Holistic Healing Protocol List

Emotion & Mind - Nutrition - Purification - Other Supplements/Substances

This Holistic Healing Protocol list is a collection of some of the most effective and economical healing modalities available, potentially able to help you heal yourself from virtually any disease.

One of my goals here is to help you choose the most appropriate holistic healing protocol for you. I therefore advise that you thoroughly review all the items in this Holistic Healing Protocol list.  If you have any questions, please ask. I can also offer Personal Guidance via e-mail and Skype to help personalise a protocol for you.

In fact, the most important factor for "healing" is the emotional component, the re-membering of the one true self. I highly recommend The Presence Process to help with this.

Disclaimer: The following items require your own research to be sure that you are satisfied they are suitable and beneficial for you. Healing-Haven.com offers no medical advice. It’s all opinion. You’re responsible for your own health care decisions.

Holistic Healing Protocol List

Emotion & Mind - Nutrition - Purification - Other Supplements/Substances

Emotion & Mind Healing


The Presence Process invites us to experience present moment awareness as a way of life, a daily approach to living on this planet.

 The Presence Process makes it possible for anyone to experience Presence and present moment awareness without having to take the long, challenging path most of us usually take.

I highly recommend reading The Presence Process book and completing the ten week Presence Process Procedure, then repeating it twice more as recommend by Michael Brown, the author. I have personally completed this six times and have found it extremely beneficial.

"It offers us a methodical approach for resolving unintegrated past trauma and a fearfully projected future, which distract us from experiencing that which we all share – Presence, and the profound experience activated when we live from present moment awareness. The Presence Process is an invitation to step onto a pathway that liberates us from the invisible prison of unconscious mental distraction." 

You can order a copy of The Presence Process on Amazon, or download an older but still valid and free English e-book here, or the Spanish e-book, El Proceso de La Presencia, here.


The book Radical Forgiveness is also highly recommended reading for emotiomal integration. When the Radical Forgiveness process is understood, used, and integrated, it helps make for more loving interactions with everyone. You can buy a copy of Radical Forgiveness here.


Gratitude is a key component to releasing our old limiting beliefs & creating abundance in our lives. This article by Josh Richardson offers Fifteen Ways to Create a Sense of Gratitude in Your Life

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE (also known as EFT or Tapping)

EFT is one of many vibrational healing methods for healing dis-ease. This link takes you to a seven day Faster EFT quickstart guide; http://www.fastereft.com/7-day-quickstart-day-1 

EFT can be used for all issues, as all issues come from a disharmony with our feelings. EFT works at a vibrational level on these.


The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson is a metod to tap into our subconscious beliefs by asking questions of the body using muscle testing, then release them with the aid of a magnet. Listen to this 1 hour interview by Patrick Timpone with Dr. Nelson and/or Click here to download a complimentary Emotion Code Starter Program which includes a free copy of Dr. Bradley Nelson's book The Emotion Code 


These are an important part of any holistic healing protocol. Further information to come here in this regard.


I recommend joining the facebook group N-lightenment, and in particular following the posts of Peter Cutler.

Nutrition (Food, Fasting & Supplements )


In general my understanding is that it is best to eat food as it comes from nature (whole foods), preferably grown in the region in which i live and when it is ripe. The least processing (and even the least amount of, or no cooking) the better. I understand that it is best to avoid dairy, wheat, sugar, soda's, in general anything that is acidic. See this excellent article for 10 reasons to quit coffee plus healthy alternatives.

If you are new to healthy eating, an excellent way to begin would be to add a green smoothie to your diet every day. Victoria Boutenko of The Raw Food Family swears by this way of transitioning to more raw food for optimal health.

The following seven minute video gives a good overview of foods and drinks which aid health & harm health from the acid/alkaline (yin/yang) point of view.


This is a somewhat difficult to categorise therapy as it is purifying and nutritional. As it works for virtually everything I have put it high up on the page.

Since 2008 I have learned about many natural healing therapies. One of the first I discovered, taught in the Agama Yoga Teacher training course, was Urine Therapy. I tried it like many of these therapies a few times and have found it to be supportive of health. I have read some books about it too. For some reason I recently (March 2018) decided to do urine therapy again. I decided to research a little more and found this:

"In numerous medical studies, it was shown that urea is one of the most potent non-toxic virucidal agents ever discovered. In one particular study, the rabies and polio virus [sic] were killed so quickly and efficiently by concentrated urea, that even the laconic researchers themselves were surprised: “Urea is such a relatively inactive substance and certainly not a protoplasmic poison such as are most virucidal agents, that it is in a way surprising that rabies and poliomyelitis are killed so easily by urea solutions” (McKay & Schroeder, Society of Experimental Biology, 1936)." 

