Heart Circle, the wonders of change

by Selva
(Puerto Escondido)

Since we came to The Sanctuary, every evening, we sit down in a circle to share the truth of our hearts.

First we connect with the silence, the stillness necessary to listen to how my heart is feeling and so to listen to the others hearts around me.

The Heart Circle is a sacred moment, where there is no judgment or instructions.

It is the moment of the day to hold the space for this community to express, share, acknowledge or let go of whatever feelings are happening.

We speak the truth, we choose the words, we look into our compaƱeros eyes and allow ourselves to listen.

Every day is different, every moment brings the change, on me, on you, on us. We resonate as we coexist. We mirror each other so we can learn and grow to our highest potential.

Heart Circle offers me the practice of being present, of listening, of watching with awareness what my Heart is going trough. Also the connexion with Moss, with Pete, with Lelde, with Karl, Satephanie, Dave,... and all the people that come to share their present heart bit.

I see your changes, I understand my changes.
I watch and listen to you, I learn how to respect myself.
Healing from attachment.

Enjoying the wonders of impermanence and the beautiful games I play with my feelings, thoughts, projections, patterns, believes,...
Yes, the dance of awareness from the unreal to the Real.
Gratitude for all of us for co-creating each Heart Circle.

Thanks to Carlos (from The Paradise Within Farm) for this tool.

Let's keep on inspiring the Love!


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