Healing, Rejuvenating Retreat on Hawaii Island - 9-12th October 2015

by Amanda
(Hilo, HI, USA)

Boutique hotel

Boutique hotel

Set aside your responsibilities for four days of bliss! Allow us to whisk you away from the Kona airport (or enjoy the drive if you are already on the Big Island), as you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Big Island’s western shores, and deliver you to the private and beautiful oasis of Hawaii Island Retreat Center. There you will be shown to a plush boutique hotel room, fragrant with ylang ylang trees growing in the central courtyard. Practice yoga in a spacious, breezy studio to the soothing whisper of the pine trees and the rhythmic sounds of the waves below. Enjoy the vibrant company of our other guests during classes, meals, and scheduled activities; and indulge in personal time as you desire…

•pool sunriseCatch up on needed sleep.
•Stroll the sacred valley, sit where royals councils mediated agreements…allow yourself to find peace and resolution with your own conflicts…sometimes the resolution is to simply welcome the uncertainty and discord so that it does not tear you apart.
•Meditate on the beach.
•Relax in the cliff-side warm salt-water pool or hot tub, as you breathe in the view and breathe out the stress.
•Let a massage therapist pamper you in a serene outdoor cabana, or choose one of the many other natural spa services available.
•Finish the book that’s been sitting next to your bed for months, as you stretch out in a lounge chair in the quiet poolside reading room. The 360 degree view outside the glass walls is a nice bonus! This is a perfect place to nap, too.
•Walk up the lane to cheery Hawi, browse the extensive art galleries, enjoy an iced tea or coffee, and sample some of the local fare.

All of your (delicious!) meals will be provided; water, coffee, and tea will be available all day. Feel free to bring your own snacks and wine or beer (in moderation, please). Sleep peacefully after a full but relaxing day, and allow us to drive you back to the airport on Monday feeling fully rested, relaxed, and rejuvenated…welcoming your responsibilities with a newfound vitality!

This retreat will facilitate relaxation and rejuvenation; provide an opportunity to de-stress, clear your mind, and reconnect; and help you develop the tools to establish peace and perspective in your everyday life through:
•self-care practices
•community development

About Hawaii Island Retreat Center:

This is an eco-friendly purpose-built retreat center in Kohala, on the Big Island of Hawaii, that features a boutique hotel fashioned after 19th century Hawaiian palaces. There is a lovely courtyard, view of the ocean, salt-water swimming pool, hot tub, walking trails, beach access, and on-site spa treatments. The facility is located on 50 acres and produces its own electricity (wind-generated) and organic food: vegetables, goat cheese and free-range grass-fed beef. Meals are prepared in the fabulous kitchen by professional chefs that use the food grown on the property to create beautiful, delicious cuisine!


All activities are optional, though we highly encourage you to participate in all activities for the best overall experience. Subject to slight changes.

Friday, October 9 HIR courtyard sunset

10am Complimentary Shuttle from Kona Airport*

*stop in Hawi to browse stores and eat lunch; meal not included in retreat package.

1pm Complimentary Shuttle from Kona Airport

The Ironman World Championship is held the same weekend as this retreat. This has little effect on your travel plans, though we recommend booking flights as far in advance as possible, rather than waiting to the last minute as those of us living in Hawaii tend to do! We have opted to offer two designated complimentary shuttles to and from the retreat center to avoid the Ironman-specific increase in car rental prices; though you are certainly welcome to arrange your own transportation! Please book flights accordingly.

3pm Check-in

4pm Orientation & Introductions

Make new friends and greet old ones! We will give you a brief guided tour, discuss itinerary and answer any questions you may have in this orientation. We will discuss the importance of practicing yoga with a high-quality of awareness, integrity, and intention and how this spills over into all aspects of your life which is where the true transformation occurs!

5-6:45pm Flow & Restore Yoga: The Beauty of Every Krama (Amanda)

Flow and Restore classes will begin with warming sequences designed to loosen up tight muscles, take you deeper into your breath, and gently awaken your awareness; build into an all-levels flow where you will embody power, steadiness, and playfulness to your own capacity; peak with an energetic pose or sequence that opens you up to pure potential; then fades into a nurturing, restorative finish so that you leave feeling more balanced and rejuvenated! Did we mention that Bryan is a massage therapist and will provide amazing adjustments?!