Source - http://all-natural.com/natural-remedies/urine/  

I also found the following excellent informative article: https://www.yourpainismypain.com/blog/ca6dxmpcw4944p7glahlple3x89nmt

 I highly encourage you to read the complete pages of both articles. Ýou will be amazed and if yòu can get past the stigma you may well incorporate this wonderful and free therapy into your life.


There are many different options and reasons for fasting, for example fasting with water only, with juices (additional cost), and with the addition of single cell proteins. This fasting article written by Jon Barron does a very good job of describing these different options, the conclusion being that a vegetable juice fast (with a small amount of fruit juice), supplemented with chlorella or spirulina, is the best form of fasting for the vast majority of people.

Just before I did a 41 day water in 2012 (supplemented with some juice from ginger, garlic, turmeric, lemon, aloe vera and some honey), I read this article about fasting which I found very supportive and motivating. During the fast I also read The Essene Gospels of Peace in which Jesus talks about fasting for health.


Some supportive supplements/superfoods are listed below.

Grapefruit seed extract, Neem, Spirulina, Moringa, Chlorella, Ginger, Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Sesame Seeds.

Sesame seeds are great for balancing Phosphor and Calcium having great content of Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, TRYPTOPHANE, B1 Vitamin as well. They also neutralize acidity. Highly recommendable, and they are so tasteful as tahini paste!.

holistic healing protocol - holistic healing protocol - holistic healing protocol

Purification (Detoxing / Cleansing)


Cleansing the colon is one of the most effective ways of detoxifying the body & therefore healing disease, highly recommended as part of a holistic healing protocol. This Raw Food and Colon Cleansing article by Matt Monarch talks about colon cleansing with water being a portal to the spiritual.

Here are three methods of colon cleansing; 

1. Enema.  I suggest using filtered water (warmed to body temperature) the first few times you do an enema. Once you have got used ti doing an enema you can consider adding MMS, Trifola, Clove tea with diatomaceous earth, coffee (for liver cleansing). There are different reasons for each. The eight minute video below by Markus Rothkranz shows how & why to do an enema. Please be sure to watch this video. You'll thank me :-)

2. Deep Colonic Irrigation using a colema board

More information about Colon Cleansing here

holistic healing protocol - holistic healing protocol - holistic healing protocol

3. Shanka Prakshalana is a yogic method for cleaning the upper & lower intestines from inside out, using water with a certain concentration of sea salt.  Shanka Article 1 & Shanka Article 2.

Sodium Chlorite (MMS - Master Mineral Solution)

MMS is a 22.8% solution of Sodium Chlorite, activated with an acid to produce Chlorine Dioxide Gas which destroys pathogens, some viruses and chelates heavy metals from the body.

I (Atma) became aware of MMS in 2009 and used it once when i had an ear infection, then in May 2012 i took a five day MMS course to learn how to correctly use MMS, becoming a minister of health for the genesis II church of health and healing after completion of the training.

I have used MMS a lot since 2012, including for an outbreak of herpes simplex which i had out of the blue on my mouth, neck and chest. I only got the MMS toward the end of the outbreak, and had been treating it with homeopatic medicine, and several other things. but when it flared up again a few weeks later, taking the MMS seemed to help and it went quickly. i have since used MMS for a cleansing for over a week (protocol 1000) on several occasions. I also used it when i had a very big burn on my leg, also using MMS 2 to spray on the burn and applying aloe vera every day. The burn healed very well with no infection which is virtually unheard of for a burn that size. I have also used it to get rid of sinus infections i occasionally get due to having teeth cavities.

A friend staying at The Sanctuary had a bout of meningitis in late 2012 and used MMS in several ways, (along with lots of other healing methods) to cure herself. So, in summary, i highly recommend MMS, especially as part of a wider protocol such as on this page.

Experience of a 21 day MMS Cleanse, by Christian, a past manager at The Sanctuary

i highly recommend enema's while using MMS to aid the removal of toxins from the body thus reducing the likelihood of cleansing symptoms.

Below are two videos of me (Atma) discussing 1. What MMS does, and 2. How to mix MMS:

I strongly recommend reading the MMS Protocols before trying this yourself.

MMS Protocol 1000 (for cleansing & for non life threatening illnesses)

All other MMS Protocols

More information about MMS

Amazing recovery from firework burns at The Sanctuary

MMS forum for searching for further information or to ask questions

Other MMS Testimonials

An excellent informative article offering an independent view about MMS


I came across Oil Pulling several times over the last few years and now incorporate it as part of my own healthy living routine. The oil is “worked” in the mouth by pushing, pulling, and drawing it through the teeth for 15 minutes. The tongue should be scraped & teeth and gums should be cleaned (my recommendation is to use sea salt for this) both before and after oil pulling, which should be done on an empty stomach.

