Health and Healing operates as a chapter of the ´╗┐Genesis II Church of Health & Healing, here to share some of the best, most economical and most direct ways toward health and healing.

Holistic Health and Healing

This simple guide about Holistic Health and Healing offers a way to help discover better ways to increase health and happiness.  We begin with a few short videos to help reveal an overall picture of why our bodies tend to get sick, and some simple ways to reverse this.

Further material will follow the videos to help go deeper into understanding and practice, to help move toward returning to our natural state of optimal health, full of vitality, content with life, and at one with our true self.

Deep Detox Cleanse Simplified by Mark James Gordon - 2:30

Next is this 6 minute video; Deep Detox with Fruit

Deep Detox with Fruit by Mark James Gordon - 6:08

More to come soon

For a more detailed picture click view our Holistic Healing Protocol List

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