Healing Retreats: 10 Day Nourish and Nurture Retreat in Sri Lanka

by Amy
(Cirencester, Gloucestershire)

Would you like to boost your health and vitality by nourishing your body with deliciously healthy food, encouraging natural detoxification with energizing seasonal yoga and restorative Qi Gong?

Get ready to cleanse, restore and renew your mind body on this seasonal lifestyle, nutrition and yoga retreat held in one of the most beautiful place in the world, Sri Lanka. Home to lush green jungles, which melt into white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, Sri Lanka will bring you into a state of sublime peace and relaxation, as you enjoy the uplifting morning yoga as the sun rises over the jungle canopy and basks in the stillness of meditation under the twinkling stars of the evening sky!

Retreat highlights

Two 75-minute yoga sessions daily
One 60-minute creative or restorative workshop daily
Four 90-minute mini intensive workshops during the retreat
Plenty of time to relax by the pool, swim, read, shop and many more
One body treatment from a variety to choose from
Daily Sri Lankan brunch and two course dinner
10 nights accommodation in Ratnakara

Nourish from the inside

You will be nourished with delicious, seasonal food, inspiring whole food cooking classes, nutrition tips and seasonal dietary philosophies. Nutrition Chef Karen Maidment, will introduce you to hands-on smoothie and juicing sessions, a super food demo and a healthy cooking class, leaving you armed with the culinary tools and the practical support you need to sustain healthy habits once back into your everyday life.

You will learn techniques for choosing, prepping and cooking wholesome meals that are quick, simple and tasty. Meals that not only look and taste good, but are truly meals that heal. Karen will teach the ancient practices of soaking, fermenting, sprouting and souring for optimal digestion and detoxification.

You will delve into the culinary delights of raw and super foods for increased energy, improved skin and restful sleep, whilst learning about the importance of balancing healthy fats, ethically sourced animal proteins and anti-inflammatory carbohydrates, for a balanced approach to nutritional self-nurture.

Nurture the outside

On this retreat you will be nurtured with wellness workshops, Vinyasa flow yoga, Qi Gong, breath work, mindfulness and mediation. Your yoga journey will be based on the principles of seasonal yoga. A practise which encompasses the ancient Chinese wisdom acknowledging that you are fundamentally and inextricably linked with nature.

As the seasons change, your physical and emotional states subtly change to reflect the season. In this modern world we have become very much ungrounded with the earth’s healing capacity, disconnected from nature and at odds with the seasons and climate. By attuning your mind-body to the seasons, you are able to promote healing and a return to health on every level. Cultivating an awareness of the energy of nature allows you to effectively adapt to what is going on in the world around you.

Seasonal yoga draws upon the philosophy teachings of both yoga and traditional Chinese medicine, including meridian lines and emotional connections with organs and glands. Jennifer Harvey, will teach you how to adopt asanas (poses) and pranayama (breath work) along with shatkarmas and kriyas (cleansing practices) to ignite natural detoxification and rejuvenation. These practices purify the body, mind and energy systems to prepare the body for higher practices of meditation, which both nourishes and nurtures our mind-body and soul.

Personal retreat

This is your retreat experience, a time to do as much or as little as you want. With this in mind, all workshops, classes and activities are optional and can be dipped into and out as you wish. Two 75 minute yoga classes will be held daily. Styles include:

Seasonal flow

The program offers interesting and highly enjoyable workshops such as art therapy, yoga nidra, guided meditation, meditation journaling, Pranayama, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, chakra balancing, or sound healing. Be nurtured by any of these workshops for 60 minutes daily. This retreat, aiming to transform its participants into their best and healthiest versions included four 90 minute mini intensives which may include:

Dream building, goal setting and vision board workshop
Mastering arm balances / inversions
Meditation / breath work for emotional healing
Movement for healing workshop
Nutrition for healing workshop
Topical health cookery demo and tasting
Wild workouts and wild work in’s
Yoga philosophy


Sri Lanka, also known as Resplendent Island, is home to lush green jungles and white sandy beaches that are home to the clearest of waters. The name “Ratnakara” translates from ancient Sanskrit texts as “Indian Ocean.” This colonial style house is situated in 1.5 acres of tropical trees on a hillside overlooking a small and remote sandy bay close to the village of Dondra, the most Southerly point of Sri Lanka. The owners have paid excellent attention to detail in the construction of this property and sensitively included the local concepts and respected the Buddhist culture. This has created an incredible peaceful space that is ideal for a restful and rejuvenating retreat experience.

Prices range from £1,600 - £1,800 pp

More information can be found at http://www.purebodybalance.co.uk/#!retreats/c1rrf

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