From my research I have concluded that organic extra virgin coconut oil is the best oil to use. Sesama il is an alternative. I recommend doing this procedure upon waking up in the morning as a preventative measure for good health. If you wish to intensify the detox which this provides, especially if you are suffering from chronic disease, oil pulling is recommended three times per day (on empty stomach). 

"Oil pulling works by detoxifying or cleansing the body. In this way, disease promoting toxins are removed, thus allowing the body to heal itself. As a consequence, health problems of all types improve." 

This article http://www.coconutresearchcenter.org/article%20oil%20pulling.htm shares the procedure to follow and some stories from others who as a result of oil pulling have experienced relief from arthritis, back pain, eczema, sinusitis and more. At the end of the article there are links to an interview with the author.


Sinus headache or pressure? Pollen allergies? Head clogged?

In the video below Markus Rothkranz demonstrates how to use a neti pot to wash out the inside of your head. All kinds of airborne garbage ends up in your sinuses, and this is a super easy cheap simple way to clear your head so you can breathe and think again. Neti pots have been used for thousands of years to help with allergies, pollen and sinus problems. 

It is also possible to do neti without a neti pot, as instructed in the following video:


I have often used the "Relax FIR Sauna" which produces Far Infrared Ray (FIR) energy at 4 - 14 microns which reaches deep into the body, even into the bone marrow. Far-infrared sauna therapy is reported to be one of the safest and most powerful ways to eliminate toxic metals, toxic chemicals and chronic infections. It helps with weight loss, detoxification, pain relief, cancer, candida, chronic fatigue, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, heart disease and much more. This article explains in more detail what an FIR Sauna is. Please be sure to read the contra-indications. 

This additional article offers much more information


Rebounding is an invaluable tool for stimulating the lymphatic system.  The lymphatic system plays a vital role in elimination, helping to move toxins through the body. It also contributes to the strength of the body’s immune system by producing certain white blood cells and generating antibodies. The lymph system doesn’t rely on an automatic ‘pumping device’ like the cardiovascular system and it depends on the movement of muscles to keep it working. Rebounding is an excellent way to do this and only needs a few minutes each day. I advise using the rebounder for at least 3 minutes, twice per day.

Please watch the first 7 minutes of the 11 minute video below in which Chris Wark shares a host of information and demonstrates how he used rebounding to help his body heal from cancer naturally without chemotherapy.

holistic healing protocol - holistic healing protocol - holistic healing protocol


Dry skin brushing is another excellent way to stimulate the lymphatic system, to get those lymph fluids moving to help remove toxins from the physical body and is therefore part of our holistic healing protocol. It is recommended by many experts in the holistic health field (eg. Gabriel Cousens, David Wolfe and many more).  Dry skin brushing stimulates your body from the outside in. It works to cleanse the whole system and is an effective treatment for many ailments. Accumulated waste products in the body are known to contribute to many illnesses as well as premature ageing. Dry skin brushing also increases blood circulation, which helps to contribute to healthier muscle tone and better distribution of fat deposits, also known to many as cellulite. 

In the video below Kate Leinweber talks about the benefits of dry skin-brushing and demonstrates her dry skin-brushing technique.


Breathwork is a free and easy practice that can significantly benefit your health. In the video below Dr. Weil discusses why this practice is important and how one simple exercise should become part of your daily life.

I recommend a twice daily belly breathing practice. Following a twice daily 30 breath cycle practice for 30 days can instill new breathing habits, transforming less profound patterns and bring transformation to the being.


This basic feet detox which ideally could be done daily for a week. Your feet and body will feel great. The reason behind this is the ions in the salt work as magnets to draw toxins through the skin of your feet and out of your body into the water.

It’s an easy thing to do and will definitely leave you feeling your best


  • 1 cup Epsom Salt
  • 1 cup Sea Salt
  • 2 cups Baking Soda


  1. Combine all ingredients together and mix
  2. Fill a bucket/large bowl, something you will soak your feet in, with water as hot as your feet can comfortably handle
  3. Place a ¼ cup of the mixture into the water
  4. Soak your feet for 25-30 minutes
  5. Dry your feet off completely


More about Natural Skin Care

Other Supportive Supplements/Substances


"While it is true that the human body consists of 70-80% water, it is the salt within the water that makes it a life-giving medium. Drinking water is crucial for good health, but only in combination with the right type of salt does water give us its full benefits."

