nutritive and fresh food we take from there.

Thanks to mother earth for everything.
Thanks to the universe to provide me everything I needed.
I am so grateful

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