7pm Dinner

8pm Talk Story with Jeanne, the founder of HIRC

If you have spent much time in Hawaii, you are familiar with the concept of “talk story”…a local term that describes the time spent sitting around with friends telling stories, sharing memories, and generally “shooting the breeze”. This has become a very natural and one of the most memorable parts of Shivatree Yoga Retreats, which offers willing participants an opportunity to get to know one another better as we reconnect to old friends and make new friends! Jeanne is a gifted story-teller who will captivate you with many incredible stories about this property! They will fill you with a sense of wonder and spark your curiosity about the mind-body-spirit connection.

9pm Free Time

Saturday, October 10
7-8:30am Yoga (Amanda) HIRC beach
8:45am Breakfast
10am Property Tour (Amanda)
Explore the beautiful 50-acre property, from the breathtaking cliffs to the valley where King Kamehameha held his royal councils, down a sloping path to the rocky but picturesque beach. This landscape radiates powerful, transformative, and rejuvenating energy!
11am Guided outdoor meditation (Bryan)
12-1pm Lunch
1-4pm Free Reflective Time, Spa appointments, Ayurveda consultations, etc

Do you enjoy physical adjustments in yoga class? Do you enjoy massage? Then schedule a massage with Bryan! Drawing upon over 10 years of experience, he combines gentle, knowledgeable physical adjustments to bring your body back into structural alignment then massages away the aches and stress. Appointments with Bryan are limited, so please reserve a spot on your registration form; pre-payment required.

HIRC also offers a full menu of spa services, which may be booked upon arrival or previously scheduled directly with the center via phone: (808) 889-6336.

If you want to do something out of the ordinary, walk to the stoplight in Hawi and watch the Ironman World Championship contenders as they turn around and head back to Kona!

4pm Discussion & Sangha (Bryan)

“Sangha” is a Sanskrit term for community; typically a community gathering of a spiritual nature. In these sessions, participants may share their experiences and ask questions; Bryan and Amanda will guide the conversations with specific questions, readings, or themes and offer suggestions on how to incorporate the practices we engage in during the retreat into our everyday lives.

5-6:45pm Flow & Restore yoga class, including Yoga Nidra (Amanda & Bryan)

7pm Dinner

You are welcome to provide your own wine or beer during all dinners; please consume in moderation.

8:30pm Talk Story & Free Time

Sunday, October 11

Optional 5:30am sunrise practice outdoors (Amanda)

7am Breakfast

7:45am Departure for Pololu Valley excursion

After a short scenic drive to an unforgettable view of the valley, engage in an easy but steep and slightly rugged 1.25 mile hike into Pololu Valley and spend several hours on the beautiful black sand beach! This is Amanda’s FAVORITE beach! HIRC will provide a sack lunch, but bring your own water bottle, sturdy shores, sunscreen, and beach towel. Walk along the creek, stroll the beach, or explore the pine forest; take a nap in the warm sand, play in the ocean, or contribute another rock tower to the beach. Amanda will teach an optional energizing and balancing chakra meditation technique using smooth rocks found on the beach.

1pm Leave Pololu Valley & Return to retreat centerpololu valley

2-4pm Free Time

Receive a spa treatment, explore Hawi, swim, sleep, or read…your time to R-E-L-A-X!

4pm Discussion & Meditation (Bryan)

5:30-7pm Restorative Yoga, including Yoga Nidra (Amanda & Bryan)

No “flow”, just restore! Perfect ending to a day spent outdoors. As the sunset washes the studio in muted colors, surrender into supportive and restorative poses as the sounds of nature and gentle breezes lull you further into a state of tranquility. Amanda and Bryan will provide gentle massage-like adjustments and aromatherapy, followed by a guided relaxation, called Yoga Nidra…Amanda’s specialty!

7:15pm Dinner

8:30pm Talk Story Under the Stars & Free Time

What’s better than talking story? Talking story next to (or from within!) the pool or hot tub, with a mesmerizing view of the heaven, earth and sea! Enjoy our last evening together or take some time to yourself.

Monday, October 12

7-8:30am Yoga

8:45 am Breakfast

10-11am Closing Ceremony

Always unique and top-secret! =)

12pm Check-out (You may store your belongings in the poolside spa and enjoy the facilities until 3pm if you choose)

1pm Complimentary Shuttle to Kona Airport

3:30pm Complimentary Shuttle to Kona Airport

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