Healing & Relationship Quotes by Colin Tipping

by Pete Adams
(Puerto Escondido, Mexico)

Radical Forgiveness

Radical Forgiveness

Radical Forgiveness is the name of a book by Colin Tipping and is a very effective way of shifting stuck emotions. It was developed by Colin to help participants of the cancer workshops he used to offer. Due to the success of Readical Forgiveness he now no longer offers cancer workshops, instead offering Radical Forgiveness workshops.

At The Sanctuary it is part of our Holistic Healing Protocol and required reading for our staff.

Below are some spiritual assumptions underlying the theory and practice of Radical Forgiveness:

"We have bodies that die, but we have immortal souls that transcend death. (Therefore death is an illusion.)"

"While our bodies and our senses tell us we are separate individuals, we are all one. We all individually vibrate as part of a single whole"

"Vibrationally, we live in two worlds simultaneously:
1) The World of Divine Truth (Spirit)
2) The World of Humanity"

"We are not human beings having an occasional spiritual experience; rather we are spiritual beings having a human experience"

"We, at the soul level, get precisely what we need in our lives for our spiritual growth. How we judge what we actually get determines whether we experience life as either painful or joyful"

"Through relationship we grow and learn. Through relationship we heal and are returned to wholeness and truth. We need others to mirror our misperceptions and our projections and to help us bring repressed material to consciousness for healing"

"Through the Law of Resonance, we attract people who resonate with our issues so we can heal them. For example, if abandonment is our issue, we will tend to attract people who abandon us. In that sense they serve as our teachers."

"Physical reality is an illusion created by our five senses. Matter consists of interrelating energy fields vibrating at different frequencies."

Colin says that if you find yourself unable to accept any of the assumptions above, simply disregard them. It will make no difference to the effectiveness of the Radical Forgiveness experience.

More healing quotes from Colin:

".....we must continually remind ourselves that what we have created IS the spiritual ideal; that we have created circumstances in our lives that help us grow and learn; that the lessons we need to learn are contained in the situation and that the only way to obtain the growth from the experience is to go through it"

"I am convinced that if we keep the energy flowing in our bodies as it was designed to do, we never will get sick. Though I no longer do the five-day cancer retreats, I nevertheless regard the Radical Forgiveness workshops that I now present all around the world as cancer prevention workshops."

"...I discovered that nearly all cancer patients, besides having a lifetime habit of suppressing and repressing emotions, are known to share a marked inability to forgive. I now believe that lack of forgiveness contributes to,
and may even be a principal cause of, most cancers.
Therefore, my healing work with cancer patients, and with those who want to prevent the disease from arising or reoccurring in their bodies, now centers almost entirely on Radical Forgiveness Therapy."

To learn more about Radical Forgiveness you can listen to a 20 minute interview with Colin and/or buy the book here.

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