"The rediscovery of natural salt, especially Himalayan Pink salt, may be one of the most important health discoveries of our time."  Quotes from The Miracle of Himalayan Pink Salt

Summary of Reasons For Classifying Sea water as an Important Health Tonic.  From an article The Essential Health Benefits of Sea Water, June 22, 2002 by Victoria Whitehead

(1) It contains a wealth of minerals and trace minerals/elements, around 90, that as a group, even though many are in minute amounts, help the body to function more effectively.
(2) The form of the minerals, i.e. soluble or ionic, is the form required to pass through the membrane of every one of the billions of bodily cells. In so doing the vitality and electrical processes are rapidly normalised.
(3) The balance of minerals is as required to harmonise with the many gallons of extra cellular fluid, or inland sea. We evolved from the sea, our lymph fluid has an almost identical composition to sea water, and sea water was authorised as a substitute for blood plasma in World War Two. Sea water is therefore the most natural supplement, in small amounts, e.g. equivalent to 4 to 8 teaspoons a day as a rough guide.
(4) The daily recommended dose of sea water provides the same amount of sodium as contained in a typical one and a quarter slices of wholemeal bread. Taking common salt in a glass of water, due to ionisation potential, or electrical charge at the molecular level, will have a different effect than taking the same amount in powder form on food. 

Taking small doses of daily sea water is more liable to reduce high blood pressure, tension, and depression than to raise it. Taking large amounts of crude sodium chloride on food can, with some persons be part of the cause of these aforementioned problems. Clinical studies have shown that low sodium diets can actually increase blood pressure in a proportion of individuals. There is more quality evidence to indicate that an insufficiency of magnesium and potassium are factors contributing to high blood pressure and related cardiovascular problems than the levels of sodium in the diet (at moderate levels of sodium chloride in the diet.)

(5) The use of herbal remedies, superfoods, ‘energy medicine’ and any therapy or new regime that opens up previously closed or sluggish metabolic pathways, nervous connections, or on the energy level, the meridians, will tend to place a demand on the processing and distribution of the minerals, especially the electrolyte minerals, i.e. the salts. Sodium chloride, being the major salt of the body is placed on demand, and sooner or later will need to be supplied, balanced, as sea water, in small amounts in solution. Failure to do this is , in my opinion one of the major reasons a therapy either blocks, or is in some cases unsuccessful from the beginning.


DMSO (known as Nature's Healer) or dimethyl sulfoxide (a liquid) has been championed by reputable physicians as capable of healing or palliating many ailments. It has been represented as a "wonder drug" or a "miracle drug". It is abundant; it can be extracted from such sources as coal, oil, or most commonly lignin, the material nature uses to cement cells together in trees; it is cheap; it is most often administered by simply dabbing it on the skin, and, alone or as a carrier for other drugs, which DMSO often potentiates, it penetrates the skin to enter the blood-stream where it is borne to all parts of the body. (additional cost)

This excellent article tells how to heal cataracts, other eye issues, colon cancer and more.  Please also read this article about the benefits of DMSO 


BORAX is a naturally-occurring mineral, traditionally used for a variety of cleaning purposes. However, borax also possesses a number of health components. When used appropriately, borax can help treat a range of health conditions and support overall good health.

Borax is considered an antimicrobial compound, a fungicide, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying agent.

As such, the substance is effective for preventing the accumulation of fluorides and other toxic substances in the body, removing parasites and bacteria, treating molds and other fungi and chelating the system of heavy metals. 

As an anti-inflammatory agent, borax effectively treats arthritis, gout, swollen gums and other inflammatory diseases. Additionally, the substance eliminates infection such as bladder infection, urinary tract infection and others. It has also been used to treat cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, arterial disease and osteoporosis. The following articles give further information: 


"Magnesium is nothing short of a miracle mineral in its healing effect on a wide range of diseases as well as in its ability to rejuvenate the aging body. We know that it is essential for many enzyme reactions, especially in regard to cellular energy production, for the health of the brain and nervous system and also for healthy teeth and bones. However, it may come as a surprise that in the form of magnesium chloride it is also an impressive infection fighter."  from an article by Walter Last 

Why Should You Take This Life Sustaining Trace Mineral?


Magnesium Chloride:Returning to the Sea, Overcoming Mg Deficiency 



Malic acid possesses many health-related benefits such as boosting immunity, maintaining oral health, reducing the risk of poisoning from a build-up of toxic metals and promoting smoother and firmer skin. Find out more in this article

Be sure to also read this article about the combination of magnesium and Malic Acid, in particular for easing pain and fatigue, especially for those with fibromyalgia or ME/CFS.

DIATOMACIOUS EARTH (additional cost)

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally-formed sedimentary mineral rock. It’s derived from the remains of diatoms, or oceanic unicellular algae.  Food Grade Diatomaceous earth is said to be good for human use, for detoxing for metals and parasites, regulating and cleaning bowels, repairing and maintaining lung function, dealing with food intolerances, reducing cholesterol and blood pressure. The following artices offer further in depth information with references:




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