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On this page I am pleased to share some healing quotes from inspirational healer Shruti Kher and others, along with an account by Anonymous about how her healing journey has been helped enormously by working with Shruti. 

"When we open your feelings with awareness and mindfulness and work to remove fears which brought this on in the first place, you will also begin to see whether you move out of or deeper into emotions. Intellect stuff feels very hard and hitting out in sensations but understanding the words, still doesnt cut it unless the feeling is in resonance. And when we begin to deeply care and feel, the intellect opens to supplement the heart and it's perception- and this is wonderful soft deep intelligence and this is when we begin to 'know'  "  - Shruti Kher

Healing Quotes about working with Shruti

On de-conditioning, conscious living, and re-conditioning (2010)

Another thing I learned is that just having the information in my head about what I was supposed to do/change, did not mean I had actually changed! Change is a very experiential thing—it lies in *being* the changed way! Also, a deep and full acceptance of what is right now, no matter how despicable it is and feels, is what will actually help you through it the fastest. 
Catching yourself being/thinking/acting from the negative state is an ability that comes as you learn to live in your body, rather than in your mind.  Living in your body means being aware of your physical sensations and breath as constantly as possible—e.g. notice that little twitch in your thigh; that knot in your shoulder; your jaw clenching; your stomach tightening up; etc. etc. This has huge ramifications in your ability to be self-aware and conscious, and thus enable transformation.

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When your awareness is on your physical sensations, the following is also true:
1) You’re not tripping all over the movies you keep playing in your mind non-stop in loops, and therefore you become less “mental”=stressed=easily trapped in re-conditioning the old;
2) By being less in your mind and more in your body, you have thus created some “space” to observe yourself while you think and act *right now*. Therefore, you can better observe the connection between the quality of the thought traveling through your mind and the physical experience in the moment, e.g. your stomach is all tied up. So you will start noticing that certain emotions/thoughts you are engaging are triggering certain physical sensations—e.g. anxiety & sense of unworthiness = tied up stomach; deep-seated anger & judgment = liver feels heavy or aches; emotion of inadequacy = muscles in your thighs twitch, etc.
You’ll learn that your body is your precious navigational system. You will become sensitive to its warning alerts every time you are in a negative emotion (“negative” because it feels constrictive rather than expansive, relaxing, and exhilarating). Awareness of your breathing patterns is similarly another ability you will develop as you stay in your body, and this too will indicate to you whether you are tense (holding your breath) or relaxed (breath is open and deep). This sensitivity to your body and its signals is what will help you “catch yourself” as you think and/or act as anything less than what you have set out to be according to your truth (e.g. compassionate and forgiving). 
Once you start catching yourself a few times, and are able to fully observe that this behavior/attitude is truly no longer what you choose for yourself, you will naturally start disengaging from it because you have taken full consciousness of it and know that it no longer represents who you choose to be. If you don’t drop it, it’s either because you have not recognized the negative attitude fully for what it is, or you are not motivated enough to drop it yet because you still feel that somehow you are benefiting from it.
Either way, it’s ok, anything we choose ultimately serves our growth anyway. 
When you learn to be STILL at the height of the “negative wave” and just keep your awareness on your breath and physical sensations, old buried memories may unravel and enlightening realizations may come to you. Every time you act as the “new you” rather than the conditioned self, something magical happens: You release a ring from the chain that has bogged you down under the weight of your “negative history”. When you learn to allow the negative emotion to just pass through your body while being fully focused only on the physical sensations and without acting from it, you will have shed a layer of conditioning.

Healing Quotes - Healing Quotes - Healing Quotes

"i work with the emotional cause of illness, discomfort and pain, and then we work to uproot the cause, and then we use cleansing and yoga and breathing etc... to clear the old patterns out, but this has to go together with the actual change, or else it is temporary"

- Shruti Kher

Life will keep popping up those “are you sure you want to delete this” windows again and again for you to “confirm delete”, until it will feel and be the only obvious choice. The fine day will come when the old issue no longer has a hold on you and what used to be “the conscious new choice” is now just your nature—you dropped the last ring of the chain. You will know it because the old pattern will be history as it no longer needs to point you to another way, since you now *are* the other way.  Your self-esteem, self-worth and confidence will soar because you will see yourself as this brave, mighty warrior who has finally conquered the demon after a bloody long, long battle.  

Conquering fear and breaking free from old conditioning is like being born anew, this time on your own terms of who you choose to be. It is empowering and life-defining.

