Healing benefits of Lithcen

by Atma
(Ranentsi, Bulgaria)

health benefits of litchen

health benefits of litchen

Litchen, is it good or bad for trees and/or human health?

Here at Atmanna, my home and healing haven sanctuary in Bulgaria, many of the trees on the land have a green/grey fuzzy growth on the branches. Arina, a friend and volunteer was making tea with this, told me it was Irish moss and had health benefits which include boosting the immune system.

I decided to research a little to check this and found out that the growth seems to be litchen, not Irish moss. That being said it does seem to have extremely beneficial health benefits which include antibacterial effects, particularly useful to the digestive tract. It seems it also has anti viral and anti fungal effects and is beneficial for healing wounds, sore throats, kidney and bladder infections, chronic fatigue, upper respiratory problems, athletes foot, bacterial vaginosis and much more. Source

I recommend you research this thoroughly before trying, however i will continue to make tea with litchen, adding a little green leaf stevia for sweetness.

If you would like to visit Atmanna, for a volunteer stay or in the future perhaps for a healing retreat, take a look at this page for more info: Atmanna Healing Haven

Peace and Love

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