Healing Your Inner Child Retreat

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Our Healing Your Inner Child retreat is psychotherapy and meditation together. It takes you on a journey through your childhood to meet your inner child, engaging your body, your feelings and your mind. You become the child again and experience past events with all your senses. At the same time you learn to take distance as the conscious loving adult. It is a process of reliving, expressing, healing and understanding yourself better.

You give yourself the opportunity, being in the adult loving consciousness, to open the space and supportive environment for your inner child to express whatever it needs to express.

It is a beautiful meeting with your inner most pure essence and its different aspects : courage, love, trust, being, creativity , among others. Furthermore, this  inner healing work, will allow you to enter more easily into the adventure of meditation.

The Sanctuary is now closed.

 but please visit other pages on this site to learn about and/or contribute information about healing naturally.

You may also visit my Atmanna Page to read about and see my new home in Bulgaria and what i offer here.

A Summary of the retreat

  • Community living environment in smoke and alcohol free house and gardens and sunset views.
  • Daily meditation practice (with instruction if required)
  • Daily Hatha Yoga class (Monday to Friday)
  • Inner Child emotional healing sessions twice daily Monday to Friday (see details below)
  • Healing Foods, juices and a complete holistic healing protocol
  • Ocean bathing and surfing just 500 metres from the house
  • Massage, Reiki, Temezcal (Sweat Lodge) and other healing therapies + Whale / Dolphin / Turtle watching boat trips available as optional extras.

Nourish and care every day for your most precious asset; YOU

Intense emotional memories (both positive and negative) have a huge influence on our life today, often leading us to automatically react to situations instead of acting consciously from a space of presence and love.

We frequently trip over the same stones again and again, unable to change our emotions and behaviors.

Through inner work, attending to our emotions we can see our old beliefs and choose a new vision of ourselves, the people we relate to and to life in general. By allowing us to experience more elevated feelings we open a door to forgiveness and gratitude for everything that has happened so far. Freeing the weight of the past can help us to live in the present moment, more consciously and fully, giving us permission to enjoy all that life offers us every day.

Come join us by the sea

This retreat is an invitation to comnect with a sympathetic look to our internal child, a symbol of our childish reactions, with the desire to understand and heal our painful memories.

This will work with other therapeutic techniques such as working with the inner child, active meditations, awareness through the senses and family constellations, among others.

What's included in the Healing Your Inner Child retreat?

Shared room accommodation

Morning group meditation

Daily Yoga practice session (Mon - Sat)

Use of FIR Infrared Sauna (once per day)

All meals (healing vegan food)

Healing your Inner Child Retreat Teachings

The Sanctuary baseline Holistic Healing protocol

What's the Daily Schedule?

Monday to Friday. (Sunday is free time - optional excursions, massages etc.)

Times are approximate and subject to change.

0630 - 0730

0745 - 0900


1100 - 1300


1430 - 1700

1700 - 1900


2000 - 2130

2230 - 0630

Sunrise Agnihotra Fire Ceremony / Meditation / Mantra Singing

Yoga Practice Session

Breakfast Smoothie or Juice

Healing Your Inner Child session

Vegan Lunch and free time

Healing Your Inner Child session

Beach time

Light evening meal

Evening heart share & workshop

Silence and Sleep

Where is the Healing Your Inner Child Retreat taking place?

The Healing your Inner Child Retreat is being held at The Sanctuary, a healing retreat offering a space, tools and support to work holistically (on body, mind and spirit) to help you heal your self of any dis-ease. The Sanctuary is located in La Punta Zicatela, in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Click here for directions, map and more pictures.

Who is facilitating the Healing Your Inner Child Retreat?

Prem Neelam

Prem Neelam is a local resident of Puerto Escondido, where she owns and runs Ananda Hotel overlooking the famous Zicatela beach.

"I'm in an intense healing journey, the last 7 years of my life I've been trained in the Primal (deconditioning childhood) and Transomatic Dialogue work in the field of spiritual therapy. 

For me, the source of learning has been the enlightened master Osho, through teaching and personal guidance to his direct disciples, who came to his commune in India with degrees in psychology and philosophy. 

Currently, each year I meet with them as an assistant and student in therapy groups in Mexico and Greece."

To connect with Prem Neelam you can visit her facebook page.

When is the Healing Your Inner Child Retreat?


To find out when this retreat is being offered, see the calendar at the top of this page

Note that the dates are shown as Monday to Friday when the five days workshop teachings will take place. The residential retreat is for seven days, so you can arrive on the Sunday the day before the start date, and leave on the Sunday two days after the end date. 

** Note that for Christmas, New Year and Easter week the retreat costs an additional 700 pesos

The Sanctuary is now closed.

 but please visit other pages on this site to learn about and/or contribute information about healing naturally.

You may also visit my Atmanna Page to read about and see my new home in Bulgaria and what i offer here.

What is the cost of the Healing Your Inner Child Retreat?

We offer the following options to join our Healing Your Inner Child Retreat:

Residential Option

Join us as a resident, living, eating, learning and sleeping at The Sanctuary. This will give you a more intense, immersive experience, where you will not only experience the invaluable inner work of the retreat classes, but will also live as part of our loving community.

Arrive Sunday afternoon. Depart Sunday Morning. Bed in Shared room. All vegan food. The Sanctuary baseline Healing Protocol. Yoga Classes and evening workshops as described above.  

See our new website for pricing **

** Please note that the Christmas / New Year retreat costs an additional $10 as we have a peak season accomodation rate.

You may book additional nights (again all inclusive) before or after the retreat at additional. See our Price page for details. We recommend booking extra nights in advance to ensure availability, especially over the Christmas and New Year holiday period. 

There are also additional options to receive massages, energy healing, private meditation class, private yoga classes, weekend workshops, private Spanish or English lessons, whale, dolphin and turtle watching boat trips etc. If you would like any of these options, look here.

Non Residential Option

If you are a local resident of Puerto Escondido, or if our accommodations are full and you stay elsewhere in a hotel or hostel, we offer the option of joining us from approximately 1100 hrs to 1700 hrs Monday to Friday. This will include approximately 4 hours per day of the Healing Your Inner Child Retreat sessions and a delicious and filling vegan lunch.

Price for this option: See our new website for pricing

As a non-resident you may additionally choose to immerse yourself in the whole community experience by joining us for the whole day. This includes meditation, yoga practice, juice/smoothie, light evening meal and evening workshop. To cost to upgrade is an additional $?.

Or, you may just add the yoga classes and evening workshops (no additional meals) for an additional $?

See our new website for pricing

How do I reserve a space for the Healing Your Inner Child Retreat?

Complete our Guest Booking form, letting us know the dates & name of the retreat you would like to join. We will reply by return, hopefully confirming we have a space for you and to let you know how you can pay.

Alternatively if you have any questions Write to us with your provisional reservation request and questions.

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