This is the first step in transformation from living as a victim to the endless cycle of senseless negative conditioning, to becoming the master of your own life and paving the way to unimaginable possibilities. You will know that you can survive anything, if you have survived your greatest limitation and fear. It is a door to deeper and deeper love and compassion for yourself and others. You will become more compassionate and tolerant of others because you now understand what it’s like to live in limitation and fear and what it takes to conquer it.

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On the difficulties launching SOHAM (2011)

One of the reason’s I’ve had so many challenges over the last few years since I started formulating our SOHAM concept [upon Shruti accepting my invitation to establish it as a way to capture her life example], is the fact that “spirituality” – or the aligning to my deepest self, as I practice it with Shruti’s guidance – is so intrinsically connected with and reflected in everyday living. I quickly realized that, while I had the highest and purest of intents with the envisioned mission of SOHAM, I had no way of escaping my “demons” and “shadows” and be involved with SOHAM at the same time. It quickly became apparent to me that if I were to take on the leadership of SOHAM with Shruti, I *had* to be cleared from all the attitudes, fears, beliefs, and behaviors that are incongruent with the ethics, values and philosophy SOHAM stands for. Or things will just not work out, as it turned out recurring times! 
I think this project is so very unique because the quality of the intention behind it is such that it demands having fully aligned and tested ourselves vis-à-vis what SOHAM represents first, before we can begin to fully bring it to others. I have found that the shoes I had envisioned walking in with Shruti through SOHAM are so big that I needed to grow significantly in them first, before I could even begin to stride forward alongside her!  SOHAM was registered in 2009 but there has been no movement or growth whatsoever *outwardly*, as all the efforts to get it off the ground kept going nowhere. On the other hand, a whole lot of personal growth has been taking place in myself, all throughout. 
Shruti’s purpose and standards are of such clarity and height that I needed to become a worthy collaborator of what is already her way of life anyway. Shruti knows and openly shares that while she is fully inclusive and allowing, it is very difficult to associate with her because of her uncommon standards, ethics, and the way her energy works as a reflection of those. So we had discussed this matter right at the beginning, but I had no idea it would actually be so hard and that it would play out the way it did. This is no premeditated process; it has a life of its own! It’s been a very challenging but an incredibly rewarding journey as I now see how my life is getting on a much better footing day after day as a reflection of my small/huge victories and conquests over the shadow aspects in me that needed to be cleared. Even if nothing were to come together to fulfill the great vision I have for this project, SOHAM turned out to be the most precious compass and passion I have been blessed to find yet… And now, excitingly, I begin to see actual movement and it is very clear to me that this is going hand-in-hand with each personal breakthrough. The beauty of it is that this unfolding now appears to be taking place serendipitously and effortlessly because so many obstacles have been conquered within, as our “outside reality” is now reflecting…  

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On the SOHAM Center in Nainital, India (2011)

I have spent 5 months with Shruti at the Center in Nainital between March and August 2011 and went through a lot of personal growth and transformation. Much of it was way overdue and so it was a very intense time of growing pains, but also conquest and celebration. Being and working in close contact with Shruti can be likened to having taken a high potency homeopathic remedy. Her energy is so high that it will bring up dormant or deep-seated negativities to the surface, to be seen and addressed. 
Interesting dynamics occur, as this is a small community: People on the property may interact, relate to each other, and perceive each other in ways they normally wouldn’t. "Reflection" and "family constellation" type of work and circumstances are heightened here because one is deep into his/her own healing/learning and practice of consciousness and because Shruti's presence and intention greatly facilitates and enables this process. It is an opportunity for great learning as what is lifted so dramatically and visibly here can be addressed right then and there under Shruti's direct guidance. It’s a golden opportunity because you have the chance to understand experientially your core negative patterns in a safe environment and practice how to transform yourself/your life here, before you go out into the world and dabble with trials and errors. 
It's like being in a training school of some sort, one that I have never heard of or seen before and therefore have difficulty describing. I guess one could say it's a "hands-on school in conscious living and manifestation", but what is actually experienced here is of a depth this definition cannot fully capture.

You learn how your life has unfolded out of who you have been and how to be empowered to change what you don’t like.

You learn to be completely responsible for everything and everyone in your life. 

You learn what intention and energy are and how they are the blueprint of any experience.

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Healing Quotes- Healing Quotes- Healing Quotes

"Through relationship we grow and learn.  Through
relationship we heal and are returned to wholeness
and truth. We need others to mirror our
misperceptions and our projections and to help us
bring repressed material to consciousness for

- Colin C. Tipping - Author of Radical Forgiveness

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